This table also serves as storage for your working and display needs

I have a lot of stuff. That’s the understatement of the decade. And I spend more than half of my day in front of a computer and therefore on a desk. When we started working from home during the pandemic, I had to look for a workstation that had a lot of storage so I could make the most out of my space at home, meaning it had to have storage functionality as well. And while I eventually got one that fit my needs, when I saw this concept for a desk and shelves, I wished there was something like that in the market as it’s perfect for my needs.

Designer: (Small Splash), koooo_tae

The Shelf x Shelf x Self table is both a table to work on and storage furniture as it was designed to have plenty of shelves. Underneath the table surface are tiny shelves where you can put your work supplies so they’re within easy reach. And if you place it in the middle of the room or not propped against the wall, you’ll be able to use all sides of the table to store your supplies, stationery items, devices, and other items you may need as you work.

The legs of the table are also designed to be shelves so there’s more room for storage. Here you can put things like books, decorative items, funko pops, vinyl albums, flowers, even food that won’t spoil. It really depends on you what you want to put in there, whether you want the shelves to be design-focused or if you want them to be more functional and have items near you without having to get up every once in a while while you’re working.

The Shelf x Shelf x Self table is made from white birch plywood and uses an oil finish. The renders show a more wood-like finish although if your aesthetic is more white or dark, that can also probably be done. It’s a pretty big piece of furniture, especially if you want to maximize the entire table for all its storage spaces. If you don’t want to use the table top for working, it can also be used as a storage and display area. This is actually perfect for me that has a lot of stuff, except that I may not have enough space in my place to fit this in with its 900x1800x755 dimensions.