This travel trailer with a pop-up window is sleek on the outside, spacious on the inside

Move over teardrop camper trailers, as Campinawe Sport Trailer is here to change the dynamics of Overlanding adventures in the iffiest terrains. Created by Kansas-based start-up, Infusion Design, the rig is a modernized (and better) take on the classic teardrop camper.

The USP of this compact-looking camper is its versatility of use, low maintenance requirement and cleverly managed spacious interiors. Unlike other bulky trailers that could land one in trouble while treading tight spots, this one with a good ride height suffices all the outdoor adventure needs without compromising on anything.

Designer: Infusion Design

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The Campinawe is not much bothered about the aerodynamical design, and gets a balance of angular and geometric silhouette. What got me excited about this travel trailer is the pop-open panoramic window that brings the outdoors inside. Just imagine waking up on the queen-sized bed, opening the window and welcoming the sunrise in a secluded treeline.

There are off-the-shelf components like Rhino Rack rail and crossbar system to load a rooftop tent or kayak too. The rig gets a toilet, Yeti cooler bench, outdoor bathroom tent, Sunbrella fabric shades, trash bag holder, 10 gallons onboard water storage and 72-Ah mobile power bank to make extended adventures exciting. Buyers can also choose to get the optional bike rack, awning, air conditioning, fold-out solar panel, etc.

The trailer has a cargo capacity of 1,080 lb and a dry weight of 1,910 lb. That makes it ideal to be towed with a Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco or Toyota Tacoma. The lightweight yet durable chassis of the rig comes courtesy of Croft Trailer Supply who have crafted it with multiple layers of insulation, dual reinforced panel cores, and use of Knyar aluminum on both sides. The makers have kept the height to 6.9 feet which makes sure it fits in your garage without worry.

On the inside, the trailer is surprisingly spacious with a large entrance. The 60 x 80-inch memory foam mattress on the bed ensures plenty of space for sleep. There’s storage space under the bed which is another plus. All this goodness comes at a starting price tag of $29,395 or $249 per month via financing. The company claims the trailer can be added with optional components anytime, so that gives buyers plenty of options to add as the need arises. Campinawe Sport trailer comes in six color variants and the one I like the most is the Starlight Yellow.