Tweet to Win The $1,800 HP Envy 15 Notebook

Winner: Simon Downey! We wish you well.

Twitter-tweet-retweet! Words that can get you the world’s thinnest, lightest quad-core notebook PC FREE!

Step 1: Follow Yanko Design on Twitter and Tweet: Just entered to win a HP Envy 15. Just follow @yankodesign and retweet
Step 2:
Come back to YD and tell us how the The $1,800 HP Envy 15 Notebook will make a difference in your life.

This HP Envy 15 Notebook Can Be Yours….

  • It’s got immense power and offers maximum speed and mobility with the upcoming Intel® Core™ i7 Processor and up to 16GB of DDR3 1066 MHz system memory with four SODIMM memory slots.
  • The versatile storage options include the ability to add two solid-state drives in a RAID-0 configuration to improve the overall speed of the ENVY 15 while providing ultimate disk performance.
  • A choice of two 15.6” HP Brightview high-resolution LED backlit displays, including the Full High Definition LED HP Ultra BrightView Widescreen Display with up to 300 nit, provides the best display experience for a notebook in this class.
  • The ENVY 15 has an optional Slim Fit Extended-Life Notebook Battery, giving users up to seven hours of battery life.

Follow Yanko Design on Twitter and tweet this post on your Twitter and you could be the one taking home this HP Envy 15 Notebook!

Contest Ends: November 23, 12:00am PST


  • Swingerman says:

    This Notebook is beautiful.

    I’am looking for the replacement of my current notebook, which is already outdated and slow, and this HP could be an excellent replacement.

    The sleek design, performance, and battery life are all important for me, so i wish i can win.

  • matthewkp says:

    The most beautiful notebook I ‘ve ever seen. That would be useful for job and traveling

    • Simon Downey says:

      Crap, that wasn’t supposed to go there.

      Sorry Admins.

    • Simon Downey says:

      God please don’t think I’m trying to spam.

      I made a Space Ghost countdown timer for the contest. Apparently all script is blocked in the comments except what showed up.

      It was an accident, and I hope the admins delete it.

      I hope this doesn’t disqualify me.

      (bites nails nervously)

  • Pranav says:

    this will surely change my life by giving me the freedom to run almost any design suite and thus giving me a chance to unleash my creativity to the maximum.

  • Ole says:

    This computer would help me saving some much time on renderings for clients … and actually maybe finish on time 🙂

  • Bhairab Changkakoty says:

    opps…. i forgot my twitter url… here it is


  • twitter ulr:

    here my RT:

    how the HP Envy 15 will make a difference in your life: my actual laptop is dead and I need a new one to work as, for a Software Architect, is not so easy to follow/accomplish my customers without a powerful notebook; the flexibility of HP Envy 15 will surely change the quality of my job, greately helping me to pay the bills and, at the same time, reducing my work hours too; wasting less time for job will give me more time to spend around my family which lead to more happiness.

  • VickieB says:


    This laptop would have the power to do whatever I want, the size and battery life would make it extremely useful.

  • Rhameo says:

    tweet url:

    I see having the HP Envy 15 as opportunity that would completely change my livelihood. I am a student at Baylor University, and I am double majoring in Finance and Management Information Systems(MIS). Apart from school, I also work as a Web Media Developer, where I code in various scripts, graphic design, and consult clients to determine their needs. This computer will allow me to create functional applications for end users through coding, as well as graphically design the physical front end to help others with their needs. Not only will this help me with school, and work but staying connected with my family and friends in Thailand as well on my travels.

  • Vu says:

    Personal hardships should not factor into the chances of winning. We all face challenges, we are where we are due to the choices that we make, taking responsibility and dealing with the choices that we make is natural and is unavoidable.

    An eighteen hundred dollar laptop is a great prize and will undoubtedly make our lives easier in this digital age. I am sure that any of us can genuinely appreciate it, but I am also sure that not all of us will use it to its full potential.

    This is not an ordinary web surfing, email reading, youtubing laptop, it’s a dense, versatile powerhouse capable of performing computations on par with today’s most powerful desktop workstations, handling high end professional work with ease.

