Survival of the Fittest Chair

A project commissioned by Creative Scotland, Nick Ross and Fraser Reid created a series of unique chairs each altered from a set of identical archetypes. Inspired from evolution and the implication of man’s hands. Analogous to domestic selection, these chairs take on new identities. Through this process, a never-ending variety of forms, colors, materials and functions evolve over time. Unlike the design process nature cannot start from a blank canvas but instead must work with what already exists to try and develop improved variants. Everything is a work in progress.

Untitled #1 –Coated in grey rubber
Untitled #2 –Dyed with layer upon layer of dark blue dye to create an almost black finish
Untitled #3 – Sanded and coated lightly in Carnauba wax
Untitled #4 – Upholstered in Bute fabric
Untitled #5 – Carved and dyed white

Designers: Nick Ross and Fraser Reid


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