Not your everyday Pencil-case

If you’re the kind to revere your Apple products, spending money on cases/sleeves/guards for them, you’re at the right place. Apple recently launched their iPad Pro stylus, dubbed the Pencil. Now while I usually give credit to meticulously beautiful designs, the Apple Pencil lacks a certain magic. Given the Apple product line’s consistency when it comes to the usage and celebration of Aluminum as a material, the Pencil kinda lacks in that department. The Alum case for the Pencil takes care of that in a way that makes it look almost like it was created by the Apple design team itself!

Taking the pencil’s hexagonal history, the case sports the same look, and of course, in our favorite air-craft grade aluminum. Not too thick or thin, the Alum case is the perfect addition to your Apple collection if you’ve already invested in the iPad Pro.

Designer: Hung-ju Ho





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  • David says:

    Not to be a ball-buster, but the Apple pencil conic tip serves a purpose, allowing to draw wide lines in certain apps while tilting it. With this design all you´ll get would be nice screen scratches.

    Also aluminum makes for the best Faraday cages… Thus why apple chose plastic. If you cover it with an all aluminum case, I very much doubt will be able to communicate with the iPad.

    But hey, at least you’ve got a pretty paper weight!

    I am quite fed up with designers that design objects without purpose. Form follows function Sirs! Lets stop giving just anyone the front page. Let´s reserve that for designs that deserve that right.

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