Perfectly Warmed Bath

When you are in for a long soak, the cycle of water turning from comfortably warm to tepid to cold is frustrating. On rare occasions I indulge in draining out some cold and refilling with the warm water. But my eco-conscious mind chides me for it! Anyways, Warm On pebbles look to resolve this problem innovatively. The pebbles are sensor-fitted heat-radiating artificial stones that maintain the water temperature for a set duration. So from start to finish you can have the same water temperature without any guilt. Awesome!

Designers: Sunmi Hwang, Hyunjoo-Lee & Jiwon-Seok


  • Quintin Smits says:

    How would this work? Magic?

    calculate how much energy is required to heat up the amount of water in a bathtub by a few degrees…

  • Rob says:

    Lol. I get the idea, but like Quintin said, the feasibility is questionable.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I have no doubt that this will be possible someday. A job well done.
    @Quintin: It really bothers me how people cry witchcraft just because this isn’t possible right this minute. Think bigger dude.

  • grumpy says:

    Sure, waste electricity instead of water… so eco-conscious

  • Quintin says:

    @ Jimmy C: Just a quick calculation, then:

    Take a bathtub of ±150 litters. It will take 4.19kJ to heat 1 litter of water by one degree C. So: 628kJ to heat up all the water in the bathtub by 1 degree C.

    Now consider the amount of power in a single AA battery of 3400mAh (highest capacity I could find): Just over 18kJ.

    With no losses, it would take it would take all the energy i n34 of the highest capacity AA batteries to heat up the water in the bathtub by 1 degree C.

    You’d need a very much more efficient type of battery to even consider something like this.

    And even then… These devices seem to have only one function, keeping the bathtub warm. Why not incorporate something like this in the bottom of the tub? Then you could even have it powered from the grid AND it would be invisible!

  • Quintin says:

    Also, would you be willing to sit in a tub with something containing so much electrical energy?

  • deadcat says:

    yes, a simple bathtub cover would do a better job preserving heat energy. yes, it’s better to let the bathtub do the job then throwing an electric rock into the tub. still, this does throw an idea, obviously what they were trying.

  • Roxanne de Coning says:

    Please can you let me know how I could become an agent for the WARM ON product.

    I live in South Africa, Johannesburg. My husband is a plumber here, and I already have an existing market to sell to.

    Please can you let me know who I should contact.

    Thanks Roxanne

    • Kate Murphy says:

      Hi Roxanne,

      Did you get a response?

      I love this product and i could market in the UK

      I look forward to hearing from you soon,

      Kindest Regards,


  • Kana says:

    Where can I get warm on??

  • Physicist says:

    Ever hear of phase change materials? This wouldn’t involve any electricity to heat…. the stones would capture heat while internally melting, and then release heat while freezing, essentially initially cooling the bath down to a tolerable temperature, and then maintaining that temperature for a period of time before the stone freezes internally.

  • Ray says:

    I Love it 🙂

  • Kana says:

    Where can I get it??

  • Amanda says:

    Where can I get one????

  • Cyndi says:

    Where can these be purchased?

  • Marty says:

    I would really like to purchase a set of these “rocks” I am unable to find the link on the site to acquire them, can you help, please.


  • Amy says:

    Absolutely! Being a select few who get to enjoy dual cultures, Americans will be hard to win over. However, in Japan, these would rock (no pun intended)! In America I miss my Japanese soaking tub, these would totally help with the loss of heat 🙂 How soon can I order mine?

  • Amy says:

    These would be great for the older generation. My grandma recently had to put in a walk in tub ( she is 90 and uses a walker). We all thought she would love being able to get in and out of the tub easily without having to lift her legs over the barrier. Her one complaint about it is that she has to sit and wait to drain all the water before she can open the door to get out, and it gets really chilly. The water loses heat while you bathe, and then you have to wait five minutes to drain the water but can’t get out while it does that to dry off. I think these would be great! Let me know when you make them!

  • Linda says:

    I love the design and function of this product! How can I purchase this item for myself?

  • Mindy says:

    When we had a jacuzzi put in our bathroom we payed the extra money to have heating coils installed in the sides of the tub. The water temp is digitally set and so the coils match the water temp to keep it nice and hot. If you really love baths and have the space and money, this is the way to go.

  • Hunter says:

    It’s definitely not witchcraft.
    It’s just bloody dangerous.

  • This concept is amazing! I would love to have such a device in my bathroom, these “rocks” have an interesting design and they are very useful, where can I buy them? I am sure my wife would love to have such “rocks” in the bathtub, she likes taking long baths.

  • sam says:

    How do I buy

  • Hannah says:

    Where could you even buy one of these??

  • Jerusha says:

    I want them and I want them NOW!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Alton says:

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  • Brian Peterson says:

    I would love to do business with you all. I want to talk more.

  • Tracey says:

    Can you tell me how to get one?

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  • julie says:

    I never thought about that my husband says he thinks the door would lead every time he sees a commercial for them.

  • sam says:

    Will these ever become available for purchase!? I’m very interested 🙂

  • Carla says:

    Where can I buy it??

  • Kate Murphy says:

    I would like yo be your UK distributor please do get in touch

  • Samantha Lightfoot says:

    How or where can I order “Perfectly Warmed Bath”? This would be a great Christmas Present for my sister.
    I’ve tried looking but I can’t seem to find any kind of check out or buying solution for this product.

  • sue drasch says:

    . Been looking for something to keep my bath water warm for years. Please get ahold of me and let me know how to order it.

  • Mel says:

    Where can we buy them (I’m in Canada) and how much? Really interested.

  • steve croft says:

    Quite a brilliant idea (for my partner anyway).
    How may I buy them and would you ship to the UK please.

  • Madelyn Jarecki says:

    I live in Canada and would like to know how to purchase these and how much they are. Thanks!

  • Megan says:

    I would love to find out how to purchase these and how much they are. Thanks!

  • pa says:

    Where can I buy “Perfectly Warmed Bath”? And how much it costs?

  • Charmyn Doty says:

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  • Emily says:

    How do you purchase these?

  • Grace says:

    Where can you find or buy theses products…is this just an exclusive offer..I would like more information about the bath pebbles. Like can it hold up to bath products like epsom salt, soaps, oils etc. Please send more information to [email protected] tks

  • Kelli says:

    Where can I find these for sale and how much?

  • Ronnie says:

    Where and when will these be available? I so need these

  • Stefan says:

    Would love to buy one of these, possibly a bunch, please contact with order information, Thanks!

  • Brittany Blackman says:

    Where can I purchase these? And how much??

  • Dana says:

    How do you get these in Canada? Do you ship?

  • Jessica says:

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  • M says:

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