Yanko Claus: Win a Malcolm Fontier Diplomat Bag!

UPDATE: Congrats Martin!

To start off this happy Tuesday our friends at Malcolm Fontier want to gift one lucky reader with a 13″ Diplomat Bag. YAY! I raved about Malcolm Fontier before so I asked them to share the love with you guys. All the bag deets after the jump but to enter, just leave a comment about your favorite color and why. We’re gifting something away almost everyday so check back!

Sponsor: Malcolm Fontier

This compact carryall will keep you organized and light on your feet. It perfectly holds life’s essentials and any extras you may discover on your adventures. You cannot get more great features in a bag this size- period.

  • Fits a laptop up to 13.3″
  • Soft, and durable PU coated canvas
  • Natural linen lining
  • Neoprene electronics pockets
  • Built-in wallet/cardholder
  • Passport Pocket
  • Padded laptop protection
  • Eazy magnetic flap closure
  • Quick access magazine and boarding pass pockets
  • Great unisex size

Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 3.25”
Materials: PU coated Canvas, PU accents (details)


About Malcolm Fontier

Attention free-spirited jet-setters and go-getters- your accessories have arrived. When you take a creative approach to work, travel and life- your accessories should do the same.

We also believe that adventure and style go hand-in-hand. So, whether you’re tackling an unknown corner of your neighborhood, a career-defining project or a last-minute trip to Buenos Aires- our carryalls make the perfect companion.


  • Bernd says:

    Black, it might not be a color but it’s def. the best for a bag like this one. It’s gona match any outfit so you can carry it 24/7 🙂

  • martin says:

    Low-saturation blue! H:212 S:100 B:whatever. I just always come back to it, don’t know why.

  • jpb says:

    Dark chocolate brown, perfect for a bag that’ll age well, tone nicely with sober clothes and evoke fond memories of my long lost satchel.

  • Dæmonia says:

    Black. It’s always classy, and it’s goes with everything.

  • Or. A. says:

    It has to be red.I always loved red since I was a child.No particular reasons,or at least I don’t understand them.

  • Chris says:

    Dark gray – looks great on a t shirt or a pin stripped suit, and it always looks classy. Love the bag in black though!

  • Nisan says:

    my favorite colour is green because of the naturel emotion that it carries.For a bag, i prefer mostly
    grey.It is suitable for everything i wear:)

  • Veve says:

    Either yellow because it’s so obnoxiously happy, or a luscious, earthly green because it’s just that.

  • Gesiggie says:

    It’s a young, funky and vibey colour.
    It’s a creative colour.
    My car is orange.
    My wedding was orange
    My parents’ wedding was orange.

    And my silver mac would look super sexy in a little orange sleeve!!

  • julia says:

    My favourite colour is constantly changing. Right now it is bright purple because it is so cheery and fun and bold.

  • Paul says:

    My Favorite color is bluegreen not because i couldn’t decide between the two either, but because it has all the calmness of blue and the richness of green.

  • Lena says:

    I love the color red. It symbolizes passion, love and hate at the same time. Powerful color. And it also stands out from the crowd.

  • Nina says:

    While I wear black like it was the only color on the planet, my favorite color is BLUE in all its variations: cold, crystal ice blue, soothing deep sea blue, dusky, midnight blue. Looking into a pair of beautiful blue eyes makes me come undone.

  • Josh says:

    All the colors have their place, though I’ve been gravitating towards a washed out brown, almost a tan. This is probably because of my move out here to Arizona and looking around it just seems right. It’s also quite soothing.

  • JD says:

    earth blue.
    so good.

  • Beatriz says:

    I don’t have a favourite colour but I usually prefer all the different shades of gray.

  • Blue because I like jeans.

  • Elizabeth Flynn says:

    My favorite color is blue. Blue to me is the color peace and calm and does not have the note of sadness that most people associate with it.

    I love blue because it’s shades vary from a deep cool sapphire to a bright and tropical azure. Also, all the members of my family, myself included have blue eyes.

  • Igor Pismensky says:

    My favorite color is black and always has been. At one time I fought the color. I thought it was to severe for my small living space and that white would expand the rooms but now have totally embraced the color. When I taught college classes, I would only see students once a week for three hours but even they observed that black was the only color I wore. Could the reason I love black is that like the color that absorbs the full spectrum I too absorb all that is around me.

