This 2-in-1 scissor design cuts through conventions to stand proudly on your desk

Scissors are often kept hidden in drawers for safety, but this handsome pair is something you’d actually want everyone to see.

Our workspaces are often littered with two kinds of things. On the one hand, you have tools designed to accomplish a task. On the other hand, you have decorative items designed to please the senses. Of course, there are now stationary and desk tools that are designed to hit two birds with one stone, especially those that embrace minimalist aesthetics that fit well in almost any situation. These scissors from popular brand HMM are designed to bridge those two worlds together, offering a tool that not only creates a sense of wonder but also inspires confidence in every snip.

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Just as with the tools mentioned above, scissors often come in two classes. One type is clearly designed for cutting away at your problems, while another type almost looks too pretty to be used. The HMM Scissors is definitely not the latter, with an aesthetic that clearly exudes its power. The wide and flat blades are almost reminiscent of industrial tools, and its black Japanese steel body gives off an aura of strength and durability.

That’s not to say that the HMM Scissors looks like a monster you’d rather hide away in a drawer. The absence of extraneous shapes makes it easily stand out from a crowd of other desk tools. The “tang” or extruded part of one of the finger rings becomes a visual focal point that guides the eyes towards the center of the scissors, pulling one’s attention back to those muscular blades.

That seemingly innocuous shape jutting out of the finger ring isn’t just for show, though. Like every part of the scissors, it is functional as well as aesthetic. Flip the scissors and hold it by the blades, and you instantly have a box cutter. There is no need to reach out for a separate tool or even buy one.

Reaching for this pair is also made easy thanks to the disc base. A custom-made magnet lets the scissors stand upright with its sharp tip safely hidden inside the base. While it is clearly built to be an indispensable tool for everyday needs, the HMM Scissors is also clearly meant to be a testament of fine craftsmanship, standing tall on your desk like a tower of power, ever-ready to transform into a weapon that cuts down your tasks with a mighty and crunchy snip.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49