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These cups are made from recycled coffee waste. They’re reusable, shatter-proof, and smell like coffee!

Show me a better way to profess your love for caffeine than to drink coffee from a cup made out of coffee!

Meet the Kreis Cup, a coffee cup that’s sustainable, durable, and designed to enhance your coffee drinking experience! Available in cup and travel-mug styles, the Kreis Cup is a reusable cup made from used coffee grounds and plant-based materials, free of petroleum-based plastics. It is heat resistant and designed to keep your coffee hot longer. That being said, the Kreis Cup is still ultimately biodegradable, unlike plastic-based to-go mugs you get at your local cafe, or the breakable ceramic mugs you use at home. Once it reaches the end of its lifespan, the Kreis Cup disintegrates easily into the soil, leaving absolutely nothing behind.

Designer: Coffee Kreis

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $47 (All In One Pack including travel mug, cup, and saucer) Hurry! 60 hours left!

Given that it’s the world’s third-most consumed beverage, coffee generates tonnes of waste globally. Once the coffee is brewed, the coffee grounds are discarded, making up a significant amount of food waste generated on a recurring basis. In fact, it’s estimated that every year, the world generates a quarter-million tonnes of coffee grounds – a staggering amount of which just gets thrown in a landfill or dumped in the oceans. However, these grounds can be reused and upcycled rather cleverly. Designed to champion a circular economy, the Kreis Cup is made from spent coffee grounds that have been dried, treated, and are then suspended in a natural, plant-based polymer. The result doesn’t just look as rich as your coffee grounds do, but it has a faint, unmistakable smell of coffee. The polymer which holds the grounds together is also food-safe, heat-resistant, and incredibly resilient, unlike ceramic cups/mugs which shatter as soon as they hit the floor.

Made exclusively using coffee waste and a bio-polymer binder, Kreis solves two key problems with coffee consumption. Not only does it recycle the coffee grounds that get thrown in landfills, but it also reduces human dependence on travel cups/mugs, which are a separate and equally large problem! The Kreis Cups, on the other hand, are reusable, promoting you to generate lesser waste. They’re also break-proof, which means they last longer, dishwasher-safe, which makes them easy to maintain, and have a natural propensity to retain heat for longer than ceramic cups. Pretty neat, eh? The only caveat? You can’t use the Kreis to drink tea, juice, or anything else, given the lingering smell of coffee that come from these cups.

The Kreis Cup comes as a set of three products – a 14oz (415ml) travel mug with a detachable sipper lid, a 12oz (335ml) cup, and a saucer to complement the cup. The travel mug is ideal for your on-the-go caffeine requirements while the cup and saucer are perfect for savoring your fresh brew at home. The Kreis Cups are reusable, durable, and offer an alternative that’s healthy for the environment while ensuring you generate less waste. However, when you’re done with the Kreis Cup, it will safely biodegrade into the ground, leaving nothing behind but nutrient-rich fertilizer for the soil!

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $47 (All In One Pack including travel mug, cup, and saucer) Hurry! 60 hours left!

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