Veuve Clicquot brings you 50’s-inspired yellow Smeg fridges for the vintage lovers

Have you ever sat in your living room while sipping a glass of champagne and thought to yourself, “I probably need a refrigerator that looks like my champagne box”. Well, that’s probably not a specific thing that you’ve thought about, unless you’re a super fan of Veuve Clicquot and its distinctive yellow mustard color. And if you’re thinking you need a refrigerator to keep your champagne bottle cool, don’t worry, they’ve thought of that too.

Designer: Smeg

To celebrate the popular champagne maker’s 250th anniversary, Veuve Clicquot has partnered with Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg to create a special version of the latter’s 50s-inspired refrigerators. Each of the two models have the rounded shape and chrome handle that the FAB10 and FAB28 are known for but this time they used the mustard yellow color associated with the champagne brand. Both brands’ names are etched on the fridge. And not to worry, you can store other things in there and not just champagne bottles.

To make things cuter, there is also a miniature version of the fridge that can hold one bottle of the champagne and it can keep it cool for two hours. After you’ve finished it off, you can still re-use the tiny fridge as a storage for other things that can fit in the bottle-shaped case. It comes in a yellow and pink packaging representing the yellow label and cuvée Rosé bottles. This would be perfect if you’re going to a party and you’re bringing champagne and you want to keep it cool.

This special edition of the refrigerators will appeal of course to those who have a yellow theme going on in their kitchen or for those who are really into the Veuve Clicquot brand. The 50s aesthetics of these particular fridge models can also appeal for those who are looking for a nostalgic feel to add to their homes. Otherwise, there aren’t really any features that will get you to buy these particular models, especially with a lot of refrigerators now giving you smarter options.