Contest Giveaway: Win The Little Star Table

Here’s introducing one of the most contemporary Industrial Designers from the UK: Ben Huggins. His Little Star table project is a simple mathematical endeavor. Craft a line here, stack an angle there and you’ve constructed a very chic table! Three tables can be cut from one 1200mm x 2400mm sheet of 15mm ply by CNC router and Ben’s been hand-crafting them all. No screws or fixings, it comes in this neat pizza-style box. To Win this £199 ($325) table simply tell us how would you constructively re-use the empty packaging box. Simple!

For more information on Ben & his products visit New British Design.

Contest Ends: August 24, 12:00 am PST

Update: Contest Closed



Ben Huggins Little Star Table


  • Mathetos says:

    I would have my three year old paint the cardboard, then use it to make the body of a lamp for the table or as a magazine rack next to the table. She would love it and we’d get two pieces of furniture for the price of one!

  • shiro says:

    something on the center of the table quite disturbing for me. still coll at all.

  • Michael Benfield says:

    I would cover each ‘wing’ of the box with highly reflective foil then position the box around and beneath a fruiting plant that needs extra sunlight to bud and fruit than it normally gets due to location, thus increasing the amount of produce that would normally appear.

  • BL says:

    i would use it for my next pizza purchase

  • Daniel says:

    I would use the wooden table as a stencil, cutting the cardboard box into a duplicate of the table. Brush on water to one side of each cutout. Apply Chia Pet seeds. Assemble cardboard table. Wait two weeks for full coat! It will look fantastic. I will photographic the entire process.

  • info says:

    There are practical and very simple setup.

  • Arun says:

    I would take the box to a laser cutter and cut out and assemble a table organizer with cups for pens, paperclips, notepad, etc.

  • Robbie says:

    I would burn it in my backyard fire pit with all my used styrofoam cups!

  • I would use the box as a trivet, by cutting a triangular hole in the lid and inserting an extra stone floor tile, then closing the lid. Viola! A trivet that looks good and is practical, saving two items from the landfill and saving my Ligne Roset “crescendo table” from exposure to heat. Definitely can’t replace it. LOL.

  • Joe says:

    “I would use it to make a cardboard knife for slitting my wrists after realizing I paid $325 for that table. Very clever design, but the price is outrageous.”

    @ Perilous:

    EXACTLY my sentiments. pretty clever flatpack but come on- it looks like ikea dorm room furniture. on top of that, the flatpack design makes the legs stick through the already small tabletop, making it way MORE useless than said ikea dorm room furniture. I have an idea, sell it on poketo for 12 dollars.

    and don’t get me wrong i think its a sweet idea but pricing like that on something like this makes me hate being an industrial designer.

    oh, and still 56 bucks shipping? then why flatpack it to begin with?

  • Clinton says:

    If the packaging were durable enough it could be used as the table top instead of having the need for an extra round piece.

  • Gracia says:

    I´ll return the box to you, so you can use it again sending it to another client. Reduce, reuse, recycle. 😀

  • Borjes says:

    Trace the parts of the table on the box and make a cardboard version of the table, then paint it accordingly. When company comes over, you put out the cardboard version so they don’t screw up the real table 😛

  • Caitlin says:

    I would use it to make a really interesting and bad ass pinhole camera!

  • Angel G says:

    i’ll scale the pieces and draw them into the cardboard cut them and make me a beautiful flower pot in the shape of the little star table XD
    lovely for my office!

  • ATEEK says:

    nice so easy lovely beautiful

  • beni says:

    I would use the box as a template for a poster collage that I would hang on my wall

  • I would do an art project with my kids and sit them down at a table and ask one question : “How do we turn this into a fling saucer guys?” Knowing these guys, Hazard 3 and Jackson 4, they would go to work as if it were the enterprise. Viral video to follow of some sort of bathroom space invasion.

    Thanks for the design!

  • I should apply some origami tricks to create an objext to hide the parts sticking out ou the circular hole, a cardboard flower vase, or a bin to put some fruits in.

  • Kristine says:

    I’d use the box to hide this awesome table from my jealous freidns!

  • Chris says:

    Nitesh beat me to it. I’d make a solar oven. My wife is a teacher and the kids really enjoy cooking their food with it, teaches them good green sensibilities to repurpose items.

  • mahk says:

    RECYCLE IT!!!!!

  • mark says:

    Make the ‘STAR’ table ‘SHINE’ from below
    -Illuminate table from by making a small triangular box to encase a lightbulb/LED.

