This MINI electric concept depicts natural progression of the hatchback

MINI Cooper is a compact hatchback that everyone swears by for fun, energetic drives on the freeway. Throw any city challenge at this agile, speedy four-wheeler and it doesn’t disappoint. The unique-looking car has made its own dominant space in the automotive lovers’ world all these years, and there’s no stopping!

MINI has a race car-like quality when aggression is needed, and still, it maintains the immaculate grace of a city commuter. Like all other major automotive manufacturers, BMW Group has also vowed to reduce the carbon footprint with electric versions of the compact hatchback.

Designer: Roman Ignatowski

The current generation MINI electric powered by the electric drivetrain checks some boxes while missing out on others, still, the iconic look has been a major USP. This concept design of a future MINI builds on the deep-rooted status of the brand without going overboard. The MINImalistic design of the original is apparent and thank god the original dimensions have not been tinkered with.

Transportation designer Roman has created the MINI in the cool EV avatar as his personal study project. The car gets nifty alterations to completely change the perception of a classic four-wheeler. There’s a sense of airiness to the interiors with the pillar size reduced and the sunroof more dynamic to liven up things. The headlamps and the taillight get a more aggressive treatment to reinforce the aggressive stance. The same goes for the diamond-cut finish wheels that add to the edgy personality of the otherwise contoured EV.

Interiors get the same MINImalist treatment inline with the future trends dominated by light-colored spaces. The car’s dashboard gets the all-white treatment with a digital display for the telemetry. The central console is an extension of the dashboard itself and it’s MINImal too. The iconic steering wheel of the MINI gets the biggest facelift in the shape of a yoke-style racing wheel. Those alone project the futuristic transformation of the MINI.