Cleverly designed book opens into a pop-up vase for flowers!

Books and flowers are arguably the two biggest must-haves when it comes to table decor… so what happens when you combine the two together? Meet the ‘Flowery Tale’, a visual portmanteau by Japan-based design brand Mecli. The Flowery Tale comes designed to outwardly look like a book, but open it up and it turns into a 3D vase made out of the book’s specially-cut pages. When opened, the hard-bound book’s spine provides ample negative space to slide a test tube through, and there you have it, a ‘paper’ vase with flowers blooming through! I mean, this is just MADE for Instagram!

The Flowery Tale comes with three different vase designs (cutouts, to be precise) built into the same book. With thick partitions separating them, you can simply open up the book to any vase design you want, and the cut-out pages give you the visual gestalt of continuity, resembling a vase made out of paper. The vases are designed to be inverted too, so while each book comes with 3 vase designs, they can be flipped over resulting in as many as 6 different visual styles to go with your flowers. The test-tube comes with a stopper that allows it to rest on the top of the book without sliding through, and the Flowery Tale’s pages are waterproof, so a little splash of water won’t do them any harm!

Designer: Mecli