This 4-foot box fits an entire home-gym inside it and costs as much as a smartwatch

If you’re still contemplating over getting yourself or someone you know a Peloton membership for Christmas (jeez, it’s already 2 months to Christmas-time), you’re at the right place (or the wrong place, depending on how determined you are). The Gym Box is arguably more versatile than a bicycle. It integrates an entire home-gym into it, spanning a range of workout-styles and fits in a compact box that you can store under your bed. Unlike your gym-membership, the Gym Box is a one-time purchase… and unlike most home-gyms that cost an arm and a leg to set up, the Gym Box boasts of a price tag that’s well within the $300-400 range, making it effectively the same price as your fitness-tracking smartwatch.

No larger than two shoe-boxes kept end-to-end, the Gym Box looks deceptively small for a home gym, however, it transforms into an extensive resistance and box-training kit once opened. Complete with an adjustable bench, a step-up box, a resistance platform, and multiple resistance-bands, the Gym Box can be used in a variety of ways, spanning more than 165 exercises to give you full-body workouts for losing weight, toning up, or building muscle mass.

Designed to be two things – Compact and Versatile, the Gym Box allows you to fit all your gym-equipment into something that’s small enough to slide under your bed or into the bottom shelf of your wardrobe. It weighs 28 lbs, and measures not more than 45-inches in length, making it perhaps one of the smallest all-in-one home-gyms. Once it opens up, its parts can be configured into any variety of arrangements, or even used independently. The adjustable bench can be set to a 90° angle, or reclined to a full 180°, with 1¼-inch thick steel tubing to ensure it’s just as robust as the equipment you find in gyms. The seats are fitted with high-density foam and anti-skid vinyl layering too, for that high-end workout experience. The box itself (which doubles as a stepping box) is crafted from a high-performance polymer for a combination of strength and low-weight, along with the resistance board that is fitted with stainless-steel anchor points for your resistance bands.

The Gym Box allows you to work out no matter what your experience level. With resistance bands of different grades, the Gym Box lets you upgrade your workout as you go, ranging from novice to expert, with more than 165 exercises for you to rotate between to keep your body at peak performance. If you’re looking to switch things up, you can add optional accessories to your box, from a straight-bar to a pair of push-up bars, an ab-roller, and even door-anchors! The concept of a home-gym isn’t new, although the Gym Box aims at giving you a level of versatility that most home-gyms can’t. Each Gym Box ships with a 1-year warranty, and fits a whole set of configurations and routines into its small avatar, giving you a full-body workout experience from the comfort of your home… for roughly the same price as your Apple Watch.

Designer: James Wall

Click Here to Buy Now: $289 $439 ($150 off). Raised over $135,000.

Gym Box – An Entire Gym in a Box

The Gym Box is a compact, lightweight home gym that comes with everything you need to get full body workouts. Perform over 165 exercises you get with free weights, a weight bench, pulley machines, and more.

Box Exercises

With the Gym Box set up for storing, it can be used for planks, jumps, step ups, aerobics, cardio, strength training, etc.

Resistance Exercises

The Gym Box uses resistance bands encased in a nylon sleeve that protects the user. At each end are carabiners for quick attachment and release along with the level of resistance.

The resistance ranges from 10-300 pounds for each hand with 10 pound increments. Each band is independently anchored, eliminating standing on bulky bands and looping through anchors. You can use a single band or stack up to four bands.

Standing Exercises

Remove the lid, flip it over, and place it on the floor. This becomes the band anchor station for all the resistance exercises. It is also used as a platform you stand on for all your standing exercises.

Bench Exercises

Remove the storage section and place its notched sections into the slots of the platform. This secures the two together with perfect alignment.

Now place the bench on top of the storage section. The bottom of the bench drops into the storage section securing the bench.

The bench can be set to the flat, incline, and upright positions. The height of the back rest will allow up to a 6′ 3″ person’s head to rest centered and comfortably.

Leg Exercises

The shoe straps are equipped with four D-ring attachment points (top, inside, outside, and heel), making the push or pull of resistance smooth and comfortable.

Click Here to Buy Now: $289 $439 ($150 off). Raised over $135,000.