Think Twice Before Rioting

It’s unfortunate that there’s a need for this at all, but I guess there’s also something to be said for a peaceful protest! This riot shield design provides multidirectional protection from incoming projectiles whether directly ahead or above. When counterattacks are necessary, nonlethal weapons like tasers & defense spray are built into the shield & can be operated by a triggered handle. The real goal here: providing a deepened sense of security to defense personnel in hopes that nervousness doesn’t escalate violence. Inspired by the armadillo’s natural shell, the design incorporates a layered visor into the shield for size adjustment.

Designer: Bernardo Bajana


  • Lance says:


    The battle is already a little one-sided as it is. Military grade vs. civilians.

    I’m not a hippy, and I’m not an occupier, but this project is at best, over the top and a victim of poor timing.

    I am disappoint.

  • marcomaccioni says:

    It should be illegal all over the world! BAD IDEA!!!!! WRONG IDEA!!!!!

  • elleryxo says:

    Kind of a minor moral infringement relative to the chaps who design land mines!

  • Jimmy C says:

    Yikes. I understand the curvature thing, but the range of that pepper spray just ain’t fair.

  • Tim says:

    I don’t think it’s very feasible. introducing moving parts and visual obstruction into something that is meant to be as strong, light, invisible and disposable as possible, just complicates the product and makes it unwanted. Police and military carry everything on their bodies because it’s easier than carrying something in their arms. They don’t need a taser and pepper spray in their hand at all times, they just need to be able to draw it easily from their vest the instant they do need it. If you think they’re worried about letting go of their shield to draw their defensive weapons, then you need to build them an armored suit.

    Sidenote: It’s okay to design something that has only one novel feature. Stick with the overhead shield, which I’m assuming was the original inspiration for this project, and get rid of the rest of the over-designed extras.

  • Daniel Mera says:

    It’s very shocking to see how designers concerns about making things like this shield that is basically meant to forced people to shut up their claims and stop protests. This belongs to a very autocrat thinking, and currently is a thought that must disappear.

    We all are allowed to protest and claim for our rights. It is a right that everybody must respect and even more the designers that are constantly re-thinking the best human being development

  • Francois says:

    For everyone posting comments based on their political point of view, relax. The military and law enforcement are large markets with money to spend. Even they require good design. Organizations like DARPA actually design things that while intended for the military end up in the civilian world. For example look at companies like Accronym and triple Aught that design some of the coolest looking most functional bags, clothing and gear that’s geared towards the military and civilians. If you’re going to critique it then critique the DESIGN. For the guy saying this idea “should be illegal” sit down stupid. Making ideas illegal makes you no better than the people your fighting against.

  • Francois says:

    The overall idea seems reasonable but I don’t think the gains are that significant. I don’t think the curved top really adds that much more protection that a regular shield couldn’t by just raising it. The added weight of the pepper spray and taser are just adding weight to an object that should be light like Tim said.

  • jonathan says:

    i think this shouldnt exist, We need less violence in the world. How about a product design that would support peace in the world

  • Francois says:

    There a lot of things that shouldn’t exist but they do, which mean we have to deal with them. Ignoring the problem doesn’t solve it. I’m pretty sure law enforcement and military personnel would like products that keep them safe. “How about a product design that would support peace in the world.” Really guy? How about a product that doesn’t support the rabid consumerism that’s so prevalent nowadays? How about a product that doesn’t deplete our already fast depleting natural resources? How about a product that’s not made of conflict materials (such as the very computer you typed that ridiculous comment on)? How about a product that isn’t made in some poor, developing nation where people are overworked, underpaid and in horrible conditions? How about a product that doesn’t end up in the landfill months after it’s used? Maybe we should design for the Utopia in your head instead of the world we live in. Hate to break it to you but design isn’t about saving the world, it’s about making some corporation money. That’s right. The very corporations that the police are protect we designers work for. Grow up.

  • The Jackson says:

    I think the main flaw of this idea is that it’s out of context. I mean, when the situation on the streets forces the police to use tasers and pepper sprays in the way that is shown then the things are really bad and require more efficient solutions. The shields are used more as a barrier and protection, not for the assault. The taser in the shield could hurt the innocent people who are pushed to it by accident.

    Oh, and by the way, for all those peace loving individuals: this is the equipment that must be used against aggressive riots which put the city and other people in danger. If you think that protesting and claiming the rights should be done in a destructive way, then this kind of equipment should make you think of more civilized ways of expressing your dissatisfaction.

