This expandable teardrop camper gives adventure seekers plenty of interior room to socialize

The ingenious expandable camper comes with a slide-out expansion option right above where the lift-up tailgate galley would be. This turns the compact teardrop into a full-sized caravan to accommodate a family of four. When completely expanded the camper makes enough room for a master bedroom, indoor kitchen, wet bathroom and a sizeable dining area. So, we are talking of the best of both worlds – the compact footprint of a teardrop trailer and the airy layout of a large caravan!

Demand for camper trailers is skyrocketing lately, as more and more people are fancying adventurous life on the road for a fortnight or even for life. This has had a surge in the number of camper trailers in production as makers try to fulfill the unique set of demands of customers who won’t settle for anything ordinary. The Campervan Raptor XC teardrop camper by Hunter Nature is another prime example a rugged camper that has plenty of room thanks to its ingenious design.

Hunter Nature is fairly new in the market debuting its first caravan in 2019 with a vision to plug the loopholes other campers in the market avoid or are unable to address. They started off with small all-terrain trailers in a more conventional body, and now they’ve taken the big leap in the form of the Raptor XC expandable camping trailer. According to them, the expandable camper is made to be towed with a Land Rover Defender or Toyota Land Cruiser – of course, it can be towed with other capable 4×4 off-roaders too!

That’s a perfect case scenario for an escapade to the quaint campsite by the river bank. The trip can be a short one or even a longer expedition because Raptor XC gives the owners plenty of options, and does not restrict the adventurous lifestyle. Keeping in mind the teardrop camper will bear the brunt of the elements, there’s a sandwich of exterior and interior aluminum walls on the XPS insulation. To make the ride smooth on all terrains, the shape-shifting camper is loaded with BFGoodrich all-terrain tires in alloy wheels. The independent suspension system should take on most of the imperfections encountered on the tarmac and on dirt trails.

The expandable section of the camper can be controlled manually or owners can also go for the remote-controlled motor system option too. In fully expanded configuration the Raptor XC increases the trailer’s body size from 15.7 feet to 22.6 feet. That is quite a roomy area for adventure seekers to put good use to once they park the trailer for a night of rest in a remote location away from civilization. The slide-out area is the master bedroom by default with overhead shelves, and the panoramic dual lights and side windows let plenty of sunshine inside.

This section is separated by a doorway leading to the main cabin which is equally airy having the L-shaped dining lounge behind the kitchenette loaded with a dual-burner gas stove, sink, L-shaped steel counter and 75-L fridge. Here the scissor-lifted table turns into a small bed for a guest or kid. There’s enough space for a private wet bath that has a toilet, sink, and shower. Raptor XC has 160-W solar panels on top that feed the 120-Ah battery, and the 120 L stainless steel tank along with the 100 L wastewater aluminum tank suffice the needs. For a price tag of approximately $43,900, the expandable camper is not a bad deal considering other similar trailers carry a price tag much higher than that!

Designer: Hunter Nature

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