This analog radio concealed as a minimal ornament is proof that modern tech can be one with our home interiors!

This is currently an era of unstoppable and unparalleled technological advances! Almost every day we’re taken by surprise by innovative tech trends and ingenious product designs. At times, one can’t help but miss the old days, where life was simple and the products even simpler. In an ode to simple designs that occupy minimum space while providing top-notch functionality, Milan-based designers Fabio Verdelli, Manuel Frasson, and Alice dal Verme created ‘La Moderna’. As modern as its name may sound, La Moderna is in fact an analog radio hidden in the minimal form of an ornament.

The radio features ceramic and copper accents with four little narrow rods protruding from its main base, giving the impression of a unique and intriguing decorative ornament. But the rods have a more meaningful function than mere decorative purpose! The rods are a smart replacement for the traditional dials and knobs found in a radio. You can twist, fiddle around, and manipulate the rods to catch a radio frequency. We also believe you can use the rods to change the volume as well.

The radio is shaped like an elegant cube, with a speaker hidden beneath the main perforated base. All the other additional parts and features of a traditional radio have been eliminated from La Moderna, in turn creating a product with a “gentle aesthetic”, to prove that contemporary tech can indeed seamlessly and harmoniously merge with the interiors of our living space.“We do believe that in the future there’ll be no need to describe something as technological because more or less everything will have some kind of interactive attitude or smart skill,” explains the designers. “For this reason, it’s time to start and reconsider the design language of common items. The next generation of products will not require an evident declaration of technology. Our goal will be to try and render them as discreet as possible.”

La Moderna comes in two variations – one of them can be placed horizontally, to make the interface more visible and accessible when placed on a desk or any other flat surface. It is available in white and coral tones. La Moderna is a prime example of ‘hidden technology’, wherein the true functionality of a gadget is subtly concealed in a minimal and gentle aesthetic or design.

Designer: Fabio Verdelli, Manuel Frasson and Alice dal Verme