Yanko Claus: Win An Altec Lansing MIX Boombox!

UPDATE: Congrats Ian!

You’ve got the tunes but lack a serious stereo system. We’ve got you covered thanks to our friends at Altec Lansing. We’re gifting a MIX Boombox for the iPhone and iPod. Just tell me what’s currently in your playlist – top 5 artists/singers. You have until 11:59 PM PST tonight. Remember, we’re gifting something almost everyday this month so check back!

Sponsor: Altec Lansing


Enviable style and epic sound, the Mix for iPhone and iPod brings the house down. Pumping your anthems from specially engineered tweeters and mid-range drivers, this sound system delivers towering volume and perfect clarity from the heart of every party. The XdB bass-enhanced 5.25” side-firing subwoofer packs a heavy punch, pumping thunderous bass to shake the foundations. Let your friends jump in by connecting up to three different sound sources. Join the crowd and still control the playlist with the clip-on remote that can be hooked onto your jeans.

Audio Alignment™
Drivers, enclosure and electronics are balanced for optimum sound.

Crystal-clear high end
Specially engineered horn-loaded polypropylene tweeters designed for smooth, wide dispersion.

Full mid-range
Two custom-designed drivers push room-filling mids and mid bass.

Fierce bass
XdB bass-enhanced side-firing subwoofer and tuned passive radiator deliver formidable bass.

Digital FM radio
Tune in to clean reception with telescopic antenna and 4 station presets.

Dual AUX IN jacks
Let your friends jump in and connect up to two additional audio players.

Clip-on remote
Change the sources; control the speakers, playlist and song navigation all from the remote.

Music Pause
Automatically pauses music when a call is received on the iPhone.

Interference Free
Unique design is immune to mobile phone interference, eliminating the need to switch to airplane mode.

AC or battery-powered
Plug in or lose the wires with up to 30 hours of play with 8 D batteries.

High-contrast LCD
Always know your beat. Track, artist, album and station display.

7-band graphic equalizer
Multiple EQ modes let you select your sound.

Onboard controls
Control most functions from the unit.

Grab handles
Moves with the party.

Universal dock for iPhone and iPod
Recharges while it plays your tunes.


  • chaosbringer says:

    Here’s what’s on my iPhone on the top 5:
    Pearl Jam – Untoiught Known
    Jeff Buckley – Jewel Box
    The Edtors – Papillon
    Green Day – 21 Guns
    Nirvana – In Bloom

  • Alan Perkins says:

    1)Basic Space – XX (Pariah Mix) – Great new british band…

    2) Four Tet – Baby’s Way Cruel – Electronica mashup for Score Records…

    3)Animal Collective – What Would I Want? Sky – Almost readio friendly what more could you want…

    4)DJ Rupture – Layin in Bed – Classic Bass wobble and more…

    5) Richard Hawley – Hungup in your Soul – yowser a great crooner takes on the world…

    It has gotta be the best picks by far,

    DJ Dr Tech

  • michel.d says:

    Board of Canada
    Basement Jaxx
    Lady Sovereign

  • Beth Gibbons – Out Of Season
    Karen O & The Kids – Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack
    Mika – The Boy Who Knew Too Much
    Julian Casablancas – Phrazes For The Young
    Friska Viljor – Bravo!

  • Anita says:

    1. MeatLoaf
    2. Creedence
    3. Aerosmith
    4. Katy Perry
    5. Hinder

    Good mixture there. 🙂

  • Charlie says:

    Barenaked Ladies
    Michael Buble

  • Amanda says:

    Joanna Newsom
    The Beatles
    Owl City
    Pedro the Lion
    The Books

  • Most Listened to Songs:
    1 (Dean Deacon) Wham City
    2 (London Bride) Fergie
    3 (The Ting Tings) Thats Not My Name
    4 (The Beatles) Lady Modonna
    5 (Daft Punk) Robot Rock

    Most Listened to Artists:
    1 Beirut
    2 Bjork
    3 Goldfrapp
    4 Shpongle
    5 M.I.A.

