MODIplay brings back the joys of miniature car racing with a hi-tech twist

The proliferation of mobile games has turned almost everyone into a gamer, even those people who wouldn’t necessarily label themselves as such. At the same time, however, it has also reduced interest in games that use physical objects, even for younger people whose mental development would normally require plenty of tactile feedback. That’s not to say that games should be an either-or affair, either virtual only or physical only. In fact, it would be so much better if we could combine the best of both worlds, which is exactly the kind of exhilarating hybrid gaming experience that this racing system is bringing to your living room floor.

Designer: Sturmkind

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To call MODIplay a “smartphone-controlled racing game” would be a huge disservice that underplays the exciting experiences you can have with this hybrid gaming system. If you really wanted to, yes, you can simply drive the cars on any floor or surface and still have tons of fun, especially with the realistic engine sounds that match your car’s model. MODIplay, however, offers so much more flexibility and variety, making it enjoyable for literally anyone, even those who wouldn’t be familiar with controlling a mini race car.

Turn up your speakers and enjoy the pure engine sound.

At the heart of the system is, of course, the MODI-Racer, an advanced mini car that comes in a combination of colors and designs, each with its own distinct engine and special feature. It’s like each racer has a personality of its own, whether it focuses on speed, acceleration, or grip. Built-in sensors and a high-speed steering drive keep the car running stably, even with one of its rear wheels missing. Of course, you control all of these through your smartphone or simply let the cars drive themselves on a track like a traditional slot car. Of course, you might prefer the actual thrill of driving the car yourself, especially with realistic physics and simulated elements like tire grip, temperature, and wear.

While you can really race anywhere on the floor in Free Mode, the real excitement and challenge come from building your own race tracks. Right off the bat, you get access to 15 modules that you can combine any which way you like, from the simplest to the most devilish layout, all for a total of 6.09 meters. You can try designing your course from the app first, which lets you see how many pieces you have left, or you can just add the track after you’re done by having your MODI Racer run through the course while scanning it. While the track helps keep the cars on track, you can always drive them off a corner, accidentally or otherwise. There’s no reason to worry, though, since you can simply drive them back onto the course to get back into the game.

The MODIplay RACING app is the bridge that brings all these elements together, and it’s definitely more than just a remote for the car. Everything you’d normally see on a mobile racing game is present here, like a virtual tuning garage, a career mode, or online races and leaderboards. Of course, the app does also have all the controls and information you need to drive the car, from dashboard information to a turbo boost button. Best of all, new features can be added with a simple update, like a donut move to show off your mad driving skills.

With technologies like mixed reality and the metaverse, the future of gaming will neither be just physical nor virtual only. Gaming will be hybrid, bridging the real and the simulated in a more engaging and exciting fashion. And for only $160, you can get started with a 15-piece MODI-Track and two MODI-Racers to get a foretaste of how the games of the future will be played.

Click Here to Buy Now: $160 $273 (41% off). Hurry, only 72 hours to go! Raised over $370,000.