Hot Tatra

The last ten years has seen the resurrection of legendary auto brands like the Maybach, Bugatti, Healey, Mini and recently announced Alpine car brand. Tatra Motors, the third oldest car company on the planet behind Daimler Mercedes-Benz and Peugeot was the inspiration for this new concept design by Czech magazine AutoDesign&Styling. They asked designer Mike Jelinek to create this concept vision of the Tatra of the future. The result is the 903 Concept, a fuel cell luxury sportscar with innovative aerodynamic solutions. Jelinek adds, “The water drop shaped back refers to one of the most characteristic values of Tatra, the aerodynamics – same as covered rear wheels.” At present, Tatra only produces heavy trucks, but the this latest commissioned concept may get enough people excited to convince them to relaunch their passenger car line. Fingers crossed.

Designer: Mike Jelinek