Get More Out Of Your Toothpaste Tube

Here is another intriguing Toothpaste Packaging design that makes total sense. SavePaste has a three-point agenda: To eliminate the hard-to-squeeze dead space, minimizing toothpaste residue left inside the container; Reduce two packaging to one. It means we can reduce waste and manufacturing price plus encourage recycling. And finally, have a user-friendly design so that people easily adopt it. I think it’s a full score on all three fronts!

Designers: Sang Min Yu and Wong Sang Lee


  • Brilliant! Finally. Looks easy to manufacture as well. Love the zip style cap instead of a messy screw cork. Clean, simple, and ingenious. More designs like this, please!

  • Jesuan says:

    Great job!

  • Kid says:

    Just awesome.

  • Jordan says:

    I love the concept and the design is nice and simple. Well done!

  • Sudhanwa says:

    Really nice…would really like to see the flatter version of paste coming out,than usual roundish paste;)

  • Mike Barnard says:

    Hmmm… still have to press upward from the bottom to push the paste out the top. That part’s not that much different.

    Packaging in a triangular tetrapack style is good and per the packing could reduce effort considerably.

    Of course, tetrapack packaging is still a ‘monstrous hybrid’ (c.f. McDonough) which is not easily recyclable.

    The people to pitch this to are Walmart purchasers. They have mandated downsized packaging to their vendors over the past few years to reduce their distribution and shelf costs, with a great impact environmentally as a nice bonus. They would probably be for this.


  • Rich says:

    Its fairly good but looks like the opening for the paste to come out of could be unhygienic if its at the end of its life and resting on the sink. would be nice if it could stay on the side of the sink better. my toothpaste always keeps falling into the sink. nice and simple to understand tho.

  • Kit says:

    What Mike says may be true in wherever he lives, but my local council (I live in the UK) recycles tetra paks just fine. In fact, the binmen pick them up.

    And food waste is used as a biofuel.

  • toby says:


    I live in the UK too and we don’t recycle tetra packs.
    Bin men make pick them up to encourage recycling but tetra packs are seperated and go in landfill.

  • Umang says:

    Just wondering… what would happen if someone was to pack it in luggage and it got squished… with normal toothpaste, the cap prevents the paste from squirting out…

  • MarkJX says:

    Just one comment on his thoughts about distribution cost: Toothpaste is shipped by weight, not volume.

    Meaning: You don’t pack a semi-trailer (or a lorry) full of toothpaste tubes and then send it on it’s way. It would be way too heavy. If you looked into a truck “full” of toothpaste, it would be less than half “full”.

    Don’t get me wrong: It’s a good idea and worth considering. It just won’t help with shipping costs.

  • Teto says:

    PERFECT!!really good job!!!

  • çanta says:

    it is very interesting, where i can get it?

  • rbuss says:

    I love the design, but it will never fly. The manufacturers want you to waste toothpaste. Having 5% left in the tube, means you need to buy 5% more toothpaste. But it is even worse than that. Rumor has it, that some punk earned a cool million selling the idea of increasing the size of the opening from 5 to 6 mm. This increases the flow rate by about 40% and increased sales by over 20%. Now most of the manufacturers have a larger opening to encourage wasting toothpaste. A nice flat opening allows one to easily use less toothpaste while still getting enough to effectively clean teeth. The savings from packaging efficiencies will never make up for the losses in product sales.

    Until things change, always spread a thin coating of toothpaste on your brush instead of squirting a “sausage” of toothpaste as the ads show. This will do the most to save your toothpaste, money and packaging.

  • Leah says:

    Even when it is shipped be weight not volume, if the weight to volume ratio is different, meaning, you can fit more weight into a smaller package, that still helps with shipping. Imagine this, you have standard toothpaste tubes in their boxes all stacked on pallets, if what is said above is true then we’ll say that we have 3 pallets to equal the same weight as 1 pallet of the new tetra pack toothpaste stacked on a pallet.

    Two scenarios below for this shipping dilema. You need to get by weight a certain amount of toothpaste to a destination, but you also need to get a certain amount of marshmellows to the same destination, let’s say 5 pallets to make this easy. For the toothpaste we’ll say that 3 pallets of regular plastic tubes inside their boxes weigh the same as 1 pallet of these new tetra packs of the same toothpaste.