  • Eric says:

    Danny Elfman
    Sagisu Shirou
    The Dandy Warhols

  • Dirk Ewerhart says:

    Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness
    IYAZ – replay
    Matt & Kim – Daylight
    Hugh Wilson – Falling away
    Ohrbooten – Autobahn

    These are the top 5 of my iPod 😉
    (even if there are many other good songs…)

  • dr.Lojz says:

    Queen/Freddie Mercury, The Dubliners, The Strojmachine, BitchBoys, Dire Straits….. that’s all folks

  • Casey Ferg says:

    The Twang
    Animal Collective
    Mark Farina

  • Scudwerth says:

    With final studio deadlines looming, lots of tunes on the go. So far, these are the frontrunners.

    The Twist – Frightened Rabbit

    Heavens to Purgatory – The Most Serene Republic
    And a cool video to boot.

    February – The Appleseed Cast

    State of Love and Trust – The Gaslight Anthem [Pearl Jam cover]

    River Take Me – Darrell Scott

    Cheers all, Happy Holidays

  • Andrew says:

    Thievery Corporation
    Peter Gabriel
    Ze Frank/Ray/Goose -Whipass
    Jay Farrar

  • Bernard Wang says:

    Jack Johnson- People Watching
    Hockey- Too Fake
    Arctic Monkeys- Mardy Bum
    Alkaline Trio- I Found A Way
    OneRepublic- Everybody Loves Me

  • RaaySerrano says:

    Hi everyone, my top 5:

    Juan Son
    Hello Seahorse!

    enjoy! 🙂

  • beni says:

    1. Beni – Kiss Kiss Kiss
    2. Samantha James – Rain
    3. E Nomine – Der Blaubeermund
    4. Lost Valentinos – Theif (Shinchi Osawa Remix)
    5. Tony Bennett – Fly Me to the Moon

  • James says:

    1. Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
    2. Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
    3. Sleigh Bells – 2HELLWU-CDR
    4. Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind
    5. Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song

  • liam says:

    Frank Sinatra- This Town (Mint Royale Remix Edit)
    K’naan- ABC’s
    My Federation- What Gods Are These
    Down With Webster- Time to Win
    Peter Fox- Alles Neu

  • David says:

    Major Tom
    The Clue
    Stevie Wonder

  • someman says:


  • Avinash says:

    Iron and Wine
    Bob Marley

  • Sara says:

    Anberlin – Feel Good Drag
    Jimmy Eat World – Big Casino
    30 Seconds to Mars – From Yesterday
    Bullet for my Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall
    Ani DiFranco – Gray

  • iNash says:

    iron n wine
    bob marley

  • Que B says:

    Mark Maguire – “Modern Art is Rubbish”
    Dizzy Hollow – “Supercreep”
    The Swimmers – “Shelter”
    Old Canes – “Little Bird Courage”
    Neon Indian – “Permanently Chill”

  • Que B says:

    I’m an indie music lovin gal! Sure you can tell by my choices ^_^

  • Griffin says:

    1) owl city
    2)Norah Jones
    3)John Mayer

  • Trevor says:

    1) Flashing Lights – Kanye West
    2) Number 1 – Pharrell
    3) STronger – Kanye West
    4) Hot f. Missy Elliot – Ratatat
    5) American Boy – Estelle Ft. Kanye West

  • ZinoDavidoff says:

    JS Bach: Cello Suites

    Etta James: At Last

    Vega4: Life Is Beautiful

    The Ting Tings: Great DJ

    Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Chile Blues

  • clay h says:

    In no particular order…
    Low Red Land
    Swan Lake

  • Juan Cristobal Lara says:

    A bit of all

    – Vibrasphere
    – Stafrænn Hákon
    – Dream Theater
    – The Killers
    – The Arcade Fire

  • John says:

    Michael Card
    Travis Cottrell
    Nicole C Mullen
    Zora Lea
    Mary Mary

  • Melinda.G says:

