A single-push dog harness that’s easy for you and comfortable for your buddy!

Whilst harnesses provide a comfortable, secure and most importantly, a reliable attachment point for the lead, they can be a struggle for the owner to apply, as well as possibly painful for the dog. This is where the Purina Dog Harness really shines! Using a quick-release system that is reminiscent of harnesses that are used in racing cars, the owner is only required to press a single button to release the harness from the dog, resulting in a quick and fight-free removal process that both the owner and their four-legged friends will appreciate.

In addition to this ease-of-application, what makes it so desirable is its focus on in-car safety. The car tether, which is a piece of nylon webbing that is positioned on the seatbelt, provides a reliable and safe point for the owner to secure their dog, from!

Designer: Sam Weise