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Furniture designed with hidden details that put your IKEA furniture to shame: Part 9

I believe the true essence of a home is held in its furniture. Furniture has the power to make or break a home, set the mood and tone of a space, and capture and express the soul of that particular house. A great furniture design not only feels like a piece of art but also touches your heart. Once you settle on to it, or place your favorite book upon it, or simply brush past it, you need to instantly feel “Ah, I’m home!” This collection of beautiful and intricate furniture designs aspire to do exactly that! Designed with extreme attention to detail, overflowing with love and care, and not only aesthetically but functionally pleasing, these furniture designs will be an invaluable addition to your living space, making you feel truly at home.

Distinguished by its elegant formal shape and enhanced by its large rounded leather-wrapped arms, the Ryokō Armchair by David Girelli gives an instant feeling of calmness. Inspired by a Japanese folding chair from the 1960s, its features, materials, and joinery details elevate the lines and design elements of the chair. The loose back cushion adjusts around the ash frame when seated and offers an innovative sense of comfort.

Aero bar cart by Plataform4 for Lider Interiors shows us a more elegant version of the classic straw woven ventilated cabinet door contrasted by a simple leather pull. This merging of two extremely traditional materials in a modern avatar is guaranteed to be a show-stealer, letting you store your bar essentials while bringing a light airy feel to any room.

The connect bar stool by Kin Design features three solid oak legs, which hold up a contrasting footrest. The footrest is a little pyramid of brass that sits comfortably beneath the round seat, tucked plushly between the wooden legs. The brass is a little hidden detail that provides a stark yet stylish contrast to the otherwise somber and simple stool. It’s a beautiful addition to your bar space!

We have seen a lot of designs that incorporate resin – it’s a trending art that is here to stay. While most designers use resin to rework their design, designer Meubles Thouret decided to take an innovative approach that helps you appreciate the wood in its natural form even better – using resin to mold or join different pieces of wood. Each individual wooden piece retains that cut pattern, which is now encased in resin, and the added use of resin means the tricky joinery is now in the hands of this flexible material.

If you are someone who loves to have a clean, organized, clutter-free desk then the Shelter desk by  João Teixeira is the one for you! It was designed keeping in mind all the devices, wires, and accessories that live on our workstations, however, Shelter still remains minimal while maximizing the value of a desk. There are three slim drawers on the front side that are big enough to store your gadgets, like tablets or laptops. The back drawer was designed for you to hide all your cables and chargers. But the beauty of this desk lies in the curved drawers that give this desk its fluidity while retaining the functionality of the design.

Atelier 2+ designed The Greenhouse for Design House Stockholm. As its name signifies, it’s a tiny greenhouse that is small enough to perfectly fit into your home, and yet spacious enough to actually house a miniature garden. It’s an artistic sculpture that helps you connect with nature without having to step out of your home.

The Pegg Desk by Pegg Furniture is a fun, buildable, and easy to move around desk! You can put together the simple wooden desk by yourself. Pegging the legs to the desk is an intimate process, allowing you to be hands-on and build your own furniture. The visible pegs create an interesting and rustic detail of the desk. And when the desk is on the move, you can store the pegs and the legs within the desk top.

The sliding door of the Casanova Sideboard by Wewood is the star of this piece of furniture! Pieces of oak and wood were used to create the pattern on the door, crafted delicately by hand, utilizing the skills of extremely talented artists. Created from 100 percent solid wood, the Sideboard can be used to store your precious knick-knacks or even as a TV cabinet.

Designed by OS & OOS Studio and Klaas Kuiken with materials supplied by StoneCycling, this Terrazzo Bench is a sustainable solution for the increasing amount of glass waste produced in Zanzibar. “Zanzibar is an island with about 1 million inhabitants. In recent times, tourism has grown markedly and so too the volume of refuse. bottle-up seeks a solution to this issue. Most furniture for hotels in Zanzibar is currently imported from foreign countries and is often made of wood, which means it can be badly affected by the weather conditions on the island. Furniture made from Trending Terrazzo is much more sustainable, beautiful to look at, and generates awareness for bottle-up.”

Designed by SÓHA for Savannah Bay Gallery, this sculpted bench was created wholly from copper and wood. The two materials combine and contrast with one another simultaneously, to create a piece of seating that seems more like a work of art. The rugged copper texture of the bench makes for an interesting visual, though it may not be very comfy to sit upon!

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