MINI Spaceman reinvents the legendary hatchback’s iconic status

The current generation MINI Cooper is a prime example of powerful engineering, compact size and superior handling. That classic British styling in a nimble package denotes the freedom and spontaneity of commuting in comfort. And who can deny the unique look of this likable set of wheels?

Way back in 1959 when the first MINI burst into the scene, it baffled the automotive community – of course in a good sense. Thankfully, all these years the basic design of the MINI has been hooked on tight to the initial roots. Perhaps that’s why so many car lovers swear by this small power-packed car. To elevate the MINI into the next era of modernization dominated by lounge-styled commuting, the MINI Spaceman concept is born.

Designer: Leif Mortz

This hatchback concept is a culmination of a fun-to-drive vehicle that ditches the four-seater configuration for a futuristic three-seater setup. The idea is to cocoon the riders in comfort and leave room for lounging when desired. The rear on this one gives up some of the contours for a sharper aesthetic and more space, courtesy of the elongated boot section. Whether or not MINI fans will like this disbalance is completely subjective and depends on users’ needs. For someone with a family, this makes more sense, but for one who loves MINI for the pure fun of driving, it doesn’t hold much merit.

The sense of airiness is given precedence here with the use of more glass panels on all sides as compared to the current generation MINI. The seating configuration of the front seat can be oriented in the relaxation mode as it can be maneuvered in all directions depending to need. It can even be folded down to make space for additional poufs for relaxing comfortably on the rear seats. The perfect scenario for working in a scenic landscape or socializing with buddies. For a motorist’s delight, the MINI Spaceman will come in a convertible model too!