  • Barak says:

    This is a very ¨Republican Design¨… Awful!
    Bernardo Bajana is an unscrupulous designer. 🙁

  • kemal says:

    bernando you should be banned to design something! or must be punished to watch v for vendetta every f-kin’ day of your life..

  • Dave says:

    Bernando, nice design. I’d get my tiny violins out for the bleeding hearts in the comments, but they just make me angry. The police on the front lines are the ones who deserve to be protected. They’re stuck forming the thin line between right to protest and maintaining order, and you get people in society who like to make out that each of them is darth vader incarnate and they are the embodyment of societies frustrations. Police dont initiate the protests and they rarely make the decision it has to end. They’re out there to make sure after the protests are done there is a society for people to wake up to in the morning. Often they are just as conflicted about the situation as the people protesting are, but they’ve taken on the responsibility to make sure the protesters don’t hurt others or themselves, and that means at some point, the protest has to end.

    People seem to be of the mindset that if you’re going to protest the end result must be the toppling of society and grinding all before into the ground. Not the case, protests are supposed to make a point, then end. Unfortunately too often, the protesters forget its a protest and work themselves up into behaving like revolutionaries. Protests are crazy things, people get heated, some people are there simply to cause harm and those cops stuck in the middle of it deserve every protection designers and society can afford them.

    On the case in point though, the design is a good one but I think you may actually be a victim of being too good a designer. It’s been pointed out before, whilst the spray and tasers are clever, they transform the shield from defensive into offensive weaponry. From a design perspective it’s more efficient to have them together, but there’s a very good reason why the two are kept seperate. As can be seen from the backlash on here, politically the shield could not be deployed in many modern countries. Limiting it to simply the curved upper visor would produce a “better” design in that it improves the current product, but also in a manner that is immediately marketable.

  • kemal says:

    ok we got it you must be bernonda…but listen to me idiot..if you and people like you are good designers why don’t you design things for both sides? 1 for policeman 1 for citizen..where is citizen in here? nowhere!!! being a good deginer is not means to protect policeman..they have guns,they have batons,tear gas,handcuffs and shields…what about citizen? no have rights and when a student protest something to save his rights people like you call him comnunist,anarchist bla bla…people like you design guns,mines,bombs and kill people and when someone steal you gun put it to your face its the biggest enemy ha! bravo!!

    check video and realize what you are..

  • Dave says:

    Hi Kemal, I generally try to avoid debates like this, but on Bernando’s behalf I’ll just say that I’m not him. I have no way of proving that unfortunately, but if you’re going to use unsubstantiated claims in your accusation I’ll use them in my rebuttal. I couldn’t really make out your point for the second half of your email, but in relation to the points I could understand:

    Absolutely poeple should work on devices to assist crowds in protests, there have been several good ones recently for occupy wallstreet, but as a grass roots movement most of them aren’t designed prior. Instructables have several examples on there however if you’re interested. I think it’s somewhat unfair for you to ask Bernando to provide solutions to all of the world problems if he’s going to try and remedy one of them.

    I don’t believe I have called anyone “communist, anarchist bla bla(sic)”. Regardless of their political ideology though, people all have the right to protest. The point I was going for, poorly it seems, is to point out the need to delineate between protests and revolutions, and the harm revolutions inflict upon the society it’s trying to better when a protest gets out of control.

    Anyways, best of luck to you little troll in your future endeavours.

    Bernando, I know unfair criticism can sometimes be despiriting and cutting, I hope you can look at commentary like this from Kemal and know the quality of your commentators. Good luck and I hope to see more of your designs in the future.

  • kemal says:

    dave i believe you are not bernando but i’m totally sure that you are gay and you are trying to seduce bernando..good luck with your boyfriend bernando and his stupid tear gas bukkake design! you think you are calm and yıu write cool things to me and i believe in your mind you beat me but man your ideas totally sic..maybe you don’t know that but design means protect nature with biomimicry,stop vandalism,reject kitch things and ban guns,mines,police batons/shields!!! i don’t understand what are you? will you realize after a police plugged his baton in your asshole? oopps,sorry you were gay..

  • Francois says:

    You are officially a troll.

