It’s Zip Up Time

The Zipper Bracelet Watch is just that, of course there is no watch face; otherwise why would it be here on YD! This concept is a wide leather bracelet where the zips actually display the current time when you hit the central buttons on the wrist. Each zip displays a digit, which you are supposed to combine together to read the time. Sounds confusing right now, but hit the jump to see what I mean. Definitely easier than a Tokyo Flash!

Designer: Andy Kurovets


Zipper Bracelet Watch by Andy Kurovets


  • kkp says:

    totally dumb and ugly

  • Robert says:

    interesting….but it must be quite hard to read….

  • Felix says:

    The zips will have to be rigid to maintain the electrical connection, and will then catch on something and be broken.

    And it looks crap. What’s the connection between zips, grey leather, the buttons and the typeface?

  • uk man says:

    um… interesting…but not design not product. just stuff for funny. i think that worked elementary student

  • wolf says:

    I think it’s great.Did you ever try to make this true?

  • sizequeen says:

    i think it’s cool, i’d rock it

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