Tats for Rats!


I’ve never really considered how lab rats are organized. It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it! SensaLab makes it simple! This truly innovative animal identification system enables fast and accurate data collection and management for research laboratories.

Designed with lab rodents in mind, the Ai.Ink module uses sensors to automatically apply a tattoo at the precise depth of each rodent’s tail, ensuring the permanent, clear and consistent visual identification of each animal. Modular, colour-coded inserts allow Ai.Ink to be quickly adapted to mice, pup or rat. Up to five Ai.Ink modules can be linked to allow concurrent application of IDs, making this the fastest visual ID system in the world.

Furthermore, the AI.Inject uses patented injection technology to safely implant the world’s smallest RFID tag into the tail of the rodent. The device consists of a reusable handle and single-use cartridge, with the needle retracting into the housing after use to avoid the need for sharp object disposal.

Designer: Sam Weise