I Just Died and Went to Samsung Galaxy Heaven

Here is a concept phone that I have totally fallen in love with. Name the features and it’s all in there. Flexible screen, projector, camera…ah the works! One of those designs where you let the pictures do the talking…so go ahead and hit the jump!

UPDATE: This project was made in class for SAMSUNG TALENT PROGRAM (STP)* at Hongik University, Engineering Department and it is just a concept phone.

*SAMSUNG TALENT PROGRAM (STP) is cooperative track between SAMSUNG and Hongik Univ – Engineering Dept.

Engineering: Haeseong Jee

Designer: Haeyon You


  • Galaxy S2 says:

    Oh my god, I saw a few of those flexible amoled displays before, but never realized the full potential of those. Samsung’s got some nice aces up their sleeves, the next few years.

  • Lmw odo says:

    Love it it im in Awe a great combination of natural form and top tech specs

  • Jason Wang says:

    I was never really sold on flexible phone concepts but this one puts so much detail and beauty into it. I also love the folded back Sony-S1 style compact mode. The longer screen really takes advantage of the flexible screen. Nice!

  • fungliwan8 says:

    Weeew i whant buy this smat phone

  • elleryxo says:

    10 years? Scary

  • Mauricio says:

    3 words: this IS heaven!!! Wow!

  • Luke says:

    They need to scrap the projector bit. That adds too much to a cool design, and there’s really no need for it. It would just bulk the design and there’s no way the image would compare to a standard projector. Get rid of that and you have a winning phone.

  • s says:

    i dont think they have this kind of technologies yet…..this only will happen in dreamland

  • His Shadow says:

    The Courier of smartphones. Who the Hell is still impressed by Photoshopbtech?

  • Rebecca! says:

    Why can I not buy this NOW?

  • Paul Bos says:

    Is it the Samsung Galaxy S3?

  • Michael says:

    This phone looks amazing. Of course I doubt durability of phones screen after it will be folded for some few hundred or thousand times.

  • Frank says:

    I want it!

  • E.KEDAR says:

    Pls send the prize of the galaxy flexy skin mobile…………………….

  • Ed says:

    Since when is HSDPA classified as 4G and Edge/GSM/GPRS classed as 3.5G?

  • Luke says:

    Give me this running Windows Phone 7. Now!

  • RAiDEN says:

    “This only will happen in dreamland?”….. Think twice DUDE, in today’s world nothing is impossible you just need to open your mind wider…

  • Ketie says:

    Woooow !!! I love it !!! it will be my next Phone )))))

  • Chris says:

    This was approximately what my vision of the pc notebook evolution looked like in 1991. That time I thought a notebook won’t really satisfy my craving for portability until it fits in my pocket, can be folded like paper, project the screen and keyboard to a decent size and run for hours on one charge… so when will we finally get there?

  • kinghorsey says:

    No, the SGS3 is a quad core phone due out by February maybe.
    This one is a different animal altogether.

  • Sathya says:

    This is not as good as Pomegranate – Refer to the below link

  • Geekyard says:

    Whats the price?

  • Hiti says:

    This is a phone. The news that it’ll be available come 2012 even makes it better! I can’t wait… The projector concept is perfect – notwithstanding the resolution; since it’s an on-the-go smartphone, there’re a whole lot of situations that it’ll just be what you need!

  • roy says:

    i have heard flexi solar panels…but this!!!!amazing technology….samsung rocks….

  • roy says:

    could some1 tell me t cost of this…………


    When can i expect this ? really superb design n how it works ? hope it works more smarter then design.

  • shahnwaz khan says:

    gud cell phone

  • Redux says:

    Dreamland says it cuz Iphone does not have that kinda Flexibility…..and will neva have

  • Seb says:

    What I don’t understand is how can they make a 1500mAh battery flexible…

  • arun says:

    when can i get this mobile in india?what will be the cost?

  • Gaetan says:

    Maybe the technology is in place,
    connecting a soft shell body with the flexible oled display will be mighty hard!

    There still should be some rigidness to the body to keep it from bending when using. Hopefully it only bends on just one plane.

    I don’t think we’ll see this very soon,
    although predecessors will come to us next year (hopefully).

    Didn’t apple won the patent case involving bend displays?

  • Wow, this is amazing. Science and innovation are such amazing things, who knows what we will have in ten years time!

  • Deepti says:

    Sexy phone

  • wondercguy says:

    I would like for them to solve the battery life issue before they do anything else. (4pm) “Oh whats that around your wrist”, “Its my new flexible cellphone/watch.”. “Whats wrong with it” “Oh the battery drained about thirty mines ago….

  • Ali says:

    Is’n it great that some day will use a cellphone that can do anything we want to do.

  • ajay says:

    Bcoz it is only concept my friend……………!

  • kava says:

    to good nice phone

  • george says:

    love to gift this phone for my wife …

  • amalayer75 says:

    is this even a phone???
    technology today has really opened a lot of innovations!

  • Sandeepan says:

    wen did mobile release ? i want to buy diz handset !!

  • naresh says:

    its just like never seen b4 or niether b seen again

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  • vishal saini says:

    it’s cool i want that one, how much i paid for this.

  • Ena says:

    This is totally amazin …. i want dis ph…. any how … luks soo gus…..

  • Ena says:

    This is totally amazin …. i want dis ph…. any how … luks soo gus….. realllyyyy amazinnn dis makes me crazy

  • anny says:

    Pls wanna buy this phone when it will be in market? I’m from pakistan dying to get this phone in my hands

  • I think this is a highQ tech, but Im pretty sure that SGS5 will be a better phone! or (phablet)

  • bunny says:

    and with oled screens ,nothing is impossible

  • bunny says:

    and with oled screens ,nothing is impossible anyone can do anythin these days

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