  • Stuart says:

    Seriously, I think you are being completely ridiculous. If your designing a new type of riot shield you don’t then go and design something for the citizen that would defeat the point of the riot shield. Why are people bringing their own views into this? Protesters choose to protest and these things are only used when violence occurs. Stop making out this is some design from the devil. Good design takes a problem and finds a better solution to it, has nothing to do with political views so everyone stop hating on this.

  • Tim says:


  • Kid says:

    ^Word up.

  • jonathan says:

    You are such a poor designer. You can tell you didn’t have any sorts of design training because as a designer you should be able to except a critic for what it is. How about you go back to the drawing table and design something for all those problems you mentioned, you republican. I am a designer and i work for myself, i OWN about 5 companies in the U.S. and Europe. So how about you get some years on your resume before you start suggesting that people grow up

  • James says:

    Right, let’s keep this simple shall we:

    1) can everyone stop bashing this idea just because of your left wing political views. This shield is to PROTECT people like YOU! So unless you are in fact a rioter, there’s no reason for you to get bent out of shape over it. It’s not as if you get caught speeding and the riot police come out and pepper spray your arse with their new fangled shield now is it. This isn’t for protesters, this is for rioters. Designs like this don’t create violence or infringe on civil rights, they’re used when people are in danger from large mobs, rioters, football hooligans etc, not for people moaning about student fees or their pension.

    2) those who think this is too violent and “unfair” against protesters need to understand. There are these things called riots, you may have heard that England had a lot of them this year. Police protecting shops, houses and people against rioters has nothing to do with being ‘fair’, it’s to keep people like you safe.

    3) the police have pepper spray and taser’s anyway so why putting it in a shield everyone deems a horrible violent idea is beyond me.

    4) the idea itself is a nice one, although not cost effective or weight efficient. Police also like to be seen defending and not attacking, trying to keep the peace rather than make things worse. The spray would not be accurate enough and may get people it’s not meant to and the overhead shield I think would just render the officer an obstructed view as well as not really needing it, hence wearing a helmet. If anything, have it curving round the sides.

    5) for this great but albeit flawed design to be most effective, you’d actually need the police to turn up to a riot. I’m English, this happened.

  • Francois says:

    Lame. First off, you don’t know anything about me which shows how poorly your d=design education must be because a designer doesn’t assume. He or she makes design decisions based on research not their personal beliefs or assumptions. Secondly, it has nothing to do with not liking critics. It’s about dumb people and you are dumb. Your comments had nothing to do with the actual design.What do yours or your lame assumptions about my politics have to do with the design? Nothing numb nuts! Either Third- You say own companies in the U.S. and Europe So that means you’re a corporation or you own a consulting firm that works for corporations. The 1% that’s got it’s dick up the worlds ass. You may have some years (which I highly doubt) but years doesn’t mean wisdom.Either offer constructive criticism or STFU. I can see right through your lame argument troll.

  • OpenSource says:

    Why “we” always have money – lots of money for stuff like these and never have practically any to take care of people ?!

    p.s. Nothing going to stop PEOPLE…

  • jonathan says:

    Lame design, lame designer, no future, im done with you.

  • Joey P says:

    WTF is wrong with people?!?!?!? All you complaining that this product is “unfair” and how come there’s no product designed for civilians? Are you Serious?!?!?!? This product is designed to give police a SLIGHT edge in a riot scenario. Keep in mind that a riot could contain up to several hundred to thousands of participants. So anything that can help out the few dozen cops tasked with preventing them from destroying any more property is pretty nice. And if you feel that 30 feet is an excessive distance for pepper spray, How about his pistol is good to 50 yds or so, a shotgun is about 100 yds and a rifle could potentially be 100+. So be happy they’re using less than lethal weaopnry on you when you’re closer, instead of using deadly force at a much more compfortable range. Also, this would be utilized against rioters who have been warned SEVERAL times to disperse. The liklihood of an “innocent” person accidently being injured by this is unlikely. The people this would be deployed against have already broken the law by not following the orders of the police officer. So quite whining that this is some form of vicious assault on peaceful, innocent citizens.

