Tabs Have Never Seemed so High-tech!

Making sure to flex its concepting muscles, KDDI au just announced their PLY mobile phone concept inspired by sandwiched plywood. Each section is tabbed to core functions like a dialpad, keyboard, gamepad, touchscreen, pico project, and printer! Will it ever see the light of day? Hard to say. Miniaturizing some of those proposed functions seems beyond what science and technology can achieve now but never underestimate kooky designers and crafty engineers.

Designer: Hideo Kambara


  • zippyflounder says:

    anything is possiable in cloud kooko land……..

  • keith says:

    Look I have nothing up my sleeves! And that magic projector just expands out of where?

    • Seamus says:

      It’s probably like those classic folding binoculars where the face folds flat underneath.

      • e says:

        I think it’s more like the ‘Tardis’ where there’s more space on the inside than the outside.

        I think you need a sonic screwdriver to service it.

  • minjae says:

    looks nice but looks impossible and weak

  • Ryan says:

    I absolutely love this product

  • Will says:

    Slide-out phones like that break easily enough as it is. Adding another four of them is just going to make it worse.

  • jin_woo_han says:


  • John Glenn says:

    It’s Japanese, anything is possible. Obviously some of you have not gone to the Land of the Rising Sun, so you don’t know the Japanese penchant for making the impossible possible.

    This product rocks and will happen!

    • zippyflounder says:

      no they are masters at making probable a reality and alas unless made of titainum or lithum/alumuimum this is a improbable product at this time. Its just a question of physics and realitys of in the field use. Lets say you can get it all jammed in (prossible) and powerd (sketchy) and have it structruly hang togeather (uber strong materails, carbon fiber at the least) you now run into a real humdinger of a problem…..goop. That nasty old goop, crud from your hands, crud from a desk, crud from your pocket jamming up them cute little slides.
      Scene uber technokiddie 4 mo after buying this slidy thing “ring ring” oh its a text, cool, attempst to slide out the keyboard…HOLY SMELT ITS STUCK, now what? Oh I will just call them via voice, Dhamnation its frozen too! NOW WHAT? There is a good reason Apple went the way they did, its a robust design that is GOOP PROOF. So kiddies, remember in field goopage when you design something, its out there, its Mr Murphys prime weapon against “kool”, goop and crud love little slidey things.

  • Edgar says:

    I don’t like the ” stair buttons” ystem at all… Rest ots pretty cool 🙂

  • IGreenSpot says:

    just hoping those images are true, don’t you think it would be bulky if a phone has multiple layered like that ?

  • peed says:

    very nice

  • RisingStar says:

    I think this product is ridiculous. Anything that is faulty will have a high maintenance cost. Pretty Silly.

  • cgreen says:

    super idea

  • açelya says:

    Where can I find a very nice price I think 🙂

  • açelya says:

    Where can I find a very nice price I think 🙂

  • lmwodo says:

    im missing something what are the othe two tabs…….i like it though interesting concept

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