    Putting this powerful tool in to the hands of someone that does not use it to its full potential is a tragedy, a great disservice to the countless man-hours, and stake holders responsible for its existence.

    I intend to break new ground and introduce great ideas to the world. I have done quite well and have gone so far just by utilizing the university’s computers. I will graduate this May with a BS in Industrial Design and a BA in Design Management, so it’s about time this opportunity came to me. Winning this will free up a major bottle-neck in my daily operations and allow me to gain an unprecedented level of productivity and flexibility.

    I look forward to seeing the result.

    [email protected]

  • dave says:


  • Howard Yee says:

    I go to an engineering college so a lot of the software we use is very process intensive (matlab, solidworks, autocad, protools, to name a few). Currently I use an HP TC1100 (which is more than 5 years old!). It runs a measely 1.2ghz centrino mobile processor. The screen is only 10″. When that’s your main computer, it’s really hard to do with with. This beauty will screen space and processing power to do my projects efficiently (instead of having to wait around minutes for rendering or computation)

  • James352 says:

    The HP Envy 15 notebook is an awesome computer! After my eight and a half months of unemployment, I start my new job tomorrow and this computer will be the key tool to my future!

  • Missy says:

    I am going back to school for my MA degree and this would make it easier to do work on the go and also provide entertainment.

  • Pote says:

    how the The HP Envy 15 Notebook will make a difference in my life?

    it will take a weight off my back.

  • Lubica says:

    I have only very old and heavy Toshiba SatellitePro 4300 series notebook. Its battery doesnt work anymore. so i can use it only at home. to own new notebook would be just great!

  • amy says:

    Following on twitter (hillfam2005). Tweet:

    This would be great to have when I have to bring work home from the office. I can be in the same room as my family while finishing work to meet my deadlines. I am also going back to school, so this would also be great to have for my classes.

  • david says:

    you will get a lot of comments in here. this wonderful notebook could rescue me from my MBP which is broken all the time. i wanna get my work done on a beautiful working computer. this one could help me … or my wife 🙂

  • Eric says:

    I am an industrial design student at Philadelphia Univeristy and would finally be able to run Solidworks and Photoview 360 to make gorgeous renderings!

    Not to mention I would have something much more portable than my hefty desktop. Woohoo!

  • Sally says:

    I’m an aspiring graphic designer attending FIT who prefers a pc over a mac. Since a lot of the graphic software are process heavy, this would help me get the job done.

  • Enrique G. says:

    This computer would really change how I would spend my time online. Currently i’m a full time student, and I do not own a laptop so I have to rely on the school’s computer lab to do all my on-campus coursework, and the desktop i have at home is a POS. Dates back to 2001–and even then it’s probably been on bestbuy’s shelves for who-knows-how long. Lol

    I’m sure with this computer it’d change how I would play games (WoW, DotA, COD:MW2, etc.) too.

  • Henry Gip says:

    I’m a pre-med student and I could really use this laptop for school, and just basic freedom from the sit-at-home desktop. Winning this laptop would be awesome since it means I would spend $1800 less on tuition and school. In the past I’ve also done graphics design and webdesign to help pay for some books and tuition and with this laptop by my side, I wouldn’t have to suffer sever lagging and the occasional computer-freezing.

  • jcnickt says:

    Dude. The HP Envy would give me an extreme performance boost to allow me build up my graphic design portfolio. Maybe once i get the computer i can submit my designs to yd one day. ;]

  • Eric Rivera says:

    As an Architectural Engineering student, I am constantly working on design projects, programs, and the like. I also hold a leadership position with one of the organizations I am involved with, and it requires me to plan agendas for the upcoming weeks meetings and events.
    This laptop would help me stay on top of my schedule and events. The quality of the graphics card and memory would be vital for my programs, such as Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD. Its speed would also benefit me when working on multiple projects.

  • Enrique Gutierrez says:

    I’m a full-time student and winning this laptop would mean the world to me. I’m currently majoring in business/international business and having something mobile (portable) and practical like this is a life saver (and back saver). Currently I rely on the computers on campus to do my coursework, but at home I have a super old computer –that probably dates back to 2001… and its has a PRE 1ghz processor. 🙁 But it gets the job done, I’d just like something faster and more reliable. Great giveaway–very generous of you.