  • Eric says:

    the red is warmth

  • Emily says:

    For me the actual colour is not important, it is the richness of the shade that matters. I love rich, deep colours, anything from a deep blue, rich red, bright orange or yellow. I just love all colours.

  • Kevin says:

    fave color is black. classy and timeless

  • Peter Haynes says:

    Black! Particularly bag-shaped black. 🙂

  • mimi watstein says:

    tuscan yellow. because it embraces me with the warmth and quality of the sun at 4 o’clock.

  • clay h says:

    Green… lame but it just makes me think of the outdoors

  • Edera says:

    if I had to pick one, my favorite color is a deep forest green, although I do prefer some things in other colors. I generally prefer deep, rich tones like cobalt blue, ruby red, etc.

    • Edera says:

      I forgot to post why I like these colors. I love the rich colors, because of how they draw me in … like they are wrapping me in their embrace.

  • harry says:

    black my fav color no reason its just amazing

  • Derek says:

    Periwinkle! What more must be said?

  • Jason says:

    I’m gonna have to go with white. It is the most under rated next to black. Without white – nothing else would POP quite as well.

  • kostas thiakos says:

    fav colour green as is the colour of wisdom. Bag is great

  • ping says:


    NYC winter has basically two colors in crowd: black and white, it would be great to stand apart in a crowd. Adds a sparkle to the dull winter.

  • Daniel Phillips says:

    I see from comments that black may be the fav here. This seems like a easy answer, but ask a physicist and they won’t ever tell you black. Cuz it’s not a color in the way that they would think about, it can’t be expressed in a wavelength, only the lack of color. That said physicists are so full of themselves. Black is my favorite color also.

  • James says:

    Orange, because it goes well with my second favorite color green.

  • Bellamy Budiman says:

    My favorite would be black. Classic, sharp looking, and it goes with anything.

  • april says:

    I love the Island Blue, but I would probably get it really dirty quickly, so I’ll go with the Brown. Thanks for all of the great giveaways!

  • Jonathan Leonard says:

    This is a very simple/elegant design, very nice. Favorite product color is black as it reverts attention to details and has a tendency to hide dirt.

  • My favourite colour is brown – simply because it is the primal colour of that most prodigious of substances POO!

  • McVORAGINE says:

    It’s not my favourite colour, properly, but I have lots of things in yellow.

  • Alex says:

    Dark Grey, it’s classic, sophisticated, and clean.

  • Ed says:

    This bag is dream come true. I could say good bye to expending 1/2 hr every time I need to get my wallet out of my messy bag. Black goes great with this design, my favorite color!

  • candy says:

    Black, cuz I’m goth.

  • Eric Tsai says:

    my favorite colour of the moment is grey, i like how there can be different shades of grey that all are very neutral but can still be warm or cold. Its just a very versatile colour.

  • Albz says:

    I do think it’s white. It just gives peace in this turbulents days, as simple as that.

  • rnickell says:

    My favorite color is Orange. I really like orange because it reminds me of a warm sunrise or sunset either way those 2 times of the day are when journeys begin.

  • ZB says:

    Personally, I have yet to discover my favorite color. Perhaps, a combination of colors which gives really attracts? Maybe red.. pink.. couple with some white lines… YADAYADA… Some really attention grabbing colors would be good! You should not left out the color of the underside of the bag as well! Its as important as the external color. Perhaps a really contradictory color to the external one? This would offer two different designs of the bag. One with the ‘flaps’ covering the contents in the bag and the other one being exposed to others!

  • quentin says:

    Great bag!
    I would go for a black one, I think it would perfectly fit with the new adidas Star wars collection… Next Yanko claus? 😉 VIP bag, and retro-inspired shoes, I should maybe look for another accessory to go with…

  • sarah fisher says:

    Fantastic Bag! I would love a bright coloured pink or orange bag….so it is easy to spot. I am not concerned with matching my clothes, shoes, etc. I love pretty brightly coloured things as they can either enhance or clash (in a good way) and bring energy to my day.

  • tudza says:

    Nice looking bag.

    My favorite color is optic orange. Very useful in many applications.

    Not sure if it is a complete match, but my coffee cup is a pretty bright orange and says it is Pantone 021 C.

  • k... says:

    Gotta be black. Black is the new black.

  • T says:

    Black- sleek, sharp, accentuates other colors!

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