Friday Giveaway: $135 Wooly Marmot – Jensen Kimmitt’s Signature Yoyo

Winners: $135 Wooly Marmot Yoyo goes to “Lace” by George $68 Campfire Yoyo goes to “The JAWS Gondola” by Ian

The Caribou Lodge YoyoWorks is gladly sponsoring a $135 Wooly Marmot Yoyo for you and apparently it’s Jensen Kimmitt’s Signature Yoyo!! The Jensen Kimmitt, who recently won a contest in Japan, called the 44 Clash. To win this cool prize all you need to do is WATCH the awesome Jensen do his tricks on a Caribou Lodge Yoyo and tell us: If you were to name your own yoyo trick, what would you call it? Second Best Entry wins the $68 Campfire Yoyo that hits the stores next month!

Designer duo Chris Mikulin & Levi McCarroll of the Caribou Lodge YoyoWorks fashion the most awesome collection of yoyos and will release their newest edition of the Wooly Marmot to yoyo stores in Japan and Singapore. A special edition of this yoyo called “28 Stories” is inspired by the cover art of Stephanie Nolan’s book “28 Stories Of AIDS in Africa”. $5 from each yoyo will be going to charity.

Quick Facts:

Those wanting to take a peek at the amazing world of yoyos will want to hit this link.

Music in the video is by MF Doom

Yoyo Photos by Natasha Paterson

Photo of Jensen by Ben McPhee & contest photo at the bottom is by Walter Wong

Best Entry: $135 Wooly Marmot – Jensen Kimmitt’s Signature Yoyo

Second Best Entry: $68 Campfire Yoyo

Contest Ends: Monday October 5th, 12:00am PST

Worlds 2009 One Minute Freestyle from Jensen Kimmitt on Vimeo.










  • djqsrv says:

    “would you like to play a game of chess”

  • Jamie says:

    Broken Gooseneck

  • KingNub says:

    pretzel flop

  • Revan says:

    Storm-Cloud sounds good 🙂

  • James says:

    If you were to name your own yoyo trick, what would you call it?

    Limp Lizard Lactose

  • derek the geezer says:

    Kimbo Slice

    Forced Reverse

    Vector Hops

    Event Horizon

  • derek feuerhelm says:

    if it were my trick i would call it ” thrown together”

  • ANDY says:

    Power Slide
    Slick Slack
    Spark Machine
    Yellow Dragon
    Sonic Smasher
    Axis Illusion
    Cool Whip
    Tandem Mount
    X Copter
    Power Jam
    Finger Derby
    Grind Whip
    Time Transfer
    Cold Warp

  • ARAD says:

    1,2,3,and drop
    caribou’s canadian cravings
    fluffernutter hopper
    halfpipe flipper
    m-16 shooter
    goof and ball
    fast evelution
    the contest winner
    kimmitt whip
    28 stories way up high
    laceration buffet

  • ARAD says:

    campfire in the shovel

  • Ryan says:

    I would name my trick Julio

  • Saur says:

    The enlightenment .
    String burn salsa
    The wrong turn at Albuquerque (hope its an obvious reference to bugs bunny… hah)
    Half a$$ed philosophy
    purple polka dotted people eater
    Working wallaby
    Universal postal service
    angry emu
    The Rice patty

    • Saur says:

      One order of brains
      Fill in the blank
      homeless homicide
      Knot a problem
      Soaring Cephalopods
      artistic aristocrat

      • Saur says:

        Rainbow railroad
        The beard
        Frenchy boing
        Chaucers chaser
        “I hope you can see this cause I’m doing it as hard as I can.”
        poetic undertones
        Asmatic afterthoughts
        It’s a contact sport
        The end of the rainbow
        fudds revenge
        unlucky lumberjack
        listening to lancaster

  • Jason says:

    The merciless devil
    The time warp

  • Jason says:

    The “invincible ninja”
    The mystical chopsticks

  • Jason says:

    The “predators gold”

  • Henvey Chen says:

    Pinged Pong
    Adreneline Pump

  • supersam says:

    The “string theory”, or something like that.