    Sufjan Stevens
    Modest Mouse
    The Beautiful Girls

  • Wesley says:

    Cat Stevens
    Neil Diamond
    Arcade Fire
    Great Lake Swimmers

  • patty cakes says:

    If I’m:

    normal sketching:
    Illuminoids – Illumination Radio #61
    Spank Rock – YoYoYoYoYoYo
    The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Let’s Face it

    mech-warrior sketching:
    Daft Punk – Alive 2007
    Dieselboy – Project Human

  • tyler76 says:

    I love seeing what music other people like, I sometimes find some great bands I would never have found otherwise. These are a few I would recommend.

    Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook
    The National – Fake Empire
    Phoenix – Lisztomania
    Bell Orchestre – The Upwards March
    Fleet Foxes – Blue Ridge Mountains

  • rodger says:

    Teardrop – Massive Attack
    No Ordinary Morning – Chicane
    Spooky – Dusty Springfield
    It’s Over – Steven Mcveigh
    The Day I Died – Just Jack

  • Vogie says:

    Owl City
    Capital lights
    Black Eyed Peas

  • Xuis says:

    This would be perfect to lug around instead of my not only wire-infested but poor quality stationary Bass.

    Top Five Play Count at the moment:

    Best of Bootie 2005 [Album]
    It Takes Two To Kiss (Rob Base vs. Prince)

    Basshunter [Artist]
    In Her Eyes

    ACDC [Artist]
    Back in Black

    Hardcore Euphoria [Album]
    Run From Me

    Corner Stone Cues
    Requiem For A Tower Mvt. IV

  • I switch between my rock and thecno list almost evry week so the music alway sound like the first time in my ear = Perfect.

    Currently im in my rock/metal period

    ToP 5
    1. Dream Theater
    2. Santana
    3. Korn
    4. SevenDust
    5. Disturbed

    Techno period

    ToP 5
    1. Armin Van Buuren
    2. Headhunterz
    3. MoonBeam
    4. Tiesto
    5. Benny Benassi

  • ALPENGIRL says:

    my playlist :
    ♥ ♪ ♫

    1. Melody Gardot
    2. Jason Mraz
    3. Paolo Nutini
    4. Dean Martin
    5. Pink Martini

  • karlbright says:

    1. She & Him
    2. The Beatles
    3. Mumford and Sons
    4. John Mayer
    5. Passion Pit

    Great artist! I guess thats why theyre in the top 5? 😛

  • Tim says:

    The last few days has been:

    Ratatat – Schiller
    Metric – Dead Disco
    Mos Def – Supermagic
    Daft Punk – One More Time/ Aerodynamic (Live)
    Arctic Monkeys – My Propeller

  • Sean Spector says:


    The Flaming Lips – Wayne Coyne
    Miracle Fortress – Graham Van Pelt
    Neutral Milk Hotel – Jeff Mangum
    Sufjan Stevens – himself
    The Postal Service – Ben Gibbard

  • Steve Burnett says:

    Mines quite random:

    Santogold – l.e.s. artistes
    Moody Blues – nights in white satin
    Death Cab for Cutie – soul meets body
    Fat boy slim – right here right now
    sinead oconor – nothing compares 2 u

    Otherwise i just let pandora take me away.

  • Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak
    Seo Taiji – ATOMOS Part MOAI
    FrankMusik – Complete Me
    Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You (Special Edition)
    Michael Jackson – This Is It

  • David Fuller says:

    The Decemberists – 16 Military Wives
    Beta Rays – I Like Dancing!
    Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick
    The Elms – I Am The World
    Hello Citizens – The Brave Worms of the Future

  • Nidhin says:

    Top 5:

    Robin Thicke
    Lil’ Wayne
    Lenny Kravitz

  • kathryn says:

    top 5: White Rabbit; Magic Carpet Ride; Night Time is the Right Time; Lean on Me; Shadow of the Day

  • Stephen says:

    Benny Benassi

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