  • Mohan Vasantharasan says:

    Well after reading a few of these comments some are tuching and some are funny and some are well some so i dont want but since i’ve already staeted why not type all the way…

    i’m backing Simon Downey

  • raphael says:

    Just because the $1,800 HP Envy 15 Notebook change lives

  • betul says:

    As a designer I need a few computer to complete my works at the same time.While rendering project at my computer I can draw at other…

  • Scott says:

    This computer would help me in my life by replacing my current lappy that is plug dependent due to a dead battery and missing the “E” and “Enter” buttons.

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  • NeboBeads says:

    As much as I would love this amazing machine for myself, it’s my daughter whose life it would change. She really needs a laptop. She will soon be heading off to University to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a Veterinarian.

    She has wanted one for such a long time, but we haven’t had the finances to purchase one for her. She hasn’t been able to work at a (paying) job so she could help to purchase one for herself, because she is working an (unpaid) Internship at a Veterinary clinic thru a special program at her school. It is giving her fantastic, real-life experience in her chosen field, as well as college credits – but it leaves her little time for much else, since she has her regular schoolwork to keep up with as well.

    It would be such an immense help to her with her studies! Thank you for the opportunity to win this for her.

    I’ve tweeted about this here:

  • Mohamad Abbara says:

    Well it has Core i7 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    I’m a freelancer who uses the internet to seek out jobs. My laptop is getting weird on me and I’m forced to use the desktop more and more. This wouldn’t be a problem except I spend a lot of time on the road and it’s becoming more and more difficult to get work without having a reliable laptop at hand. I’d love a shot at this. I’ve tweeted (, thanks for the chance!

  • adrian says:

    I am traveling oversea for work, and it’d be great to have a laptop that has extended battery life to make the 10 plus hour of flight bearable.



  • Sean says:

    As an engineering student at Stanford University and amateur video editor, I constantly find myself running various applications, computational tools, and memory-draining video-editing software simultaneously, and as better and better system requirements become necessary, my current laptop will soon be obsolete. Additionally, since I live on the East coast, I am constantly using my laptop on the go, which has largely drained its maximum battery life to 1 hour. The Envy fits my requirements perfectly, providing ample power and long lasting battery life, and while I can’t say it’ll completely change my life, it’d definitely be a nice improvement.

    Thanks for the chance at an awesome machine!

  • Sang Gip says:

    I’m a farmer and I would like to use this computer to say organized and manage my payroll. Having a computer that would go where I would go is essential in staying on top of the agriculture industry. And plus, it would keep me entertained.

  • Lance says:

    I’m an amateur photographer and video editor; I’m always on the go, and having something that could handle a lot of open applications is very helpful and i depend on it to stay open (and not freeze) to keep me going. Currently I’m a full time student, and do photography as a hobby/free lancing. I work full time at a local photo developing studio using photoshop to enhance/restore pictures. It’d be nice to have a computer thats up to par with the ones at work.

  • Peter C says:

    The HP Envy notebook would benefit me because i juggle 3 different jobs: full time student, club promoter, and DJ-ing. I need something thats powerful, reliable, and capable of having multiple windows open at the same time and not crash. I gets boring seeing the same laptop on campus–you know,the one with that white glowing apple… Being different and showing off something different definitely falls in my line of work.

    tweeted about it here:

  • Daniel Moreno says:

    So much power in the notebook its ridiculous! In a good way of course. Definitely out does my desktop of 9 years. Lol I’m working with a 1.2GHz processor on this desktop and it can barely handle Firefox + notepad open. Life would be much simpler if I had something thats powerful, reliable (brand name, and specs.), and durable–look at the way this machine is built! BEAST!

    thanks for the chance at this giveaway.

  • William Smit says:

    An HP Envy would make a huge difference in my life because I do not currently own a laptop, do not personally own a desktop either (have to use my friend’s, or the campus’ computer-lab) and I would be the ENVY of the entire 20,000 student body at my university. This is my first year in college, and I’m trying to keep up with my school work–but having to travel from one end of the campus, to the other end to use the computer, gets kind of hectic. And finding time, or even a computer to use is never a guarantee.