    That being said……. I have to say that this product is a good idea in concept, but in actuality it isn’t very feasible. I’ll begin with the addition of the less than lethal weapons. Pepper spray is employed using one of two patterns, the “Spiral or Figure 8.” So named because that is the manner that you direct the stream while aiming at the perpetrators face. This is because a single stream could be avoided, by changing the angle and height of the stream it ensures a better liklihood of hitting the suspect in the face and eyes. This wouldn’t be possible while holding a cumbersome shield. Electrifying the Shield serves no real purpose, in fact it would defeat the entire purpose of the shield. A TASER is designed to incapacitate a suspect through neuromuscular over ride. The point of using a TASER is to get a non compliant suspect to comply not by pain, but by making it physically impossible to resist. TASERs are pretty hand to get someone on the ground, when the point of using the shield is to push rioters back. Hard to do when the rioters can’s stand. Also two points of contact are needed for TASER to be effective, the further these points are the more effective it is. So again the product would pretty much be defeated. Another consideration would be how to manage the battery. Would it be stored in the shield permenantly or removable? If it’s removable then you have to consider that to issue this shield you have to take more time because the battery needs to be located and issued as well. As for the overall design of the shield itself, Not great. All this “Gee whiz” stuff adds weight to the shield, if I had to guess, I’d say that thing weighs 7-10 pounds. Doesnt sound like a lot, but try holding a gallon of water (~8 lbs) up to your chest with no other support than your non-dominant hand. The sliding visor sounds like a good idea, until you consider it actually does a better job helping a rioter to defeat the shield than it does protecting the user, If you notice that from the side it looks like a pretty good hooking tool. Concievably, the rioter just has to provide enough force to bring that hook down onto the users head, pretty easy when you take into consideration fatigue from holding that shield for 2-3 hours, to render the user useless. Once a police officer losses his/her to see then they are rendered pretty much useless.

  • kemal says:

    joey such an ignorant kid you are…check other designers like ross lovegrove,Charles Eames,Le Corbusier,Henry Dreyfuss,Raymond Loewy etc…you think all the people i wrote above are stupid and they couldn’t think this bullshit scenario only magnificent(?) bernanto could…you people all poor and lame..there isn’t any successful designer in the world that designed a scenario and and a product like this..this is shit and you people all know that…this is not protecting any civilian for a riot…riots don’t come naturally..need a cause a an effect understand kido?

  • Joey P says:

    I’m going to assume by your terrible grammar and syntax that you’re not a native English Speaker. That assumption being true, I’m also going to assume that you reside in a lawless state. The point of this product is not to protect a CIVILIAN or rioter. It’s to protect the Officer using it.

  • kemal says:

    Yes i’m not an native English speaker but i can still tell truth with my terrible grammer and people who cares about truth understand me.

    Yes i’m not an native English speaker but i’m also not a racist like you because i always know this platform is for ”All designers” not only for englishman!

    Yes i’m not an native English speaker but i don’t rate people with their ”lawless state” or ”terrible grammer”. Knowledge and Moral majority enough for me.

    Yes i’m not an native English speaker but i know industrial product design very well just because of design is global, because drawing is global, because imagination is endless, because ethic is ”1” for human nature.

    Yes i’m not an native English speaker but i know if a designer designs a product like a shield than another designer designs an opposite good. After that another designer designs molotov cocktail than another military designer designs a gas bomb than guns than bombs and check please 6th of August and 9th of August 1945 / Japan and see what design makes people in bad hands.

    Yes i’m not an native English speaker but i always will know that i have to design a product never harm a human nature.

    Yes i’m not an native English speaker but i go abroad too much and i know all countries over the world has similar problems,similar dilemmas and similar violences like grab,rape and almost all countries have an undesirable minority but i also know that i have to be peaceful person and try to stop things like i wrote above.

    Yes i’m not an native English speaker but i will learn it better and i will still try to stop people like you and that lame designer.

  • Joey P says:

    Well since “Ethics” is you’re #1 priority, please define it for me. What do you consider “ethical?” Do you consider it ethical to allow a mass of people to rape, loot and destroy private property without regard to any law? Is it okay to allow people to be put into danger by these people because there is no law or police to stop these crimes from occuring? Is it ethical to fight a long drawn out war that would lead to both sides sustaining untold millions of losses when that could be prevented by one decisive attack? You’re ignorant. You have no leg to stand on. You’re obviously not familiar with ideas such as deterance and mitigation. Before you stat tapping away at your computer, why don’t you come up with a well educated and informed response???

