Scanning Watch

Inspired by scanning devices for scanning targets in sci-fi movies, the Sonar Watch has three themes – blue for sonar, green for radar, and red for a scanner interface. The time is shown as three targets which are lit up. By pressing a button, a radar/sonar/scanner animation will play. The dots represent the hour, minutes and seconds. Cool, novel design. Definitely something I could see Tokyoflash selling.

Designer: Samuel Jerichow


  • baris says:

    the design would be better if the scanning line on the green one is second arm of the watch and the minute and hour dots stays same.

  • shaun says:

    fricking sexy!!!!

  • Sam Jerichow says:

    Hello Baris!

    That’s a nice idea. But it cannot work. Case a) the time gets activated by pressing the button, then you have to wait up to 60 seconds to have the hour and the minute revealed. So the radar scan has to move quicker and therefore looses it’s function and the seconds can be a third target again. Or case b) It would make sense when the display is always on. Then the radar scan would fulfill it’s function as second hand. But an always on display is energetically critical. And it wouldn’t fit well in the series with the other watches, which is very important to me. Thank you anyway for your comment. I’m open to suggestions and like to think about them. Do you like the concept in general then?

    My best regards,

  • Sam Jerichow says:

    Oh man of course,

    Thank you Yankodesign for posting my concept here!

    Shaun, thanks 😀

  • Awesome! Where can I get one!?

  • larry says:

    very awesome look! but unrealisable because of too much power consumption. I suggest you a led realisation and a very quick display span of radar, sonar or scanner. byez

  • z says:

    After plugs, these designers come to r*pe the watches.

  • Jocoso says:

    I want 3!, black, silver & chocolate wristband

  • Sam Jerichow says:

    @ Chris: I’ll let you know if they are available 😉
    @ larry: Hello! In order to achieve the goal, some research has to be done. High reaction time color e-paper would be good. But the watch is not on all the time, so the power consumption wouldn’t be that mean 😉
    @ Z: Interesting statement. You seem to bother about the reputation of wrist watches. That’s a rare attitude these days, where we have smart phones which tell us everything we need. These watches are geeky gadgets for sci-fi fans or hobby spies nothing more, nothing less.
    @ Jocoso: I never heard of chocolate wristbands before, hehehe. But making the watch in different materials is one of the easiest tasks. First there has to be found a technology for the display. The previously mentioned color e-paper would be able to provide all three modes in one watch, that would be awesome!

    Thank you all for your comments so far.

  • Sam Jerichow says:

    @ Ferdinand: Obviously not 😉 Maybe the same inspiration but different interpretation. I never saw a red radar with three scan lines before. Looks pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rustam says:

    where i can bye this watch?

  • Sam Jerichow says:

    Hello Rustam! Thanks for your interest in the watch, but it’s just a concept yet. I need a company who is willing to make it.

  • 芒果 says:


  • Ferdinand says:

    I’m not saying that you copied. Bell&Ross can copy your concept 😉 . I wanted to show the similarities that can be copied without showing the prototypes.
    In my opinion your concept is pretty much better!

  • Sam Jerichow says:

    @ 芒果: 谢谢 🙂 时钟是一个概念。他们可以不买呢。说不定哪天 <- Google translate for my "Thank you 🙂 The watch is still a concept, you cannot buy it yet. But maybe one day."

    @ Ferdinand: Thanks for telling 🙂 I also see the similarites and I'm glad it's different enough to stand on it's own. Do you prefer radar? Or maybe sonar or even scanner?

  • Michelle says:

    I really like it, hope can have it soon. If stat to selling please inform me. Taiwan

  • Charles Chen says:

    These watches are great!I really want to have one(If it is possible,I want to buy them all!)

  • Sam Jerichow says:

    @ Michelle: Thanks for your interest! I will inform you on here if it ever happens 🙂
    @ Charles: Also thank you! I hope you get your chance.
    @ Dee: Oh yes, they have something for every taste. Maybe my designs land there too some day, who knows 😉

  • Orcha says:

    Really interesting and creative idea Sam! I’d like to have one when you get to the production phase and start selling.

  • Sam Jerichow says:

    Thank you Orcha! I’ll come back to you on this if it’s time 🙂

  • jim says:

    Wow its amazing gadget. How can i avail this brilliant watch? It so informative and futuristic

  • jim says:

    Ok, I read some comments above that your looking forward for negotiation between your concepts and some company. Hope someday i can buy one wristwatch color blue? Thank You and God Bless

  • Sam Jerichow says:

    Jim, thank you so much for your comments! I’m still looking 🙂 If anything new happens, I will write it here and definitely on my page (click my blue name for it).

    My best regards,

  • Sala says:

    Very cool watch the green one cant wait to buy it

  • gregory ivan says:

    and the three lucky colors are or may be distigished by behavior. minipulates you and you dont even know it. floor plans .no. sro!!! germs travel 10 or more feet out of the toilet after flushing.

  • gregory ivan says:

    please hurry i need them alot. i hope for a reasonalble price.

  • chris says:

    Still not available?

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