  • Thomas Philips says:

    Kinda sad, but this laptop would be my entire entertainment system. I’m married with two kids, and two dogs and having something that can entertain on-the-go is crucial from having to rip out your ears, LOL. With the HP Envy I would be able to load movies on to the laptop and display it on my TV–entertaining sites such as hulu and youtube are life savers. The ENvY would be one too.

  • Stephen Kim says:

    Carrying this monsta will make me proud infront of all the gadgets. My life will run faster in quad speed. lol.
    This is a piece of work that can handle every work that PC can handle. So beautiful.

  • Susy Li says:

    I work with my parents as a florist, and keeping all our orders on a POS computer is getting annoying. I’d use this computer as our main computer at the store to keep track of orders, clients, and important dates. Of course it doesn’t stop there, for something as powerful as this, I would use it to design custom cards (another possible expansion for our business!) and/or send out notifications for clients if they want to be reminded of anniversaries, birthdays, etc. We’ll take care of it all! –assuming this beefy computer is ours. 🙂

  • Dorian Maine says:

    Well winning receiving this laptop would be of immense value to me, since I am going to Western Washington University to study industrial design and I don’t have a computer of my own, so getting this would help me out a lot.

  • emily says:

    Dear Yanko Design,

    I came up with 3 reasons. First, I signed up a twitter account for this. Second, this event overlaps with my birthday so it would be a wonderful birthday present. Third, if i do get the HP notebook, it would be a very memorable and meaningful gift!! Last, thanks for setting up this event, it gives me an opportunity to dream.

  • Joshua Lo says:

    I recently moved to California for school, and being on my own, I had to sell my other laptop to pay for rent and other bills. It sucked having to let my Apple go, but looking at the specs for this computer, it puts Apple to shame. The reason for selling my previous computer was because of the stupid budget cuts that California had to go through, very damaging for students, faculty, and pretty much CA in general. With this laptop I’d stay on top of my game; school-wise and gaming ;).

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter in this give away. I’ve also tweeted about it. @frostyjoshy

  • Joshua Lo says:

    I’d like to use this PC to get into web designing and hopefully come up with a new website thats gonna make it big. (don’t really wanna give full details about the site since I’m just starting to come up with the idea, but i have a feeling it could generate some big revenue) –with the help of this notebook, I’m sure I’ll accomplish just that. Twitter: @frostyjoshy

  • Juan Cristobal Lara says:

    It would be the perfect replacement of my old PC.
    I´m an industrial designer, so i really need a powerfull machine, and if i can carry it everywhere, better.

  • Nathan says:

    HP Envy will satisfy my need for something that’s durable, powerful and a monster that would shred apart its competitors. I’m currently using a Dell thats below par compared to todays standards–and I’ve had it for 4 years (amazing that it even lasted that long). This would change my life for sure since it would allow me to expand my design company.

  • Jane F says:

    This could be the best present for graduation. I’m working on my masters right now in social work, and having a notebook that’s personally mine, and not the county’s would do be wonders. I wouldn’t have to worry about restrictions, being monitored, and just have complete freedom. Juggling school, and work is a tremendous hassle, but i’m just optimistic and looking forward to the outcome–and hopefully this laptop would allow me to drift away from the confined space the county has left me with.

  • Giorgio says:

    Currently I am an independent contractor who goes to barber shops up and down California selling supplies. It would be great to have a laptop where it is super portable and reliable. This would change my life because as we all know, business isn’t what it used to be–clients only look for deals, and low prices are what keeps them entertained and interested. I can’t always have a full inventory in my car because I’m limited to what I can store, and these supplies go by fast–so with the help of this HP Envy laptop I would be able to pull up pictures and description of the inventory I have at our warehouse and leave and place an order to have it ship to their store directly.

    The business right now isn’t at the point where I’d like it to be, and part of the reason for that is not being able to have everything on hand. Sure I can describe to them the product, but describing and seeing it for them selves is entirely different, with this laptop I’d be a lot more productive and possible expand this business to either a physical location, online or even both!

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