    Scenario A…
    This means that with regular toothpaste if you put those 3 pallets on a truck, you can fit another 3 pallets of marshmellows on that same truck. However the truck then needs to make another trip for the remaining two pallets of marshmellows.

    Scenario B…
    However with this new tetra pack toothpaste packaging you can fit the same amount by weight of toothpaste on the same truck with only one pallet, therefore you can fit all 5 pallets of marshmellows on the truck as well in the remaining space.

    You can see how that truck now can fit more product while being shipped to it’s destination, therefore the overall shipping cost is less since that truck will use less fuel to transport the same amount of product since in scenario A the truck would need to take another trip to trasport another 2 pallets of marshmellows to it’s destination. Whereas in scenario B the truck is able to transport everything in one trip.

    Of course in this scenario I used marshmellows because they are light and it was an easy example. You could use anything light, like chips, light pillows, or even bread. I just used marshmellows as an example since they are light in relation to their volume.

    Thank you kindly,

  • Rena says:


  • Mark Jx says:


    Excellent point, of course.

    I used to work for a toothpaste manufacturer. The problem we had is that a truck leaving our factory could only handle (for example) ten pallets of product, by weight. So, even if we made (for example) toilet tissue at the same factory, we couldn’t fit any in because the truck was “full”.

    I see your point about a truck leaving a distributor for a final sales point.

    Don’t get me wrong: using less space is always a good thing!


  • Semen says:

    In produktion! Awesome.

  • Attila says:


  • salkis says:

    this is design is awesome. there is so much of plastic wasted in toothpaste containers nowadays, i remember when they used to b covered by metal.
    this tetra pack concept is nice, hope some manufacturer will make the jump.

  • Jelmer Jellema says:

    In what age do you live that you still have carton boxes around tooth paste tubes? They were removed years ago in Holland, where all major brands use tubes that stand upside down (also helping the tooth paste to get out of the tube better).

  • Its fairly good but looks like the opening for the paste to come out of could be unhygienic if its at the end of its life and resting on the sink. would be nice if it could stay on the side of the sink better. my toothpaste always keeps falling into the sink. nice and simple to understand tho.

  • Aries1470 says:


    Don’t know about Holland, but I think you are the exception.

    Here in Australia, nearly all toothpaste is sold with packaging. Same in Philippines when I visited two yeras ago in April 2009.

    Only a few are starting to sell without packaging and in a plastic toothpaste tube holder that held i think 12 pieces or something, but that too when it arrived from the manufacturer was still in a carton box, and opened in store before being put on the shelf.

  • onesolo says:

    Here in Portugal still most of the Toothpaste comes inside carton boxes… and this includes the Colgate, an international brand that is the biggest seller of Toothpaste in Portugal

  • Giulliano says:


  • Richard says:

    Canada ships by volume not weight so the advantages would be considerable here.

  • dentist says:

    that dude needs to get a new toothbrush yesterday, gross. and remember you don’t need a lot of toothpaste, just a dab.

  • Rob says:

    How do I buy them

  • Terry Kawaguchi says:

    Have contacted Japanese Toothpaste Company ?
    This is a great idea.
    If not, try it or I will help you.

  • svs says:

    hi ,
    its gud to hear that in holland long back cartons are removed.
    same project i am working in India , can u put more light on it.. like pics of the stand up tubes, environment impact . thanku 🙂

  • Bo says:

    A little problem with hygiene: a normal plastic cap protects the part that comes in contact with the toothbrush. Here anybody could have touched it in the supermarket.

  • vijay dave says:

    you are a invent a new toothpaste packaging from aseptic raw material i like is my six year old packaging idea
    aneway congrates.

  • vijay dave says:

    How many time to launch this product in practical market.

  • vijay says:

    amazing idea but you use in real world …

  • rozkazowisko says:

    Great idae. I’d like to try trick. Thanks

  • Zimasa says:

    wow i like it

  • Zimasa says:

    Can you please explain the Filling of save paste against plastic tube and the cost effectiveness of the material against normal paste

    thank you

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  • alia henderson says:

    how can I order this for packaging?

  • Dear Radhika

    I like your design, please contact me for further discussion about how we can work this out.

    Best Regards

    Sosuke Okamura

  • Randy Cole says:

    I am very interested in the Tooth paste packaging. I have been looking at regular tooth paste and cosmetic tube packaging for my line of products, but after seeing your design, I know this is the route to go. Please contact me so that we can discuss this further.

    Thanks in advance,
    Randy Cole

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