This Smeg-inspired toaster interprets design motifs from 1950’s kitchen appliances!

Alejandra Gutiérrez Rincón’s kitchenware rendering envisions a gleaming red toaster conceptualized using Smeg’s design language and in the style of 1950s kitchen appliances.

Kitchen appliances were different in the 50s. Today, they bleed nostalgia. From the curves of their glossy finishes to the polish of their stainless steel elements, kitchen appliances from the 50s remain an inspiration for contemporary designers. Spurred by the innovative design of 50s kitchenware, designer Alejandra Gutiérrez Rincón conceptualized a toaster using the design language of Smeg, an Italian home appliance manufacturer, along with design motifs from the bygone era of the 50s.

A piece of home decor and a kitchen appliance, Smeg products tend to give kitchens a whole lot of personality. Gutiérrez Rincón’s toaster design maintains a simple control panel in a similar fashion to related Smeg products and gleams with a polished finish reminiscent of 50s household appliances. From its base, Gutiérrez Rincón’s toaster is conceptualized with stainless steel legs that slightly raise the toaster from the kitchen counter.

Rounding out its short-legged base, a reflective red aluminum finish gives the toaster a bright, energetic profile. Along the side, users can find the toaster’s control panel that features a sliding knob that allows users to change the timing of the toaster, while small buttons give users options to heat, defrost, power off, or toast. Finally, Gutiérrez Rincón’s toaster features front-facing loading trays for a clever twist on the traditional toaster’s build.

Designer: Alejandra Gutiérrez Rincón