  • James says:

    Hey Joey, Kemal is right and you should listen to him. When there are riots and his house is being destroyed, shops are burnt to the ground, people being killed and such, it’s unethical for the police to get involved and stop them. That’s a breach of their civil rights as human beings. God Joey! I’m glad there are people like Kemal around to stop you and this designers evil ways. I mean Jesus, this riot shield is just one step away from the atomic bomb. Yeah, designers shouldn’t design things that harm other people. This is like the most violent piece of design I’ve ever seen, leave the poor rioters alone, they’re just having fun.

    Yes ok, enough with the sarcasm now. This type of design would get a stupid response from idiots no matter what it was. If it was a new type of police van, prison cell, handcuffs, whatever. There’s always going to be some left wing hippy who’s never had to deal with the real world before and prefers to live in a little world where no one does anything wrong. There’s no point in debating it with people like that because even if you say grass is green, they will disagree and call you a fascist. They can’t separate design from their personal political agenda.

    It’s even worse when they don’t speak the same lingo and can’t put across their Homer Simpson of an ‘argument’ together properly. Like has been said before, the design is flawed but the idea is sound. There’s nothing oppressive, violent or 1984 about it. It’s clearly designed to help civilians when rioters and other scumbags break the law. But go ahead people like Kemal, you stop people like us protecting you and see how far you get when your house is being broken into and you want help. Think before you speak, he hasn’t invented a new super death ray! It’s a shield, you know what shields have always been designed for……defence!

  • Joey P says:

    True. How could I be so silly???

  • Zaid Corrales El Fil says:

    Dear KEMAL I agree with you totally: talking about “native language” you have a very small advantage in front of those who criticize adversely YOU KNOW at least two languages and more important you know what ETHICS means!! For some other people # 1 priority is MONEY, SO IT IS BETTER, DO NOT DISCUSS WITH THEM…don’t waste your time..just one advice if you permit me advise to you; do not insult them which do not agree with you

  • kemal says:

    Dear Zaid, first of all thank you for your advice and support. I do not insult people actually but a thief thinks all people are thieves. They think protesters are terrorists, minorities are enemies etc. I also know a shield is not an a-bomb but the point that i call attention is riot comes when government takes people’s rights. l don’t think Joey and James is living a land like zombie attacked. i don’t believe they have ever tried to protect their homes and shops agains a occupier rebellious person. i don’t believe they are waking up with a terrorist threat in mornings. So what? Why is a designer design a product for a powerful group like polices. in many countries police force have a very very big power and they are not always using this power for human rights. if you take this power, policeman just sit down and don’t touch anything and than you see lots of outlaws out there and they sit down until government give their rights. This is the system for all human nature. Maybe Joey and James don’t know that and according to them all policemen are cool people and deserve to have a gun and shot a child in a Riot in Greece or have a tear gases and shields but my advice for them is to get out of that bell jar and watch the world not just cnn. in Syrie government kill people (now dead toll is more than 5000) and they have also police force but lots of countries tell them stop because lots of governments know that Riot is right there. in Greece also (they became a bankrupt). italy is near bankrupt and people suffer in those countries and government try to put down a revolt. So what people have? Almost nothing. Maybe Joey and James sit their home nice and well but world is not like this and there is no zombie attack in your lawn guys. Riot against government just because of your rights and their rights. As a product designer i’m against to design a good like this or like a cigarette box, a barbed wire, a mine, a gun. i don’t think i’m so naive to be a designer because if you don’t do anything wrong no one need a shield but if you give them a shield than while i’m trying to get my right i need to use shield driller gun and government don’t want to give my right and use guns, than i use a molotov cocktail and government use tanks etc. Please open your eyes and realize what you are and why you are a designer. i don’t know maybe you are educated in mossad or special forces or cia. if you are, you need to forget to win a green dot award.

  • Joey P says:

    Because ALL Governments attack their citizens. EVERY revolt has good intentions. I would like to know what “Bell Jar” you’re living in where all protest/riots are for the greater good. But to piss a moan about someone designing a tool that is designed to be utilized by police (we call them the good guys) is asinine. As far as rioters getting Tear-gassed or shot, well perhaps if they were trying to affect a change in a positive manner, say appealing to other governments or agencies, instead of causing chaos then those events wouldn’t happen. But if you’re going to criticize a product don’t criticize it based on what it’s used for. No matter how big of a troll you are and post saying that designing weapons is bad, THEY’RE STILL GOING TO BE DESIGNED!!!! But if you’re so distraught about all the revolts going on globally why don’t you join them!!! Go throw rocks at police and military forces instead of trolling on the internet. Be nice if that body count in Syria went to 5,001!

