Yanko Claus: Win Tsunami Glassworks Cell Bowls!

UPDATE: Congrats Nick!

Win one-of-a-kind mouth blown glass pieces from our friends at Tsunami Glassworks. The artful duo Eva Milinkovic and Kriston Gene’s Cell Bowls offer dramatic splashes of color artfully wrapped in sensual, organic shapes.  The glass is stunning with larger pieces valued at over $400. Remember, we’re gifting something away almost everyday this month so check back!

Sponsor: Tsunami Glassworks




  • žockyus says:

    perfect for gummy bonbons

  • Kristof says:


    I’m renovating an old house and trying to get it as fancy modern minimalistic as possible. Still a lot of things to do. I painted the entire ground floor white and got a white kitchen. But my mom can’t get over it. She says that I need something colourfull to make it feel homy. This bowl is fantastic and coulfull and it would feel right at home at my place. And my mam would hate it and I would love it.

  • žockyus says:

    perfect for gummy bonbons

  • Jeff says:

    I’d put some candles in them, or maybe some scented oils…

  • Denis Ogun says:

    I’d place them in my living room to brighten up my day everytime I looked at them.

  • Mina says:

    I would give them to my girlfriend as a christmas present instead of breasts implants.

  • hehe says:

    great!i just got a dog and i needed a bowl! or i’ll put them in the sunlight and stare at them…

  • Jarlath says:

    I have a single pebble from a beach in New Zealand that reminds of one of the happiest times of my life. I’d put it in the centre of one of those exquisite bowls.

  • I would put them on a teak table…who needs to fill them with something when they look that beautiful?

  • Alicia says:

    Put them on a pedestal and worship them!

  • Lynne says:

    They would make a unique addition to our glass collection.

  • Nidhin says:

    Tsunami does some amazing glasswork… their “tubes” are brilliant.

    If I was given one i would place it in a part of the room where there is a good amount of light. Since these are colorful glass work… they will bring color to the room.

  • JL grillo says:

    They would be perfect for home staging. I need to prep my condo for the market and these would be a beautiful addition to the decor.

  • greg says:

    I’d use them as bait to attract pandas and sexy men….i hear that colorful pretty objects attract panda bears and sexy men. i want an apartment filled with both!

  • Kevin says:

    I would invite all my friends over for a social Tsunami glass bowl gawking. Seriously, I’d do that. And then I might look to buy some matching Tsunami bowls to complement it.

  • v says:

    Put it some where it can be admired!

  • Xavier says:

    These would look amazing with some of the other glass works i have collected over the years. Ive always been a fan of this artform and have wanted to learn it myself, but at the moment the best i can do is collect some of the pieces ive seen blown in person (from vases i collected in Murano to my prize piece blown by Dale Chihuly. These bowls have that perfect simplicity and stunning color that make the art of glass blowing so amazing!

  • Jim VanErmen says:

    Using my vast knowledge of “feng shui” (some number divisible by zero) probably place them strategically by my comic book collection and away from my dog.

  • al says:

    Right in the middle of the Christmas dinner table, and on my desk the rest of the time being admired!

  • Edera says:

    I would give it to my Mom, as it fits with some of the decor of her home better than mine. Also, with a toddler about, it’s not wise for us to have much glasswork on display (and this really screams to be displayed)

  • i know i shouldn’t want to desecrate these bowls, but my inner designer just scream “would these be sexy sconces.

    so in the all inevitable breakdown, i would so light these babies up and hang them from my wall…


  • Justin says:

    I’d use them as the centerpiece for the dinning room table during my sexy parties.

  • Anita says:

    I would place these on the shelves in the dining room along with my other cherished glasswares or in my display case. Guess I would have to try a few locations until I found the perfect spot for them to shine.

  • mif991 says:

    They would look great at the entry way to my home and complement my glass and ceramic collection.

  • EricT says:

    i would give them to my grandmother at the hospital, because she loves these glass things, it would help her feel better.

  • Vlatka says:

    Greetings Earthlings! This bowl is perfect chill out chair for my small alien friends in Reticulum constellation! Please, I can’t wait for another 39 light years to come back, be so generous, because it looks sooooo cosy :D!!!

  • xate says:

    i would almost feel bad having something so beautiful in my otherwise simply practicle shared flat.. i would have to make a very special place for them, where i can see them from every side.

  • brock says:

    make beautiful dog bowls for zephyr…..

  • mike says:

    H2O + flowers

  • Mon Mon says:

    Well, if i could win this bowl, I’ll give it to my Mother. She’s saved every penny that she could earn to raise me. She used to work 12h per day to saving enough money for me to go to school. she never buy anything for herself, even a hair-pin.Now she couldn’t work and stay at home. I’m in 3rd years in Industrial Design at the university. I work after school to pay my University’s fee.

    Xmas is coming closer. I think if I could have this beautiful bowl, it’ll be the best Xmas gift to my Mom, remind me about her everytime I look at it.
    Sorry for my bad English :”>
    Happy Holidays everyone !

  • Ernesto Olguin says:

    I would use them for when I make fancy ice cream for my wife. The ice cream would taste so delicious!

  • saud says:

    I would gift them to my mom cause she really likes pottery a lot!

  • Wow, these are stunning. Just the picture makes me want to pick up a bowl and just hold it. They deserve to be centerpieces or placed somewhere where people can pick them up and experience them physically.

  • lechuza says:

    I`ll put the bowls next to my door… full of marbles. every time i would need some lucky i`ll take one marble in my pocket…
    my own wish-fountain.

  • as an art piece on my desk. Glass always has a very cool effect

  • TJ says:

    I have a particular family member, whom I can’t name since they use this site, who has a great and eclectic style. This would make the PERFECT christmas gift for them. This is the hardest person to shop for, for me personally, so this would be soo much help!

  • beni says:

    If Had a bowl like this, i would have more breakfast parties

  • Beatriz says:

    I would use them for candles..They look like they would do wonders to the soft light of them

  • Jason says:

    I’m a college student and a couple friends and I are trying to put together an exhibit dealing with gratifying objects. These truly gratifying bowls would help inspire us as we create our pieces, as well as hold some sustenance while we toil through late night studio sessions.

  • John says:

    I’d want to put them somewhere where the sun would strike them.

  • kkirkpat says:

    I would use them to decorate my office.

  • JR says:

    I would put the bowls next to the cremains of my baby and use them for candles when I celebrate her anniversary.

  • Larry N. says:

    Perfect for a beautiful Christmas present!

  • MSimone says:

    Would be lovely for storing bits and pieces I pick up when I am out – dried leaves, rocks, and other random objects.

  • Thomas Chen says:

    I would give it to my materials science teacher as thanks for introducing to me the beautiful art of glass

  • Nick says:

    I just moved into a new apartment and my bedroom walls are bare white. I would take the blue ones and mount them on thin wire stands so they look as if they are free floating out of the walls on a diagonal line like a little staircase. then I would fill the bowls with beach sand and a small candle in each, or soak the sand in oil and light them up.

  • Joseph says:

    I am going to be moving to a new house soon so this would be a great addition to making my living room modern.

  • Erik says:

    Skeet practice.
    film the pulverization and post to the internets.

  • karl says:

    i would bless my apartment with its first sensual curves to complement the existing straight lines.

  • Felix says:

    That would look great in my living room wih some sand and candles in it.

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