  • Kyle says:


  • ARAD says:

    scissor snap pop and drop

  • Toby says:

    I would go old school and call my trick “Kiss my Grits”

  • Pauly-boi says:


    black and white rainbow

    acid rain

    acid washing machine

    replica diamond (or diamond replica)

    duncan equals love, but clyw is love


    broadway lights

    eclipse hops

    death by yoyo

    marmots cradle

    flying marmot on the trapeze

    great ape

    nucleur giraffe

    penguin wearing sunglasess

    dont fear the middle seat

    burning robot city

    Vlad Tepesch

    forresst fire

    more later

  • Ian Anderson says:

    “Crispy Moccasins” sounds legit and CLYY themed.

  • Pauly-boi says:

    Zueses gift

    poseidens wrath

  • Louis Alvarez says:

    It would be “Pink Fishy Climbing the Rapids” (Canadian iconography)

  • Ernest kahn says:

    “dust monkey”
    “Lunar balloons”
    “tuna salad”
    “Make or break”
    “Shadow lands”
    “back to the future”
    “hurricane katrina”
    “Salcedo Salad Bowl”
    “Sham Bucket”
    “sky crest”
    “caribou shuffle”

  • Brianne Cervas says:

    it would be called
    Anti-Manner Stringcourse..

    or multiple crochet..

  • Name Hidden says:

    “Monkey Steals the Peach”
    “Drunken Eagle”

  • gardenplant says:

    I’d call my trick “Highly strung”.

  • brandon says:

    string assault

  • gepetto father says:

    I would call it “my first prize”

  • NYC Pete says:

    Tobar ToeJam
    Noogies and Lulus

  • A Lonely Yo-Yo says:

    Soft Baked



    ” JUVENTO ”

    ” MANDALA360 ”


  • ZGiSH says:

    Happy Buddha
    Zig Zag Zog

  • john doe says:

    whats with the spamming? -_- lol

    also, the question was what are you going to name your own trick (if you made one), not jensen’s trick 😡

  • Tony Williams says:

    I’d call it “Journey to the centre of the earth” – it would start out with a “round the world” and then quickly zoom back to the centre for a spin around a tighter circle.

    My other though was “walk the dragon” which would be a bit like walk the dog but a darn sight more radical.

  • dangit says:

    “The Indian Burn”

  • sarit says:

    “cutting the Gordian knot”

  • Will says:

    Kitten Crusher
    Thai Fu Tornado

  • moefv says:

    the boomshakalaka

  • Ethan Gelman says:

    The exploding lama-potamus (Mixture of a lam and a hippo)

  • Crayons says:

    I’d name it “What Next?”

  • reuben says:

    “Minh Toh Foo”

    “Chai Chan”

    “Bo Jimmie Chan”.

  • Shimon says:

    “savage circus”

  • Evan says:

    slip smoke

    soup to nuts

    spirit hugger

    smoke screen


  • Lee Tran says:

    “Sugar Coma”
    “Short term memory… what was I saying again?”
    “Life as a lemon”
    “Coup De Grace”
    “Deus Ex Machinima”
    “Floccinaucinihilipilification” – estimating something as worthless (that’s right, that’s a real freakin word)
    “devil convincing the world…”
    “God’s own ice-cream cone”
    “Really simple syndicate”

  • Andrew M. says:

    caribou canadian man
    runing to caribou mountain
    polar mountain
    polar drop
    tasty sensation caribou
    swim to the tree
    green crossing trees

  • Jesse M. says:

    “Takin’ Out the Trash”

  • yodutchyo says:

    – Aquazor
    – Yotality
    – Vertibraker
    – Suicidal Rain
    – Flying Midget
    – Ice burn

  • Etude says:

    Eugene’s Trick Bag

    Since it would simply be the most bad ass trick around, and that’s the same for this peace of awesome neo classic shred on the guitar!
    Check it out if you don’t know it!

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