  • Dave says:

    I’m calling Godwins law on this one, they haven’t reached Nazi’s yet, but come on, they’re comparing a riot shield to Hiroshima. I’ve been to Hiroshima. I climbed throught the graveyard to pay my respects at the memorial, listened to the hibakusha and folded my crane. To compare this design to dropping nuclear weaponry on a densely populated city is just the lowest form of internet bravado, and those who try to draw comparisons between a non-lethal riot shield to a weapon of mass destruction are just… ugh words fail me and I’m not going to waste my time feeding the troll.

    Reductio ad Hitlerum is imminent.

    Kemal, you may not be a native English speaker, but homophobic little trolls don’t get to act all doe eyed and claim to be victims of western arrogance after earlier suggesting people should be anally raped by police after politely presenting differing views to your own. People like you who try to claim victimisation of racism to further their debate the design of a riot shield only serve to belittle racism and those who fight it. Congratulations, you are the lowest common denominator in this thread.

    The second you started resorting to gay slurs and derision of maintaining a calm and polite tone in favour of dramatics and wildly inappropriate accusations/comparisons you should have been flagged as completely unconstructive to this design review.

    Like James very eloquently put, until you learn to seperate design from your own political agenda your input on a design website will continue to be wildly innapropriate. Designers don’t just create fluffy bunnies and pretty flowers. Designers design. Full stop. Good bad and ugly, it all gets designed. Deal with it. You don’t like guns and homosexuals, some people dont like stem cells, others hate evolution. Fortunately there are plenty of people in the world who can look beyond themselves to understand that there are two sides to every coin. The shield repelling one person is protecting another.

    Anyways, I’m not here to debate this further, I was already done with the halfwit, but watching this thread was alarming me enough to warrant another comment. The slurs going back and forth here are entirely inappropriate for family friendly viewing. Heated debate is great, but some of the comments on here, from both sides of the arguement, are not doing this site any favours.

  • Jason Wang says:

    Well put, Dave.
    Sure, corruption presides in any large form bestowed with immense duty and power, but that doesn’t mean every police officer is corrupt and deserves death. Many are people who seek the liberties you and I also pursue, but must get by fiscally like the rest of us or simply answer to a nations call for servicemen.
    They, along with soldiers, firefighters, and other servicemen, are dispatched. They are not the policy makers–they are simply the agents that are assigned a task that they doggedly put themselves in harms way to fulfill. They Many of the riots recently pitted people who respect one another on opposite sides of the standoff.
    I would normally respect your opinion, but your demeanor is way too vulgar and responses either too naive or unintelligent to politely disagree. YD is a site for everyone–you said it yourself. So how hypocritical do you seem at the moment, with your homophobic slurs and general disregard for politeness? I don’t expect an intelligible response, seeing how you’ve approached previous rational people. By the way you approach people, it’s very apparent that you’ll never be a good product designer, much less anything at all. Never. Let’s see all the brilliant things you came up with. With your nativity and homophobia, I’m almost positive you’re under 15 and under the shelter of your parents.

    Never bother calling 911 if you’re in any sort of emergency. First responders are better off helping appreciative people.

    P.S. Not all white people have English as a native language (i.e. most of Europe). You attached that racism on your own.
    P.P.S. Before you pin racism on me, I’m not white and English is not the only thing I can speak.

  • larvatrong says:

    ammm… I don’t know, but I’m prety sure he is trolling with this desing. It’s not very common to see designs with pepper spray and tasers.

  • ken says:

    i think the taser strips are a great idea

  • Jondo says:

    Nice try, Dave. I think everybody has seen the Lt. Pike video which shows what this sort of weaponry is REALLY used for, and it’s not for protecting people from injury. In fact, 100% of all protest injuries are directly caused by police officers. Protesters are engaged in a struggle, and these weapons are designed to help the protestors’ opponents crush them even more easily than they already can.

  • XIV- Temperance says:

    …or get better at nigger-rigging weapons

  • lion says:


  • Design says:

    Okay there is no situation where this can be used because protesting is legal and people don’t start rioting and even if they did, if enouph people want this to happen that they could beat the police without the stupid shield, then the people should be able to not have to go through your thing. It sort of reminds me of the peace keepers in the hunger games. You know the people who supress the freedom of any free thinkers.

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