    1. fold up the 3 corners or the top/bottom portion of the box, which leaves a triangle shape in the middle – (due to unpointy edges, will create a triangular opening on top as well)

    2. place a small lightbulb/LED in that triangle, pointing up

    3. poke a small hole underneath for wiring, or attach to a battery

    4. place directly under center of ‘star’ table

    5. turn on the light and illuminate the table from below

    6. watch as light shines through every opening of table – (can poke holes in cardboard for further ‘starry’ effect)

  • MC says:

    Here are some ideas I can come up with:

    a) I’d put some slits on it and make it into a CD/DVD holder

    b) I’d put some holes to hold/fit cups and use it as a serving tray to go with the tables (kids would love having their own serving tray)

  • Killian says:

    I cut out geometric stars and then paint them black on one side and white on the other and use them as drink coasters so that I would not tarnish my new lovely table. Since that would only use up a small amount of the cardboard, I’d use the remainder of it to make a small table lamp to compliment the table and drink coasters.

  • Diego says:

    i`ll draw a 4 body painting for my living room.

  • Antonio says:

    I would cut one small rectangle on the two farthest triangle vertex so it could stand on its own, and then i would use to stack magazines from both sides. The amount of magazines supported would depend on the lenght of the cutted rectangle. Simple, neat and easy to reuse !

  • Jennifer says:

    It’s a table, and a piece of art!

    I will cut each part in varying shapes and sizes, and then draw on each piece seperately. In the end, I will get a smaller box as a stand and glue the pieces on top in different directions. Another “artpiece” to add with this table if I happen to win. (:

  • I would make use of the triangular shape of the flattened box by wearing it as a cape. I would become the most sustainable superhero since Captain Planet!

  • betty r says:

    cool table! i would give this to my inventive grandson,i am sure he would come up with one heck of a UFO with it…

  • Benjamin Hinely says:

    I could use is as another table top, or use it in an art project. The shape is aesthetically pleasing, so it has much potential for recycling.

  • Insert clock module inside and use it as a clock.

  • Nic says:

    I’d use it for storing a few of my precious vinyl records, you cant protect them enough and this would be perfect !

  • Esther Lee says:

    perfectly awesome! i can use it as a side table for my room where i can place my design-related stuffs there! 😉

  • I have one particular need in mind that that box seems like it could be perfect for. I often have trouble propping books or magazines when I’m using them for reference while drawing. It looks like if the cardboard was folded into a pyramid type form it could work great for a book holder.

  • arvin says:

    I would learn to make triangle pizzas and begin to deliver them in that box.

  • Veronica says:

    I would use the box to construct new design of Clock cum Photo Board since the box has two triangle surfaces.
    The first side of the box will be used to reconstruct a unique round clock on top of the triangle shape surface. At first, I will repaint the box with any color or images that I love. Then, I will make a circle at the center of the triangle box for the clock. The clock circuit will be inside the box itself.
    At the other side of the box, I will decorate it and used it to pin any family photo. I can hang the box on the wall to either use it as clock or photo board.

  • Martino says:

    Cool Contest! =)

  • Oto says:

    Ill put some dogs and cats in the box, ask a friend to take the box with him and ask him to empty the box above the city, and ill say : Omg it’s raining cats and dogs!

  • I’ll use it to start a fire when we go camping. Then me and my friends will have a really good bbq on the black sea beach 😉

  • Susanne says:

    The table is fantastic, and the box has a great shape! I would turn the box into something practical I need, but it could definitely be done with flair. I’ve been looking for an eco-friendly carry all for my sketch pads when I am out and about. I would add a woven hemp handle and would decorate the box. The shape is definitely conducive to carrying different sized books and note pads. Love it!

  • Linda says:

    I really this table the coolest table and I WANT it!

  • Thilo says:

    I like the shape of the box, it doesn’t just look like a pizza box, but like black, triangle shaped canvas too. So I probably would paint something on it, like a crazy pizza symbol or something and hang it on my wall.

  • Selene says:

    i would punch a 6mm hole in the middle, and insert a small clock in it. spray it white to go with the black hour and minute hands. place it pointing downwards on the wall and write “VI” on the bottom tip as that’s the time that i always look forward to on working weekdays…

  • Thomas says:

    I would attempt to make a scaled down version of the little star table for my desk. Perhaps an elevated cup holder.

  • Seth says:


  • peemeerre says:

    I would use the disc to make a lamp, or an elegant hat…and the triangles would be a nice chair with a white pillow to sit on it.

  • frezzingaces says:

    i would write all the comments on this page on the box, seal it with something and try to cook a pizza inside it

  • Adam says:

    I would use the cardboard to create a frame and then grab some left-over paper bags from our pantry and create a nice little cat house with it all.

    My kitties will enjoy either cozying up in it or crumpling it, so it’s win win!

  • Emmanuel Carrillo says:

    I would use it to build a cardboard catapult.

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