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Architectural design renders that give us a glimpse into the future of humanity

The year is 2200 and humans are split into two clans – the first clan believes in living with simplicity and letting nature heal itself (proof of which are the dolphins swimming in the canals of Venice) while the other half is where humanity struggles to exist without making a change to their behavioral patterns. Meet @inwardsound, an Italian 3D artist on Instagram who creates these surreal yet realistic views of our future, kind of like showing different versions of Earth in parallel universes where one twist in fate or act of man resulted in the new society that would be formed under their influence. Hauntingly beautiful, detailed and thought-provoking, each render here begs to ask the question – are you taking a step on the right path?

Living in cities, with homes that are so close by, we often know the person on the window opposite, they are practically our neighbors too! Habitat imagines a city where gravity is under control, so people reside on the land level and sky level (literally!) in this amazing view of what the world would be like if we run out of space in our cities. New York 2200 is here, and chances are, you will have a friendly neighbor above you as well!

Named the Hidden City, this render takes me to an alternate dimension where Inception meets overcrowding in a planet where humans chose not to improve their ways. Literally looking like a case of tunnel vision, the slightly submerged city and concrete landscape have taken over the majestic mountains in the distance, the Hidden City is humanity at its edge.

Any fans of the Philip K Dick novel converted to Amazon Prime series – The Man in the High Castle? This imaginative render feels like it belongs to the alternate universe described in the series (I have yet to complete it so no spoilers here!) but a more futuristic version of the same universe. Pagoda-inspired architecture stands tall in a dystopian setup, clearly establishing their dominance over the people. And the Avengers Infinity War-like alien spaceship hovers nearby, keeping the CNTRL HUB safe.

Be still my fiction-loving heart! J. R. R. Tolkien’s masterpiece ended with Sauron’s reign coming to an end, but imagine if he took over Middle Earth and led it into the future. The O-Towers here bring to my mind the eye of Saron, revised in a more modern avatar to keep scanning the world while their master rules with the Ring of Power by his side. I wonder who the new-age Frodo would be?

The city that stays green together, survives together. Green architecture is the need of the hour and looking at this render gives me some hope for the future. Eternal City here is a balanced ecosystem, where existing architectural structures support and nurture the plants growing on them and waterway is a common and accepted medium of transport in the sea-level rising waters.

There are islands and then there are floating islands. Fracture depicts a scene where these little bits of paradise look like green filtration/ cleansing pods that float through the center of the populated city, giving a breath of fresh air to those living in the dense urban situation.

Forgive me for the pop culture and series references, but these illustrations bring out my fictional flair! Altered Carbon altered my imagination of the future and the Upper City looks like the perfect place for the Meths to live in. Can’t you see them sit back and watch the general population live as they literally live above the less fortunate people? The Upper City concept seems a precursor to the time when the Meth’s build their homes in the sky. And truly, whether or not Altered Carbon materializes, I do see a version of the society where the rich live above the rest to not pay heed to their troubles.

Layers layer this society. Looking like an entryway to hell inspired by Dante’s Inferno, Layers showcases a society living in a socio-economic divide that, if history is a lesson, will keep getting harder to bridge.

Aptly named the Protected Area, this is maybe what our planet would look like if Tony Stark managed to get a shield around our world, safeguard us from those evil forces. Though Corona does look like a manifestation of Thanos right now, I wonder if these grids would be enough to save the plant from its real foes, humans.

The Trip brings to mind the Titanic’s worst nightmare! Because truly, what could be scarier than escaping a destiny of sinking to only catch fire later!

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