This Vespa-inspired SMEG e-scooter is perfectly equipped to carry your picnic items with you

Relying heavily on the Vespa (and even SMEG’s) soft, rounded, colorful, fun-loving image, the SMEG Futro is an e-scooter concept that embodies the feeling of driving down to the beach, the park, or the lake for a lazy Sunday. The scooter’s curved form language is a direct inspiration of SMEG’s own design styles and leans heavily into the golden age of Italian automotive design (when companies like Vespa and Lambretta came to be), while its side panels open up to reveal a whole host of picnic items and tiny kitchen appliances, all the way from tiffins and thermoses to even a toaster and wine cooler!

This unique niche approach seems rather interesting, as the SMEG Futro positions itself as the perfect recreational two-wheeler. Meant clearly for lounging, the Futro doesn’t come with a spare tire stored in its side panels… instead, its panels open up to reveal a comprehensive picnic kit. The Futro comes fully equipped with thermoses to store tea and coffee, cups to serve them, tiffin-boxes for food, platters for sandwiches and cheese charcuterie boards, cutlery to dig in, and perhaps two of my favorite features, a literal toaster and wine-cooler! The two electrical appliances run on the Futro’s own detachable battery unit (which can be found right under the seat), giving you a comprehensive picnicking experience that’s sure to have everyone around you feeling jealous!

The overall scooter’s aesthetic feels like a culmination of a few design languages, including SMEG’s own visual aesthetic, combined with the likes of modern-day scooters like Vespa, NIU, and Gogoro. The scooter sports a ring-light on the front, with two indicators below it and the SMEG branding in between. Like the Vespa, the scooter uses a glossy finish complete with chrome accents and leather trims to look like a modern classic. Its dashboard, however, is an entirely modernized touch-sensitive display that lets you access Futro’s laundry list of features, including a navigation dashboard, and even a music player that serves as the perfect accompaniment during your picnic!

The SMEG Futro comes in a deliciously vast range of pastel colors that look incredibly eye-catching from afar. The muted color schemes are a hat-tip to SMEG’s kitchen appliances that sport the same pastel shades to blend into your kitchen’s decor.

Designer: Joon S.