Dude Where’s the Car?

I resonate with the need for the Car Compass because I have been in this situation once. A friend had parked his hired car in the public car park and he forgot which floor it was on. We literally had to go to each floor of the 10 floors to figure out where the car was. Now if we had something like this Car Compass key then it would have guided us to the exact location of the car, using arrows and pointers on it’s display. Sometimes beeps and flashing lights are just not effective enough!



  • Vin says:

    Really simple solution what every car owner needs that function.

  • Sliq says:

    Don’t electronic key dongles already have a button that makes the car honk so you can find it?

    • Simon says:

      It has already. But Honk is Not enough to find a car according to my experience..

  • Charles says:

    In the example they say that the issue is that they can’t figure out what floor of a parking garage the car is on… how does this address that problem at all?? Shooting yourself in the foot with the description..

  • Radhika Seth says:

    We didn’t know the floor and since the parking lot was huge, it was a task to locate the car. With the Car Compass, the car is located with the help of clear arrows on the display. so even if u have to travel up and down the floors or no floors at all…just a huge open parking lot….at least the arrows can guide you through…

    I hope this gives you a clearer perspective.

    Mine is just one random example of what occurred with us.

  • Chris192 says:

    Love it, This is genius, the styling is excellent as well. But better than that, its a conceptually feasible design. I hope someone makes this. 😛

  • To elaborate on Charles’ question. How do clear arrows displaying direction toward the x and y coordinates provide any assistance when attempting to locate a vehicle in regards to the z coordinate? The device can tell you forward/backward and left/right, but provides no up/down.

    The anecdote at the beginning seems to tell of the one instance in which the described device may not prove helpful.

  • Tim says:

    The concept is a good one and does well to solve a problem, but it doesn’t need to be housed in a cumbersome keyfob that adds bulk to your keyring and your pocket/purse. This could easily be achieved as a smartphone app and if we’re talking about a BMW, there’s no BMW owner who doesn’t already own a smartphone and they’re certainly not jumping into their M1 without the phone in their pocket.

    @Chris192: The styling isn’t actually excellent. Its form speaks more as maybe an Audi or at closest a Mini Cooper accessory. A BMW Keyfob would never be so round and soft.

  • Thanks for share this article..good post.

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