5-Days of TouchOfModern Giveaways – Day 3

Day Three brings us great illumination from the folks at TouchOfModern. These people are incredibly design driven, which is why they feature such innovative product design ate great prices! Now imagine you have hosted this incredible New Year party and need to create the perfect ambience. Vola! Lune’s graceful light will do just that for you! Want to win one? Hit the jump to know how.

TouchOfModern is giving away something different on Yanko Design for the next 2 days. Winners will be chosen daily, each contest ends at 11:59 PM PST.

To Win The Lune Light by Cielux

  • Tell us, where will you place this beautiful Lune Light?


  • To enter you must be a TouchOfModern member. Become an Instant Member HERE.
  • All new members will receive $10 in ToMo credit that expires within three days of a new account activation!
  • To participate, leave your comment below.
  • Already a member! Tell us, where will you place this beautiful Lune Light?
  • One lucky person wins the Lune Light by Cielux.
  • Contest Closes: 8 Dec 2012, 11:59 pm PST.

Lune Light by Cielux

The Lune’s graceful design is matched by its easy use. Simply tap or “touch and hold” to turn the light on and off, change colors, dim the unit and more. This piece doesn’t have switches, knobs, or buttons—a touch is all it takes.


  • Erika says:

    I would place this beautiful lamp wherever I move around in the house: bedroom, living room, kitchen side board. I would want it where I can see it all the time.
    Later on I would buy more of these lamps so I wouldn’t have to carry it around.

  • Grant says:

    This would go perfectly on my night table in my room.
    RIght beside my iPhone.

    Right now my room only has one light, my bed, and a night table.

  • Bruce Brown says:

    On the entrance table to provide good light to find my keys as I ho out.

  • Gerry says:

    This would be a perfect compliment for my Skype-booth I have created in my apartment (OK it’s where a rotory phone was back in the day but now has my ipad, a great set of speakers and backdrops 😉

  • I will put it on the entrance. Then I could say to my guests that is an interdimensional portal, and have fun looking how they are too big to use it 😉

  • Brandon says:

    I would put it next to my laptop in my room. It would give me some mood lighting.

  • Cristina says:

    I would place it next to my bed, to ambient my late night reads

  • Neutrolid says:

    In the bathroom, near the bathtub

  • Marky says:

    Living room!

  • Rosa says:

    It would look great in my bedroom

  • kai keewatin says:

    I would put it on my desk.

  • RC says:

    Beside table.

  • Jo L says:

    I would put this little guy on the shelf/table next to my couch in the living room. It would look so cool and my little cousins would love it!

    Thank you for the awesome give away!

  • Jake H. says:

    I’d place it on me bedside table!

  • randima rodrigo says:

    in my room to make it more cozy

  • Juan P. says:

    That’s a stunning lamp!
    I’d put it in my study, so that it can accompany me during the long stays awake in front of my computer.

  • Mitja says:

    This lamp out of this space. I would put on a desk in my daughters bedroom, because she likes extraordinary lightning.

  • Mitja says:

    This lamp out of this space. I would give it to my daughter, she likes extraordinary lightning.

  • Justin says:

    A perfect Xmas gift for my girlfriend who’s moving into a small apartment. This would colorfully light the entire living room and kitchen very nicely!

  • Ben says:

    I would love this light on my nightstand.

  • balibm says:

    on me knee

  • el Princepe d'Obscuro says:

    the circle represents the completed journey through life. the LED color changing represents the prism of our visual experience while here.

    ..a very “zen”, artful and elegant object.

  • Elliot says:

    Love it and would place in home/office to bridge the two environments by light and time of day.

  • Fernando Lemos says:

    Would place near the sofa.

  • Martin Richomme says:

    I would place it in my living room, next to the tv.

  • Arjan says:

    I’d place 2 of these:
    1 at home in the windowsill, for my own enjoyment.
    The other at the r&d department I work. I think designers should be surrounded by beautiful inspiring items. This surely is!

  • Naomi says:

    I’d like to see this on my bedside table.

  • JimB says:

    All very conventional but I would put it on the bedside table where it’s soft glow would cast just enough light to fit the romantic ambiance it creates.

  • C White says:

    In my office, where I’m sure it would get lots of comments from my fellow designers

  • Francisco J Lomas-Garcia says:

    That light I will put it by my night table

  • Ian says:

    My wife is a fan of chromatherapy, she’d love this beside her side of the bed!

  • doug says:

    I would put mine on the kitscen so every one get to see it and enjoy it as much as i do

  • Art says:

    Want this to put this on my nightstand for a custom mood light.

  • Amanda Davis says:

    On my mid-century modern credenza next to my retro-futuristic orange vase and my anatomical model of the human heart to brighten up the tableaux!

  • Theresa J says:

    I would put this in my living room

  • kevin a says:

    I am an architect student and fascinated with all aspects of design. This lamp is very interesting and would sit right next to my drafting table as I finish my drawings this week for finals week!

  • kevin a says:

    This lamp is very interesting and would sit right next to my drafting table as I finish my drawings this week for finals week!

  • el Princepe d'Obscuro Dos says:

    well, having already described it as representative of the circle of life, and prismatic, to emulate all we see in this world,…

    i’d modify it to run on low-voltage, attach the battery assembly to my belt in a pouch, then wear this luminous piece of art as a crown.

  • Seth Brooks says:

    my dark apartment in the living room

  • F Yi says:

    I will place it in the bathroom. It should be really romantic and relaxing to do a bubble bath with it at the night time.

  • robert says:

    I would place it on our bedroom dresser in front of the mirror to bathe the room in mood lighting.

  • Tyler says:

    I would place this light on my computer desk. I spend so much time there it’s a bit depressing. This would brighten up the space.

  • Sheila Yu says:

    I would put it on my nightstand OR on my coffee table as a statement piece. I want one so badly. Ohhh boy

  • James says:

    It’d go at at the bottom of my staircase next to the billiard room on my yacht, it’d set the mood well and be more efficient than keep using my candelabra.

  • Jimmy Wareiczuk says:

    It would be the centerpiece of my working/social area. A piece of art like this needs to be visible and engaging!

  • Jimmy Wareiczuk says:

    It would be the centerpiece of my working/social area. Visible. Engaging.

  • Paige Dunlap says:

    I’m up late looking at decorating ideas for the half completed nursery for a child I am adopting. I think this beautiful lamp would be perfect for late night rocking and feeding!! It seems to set the most amazing ambience.

  • devan jones says:

    I would put it in my entertainment room for when I want some light in the room, but not an overhead light.

  • Chris says:

    I would place it on the nightstand near my bed so I can see it everyday!

  • NY says:

    I’ll place this over my head to open the IO portal and back to the real word.

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