Design Digest Vol.10

  1. iCover by Nick Ross.
  2. Foliage Table by Letao Tao.
  3. Fried Egg Candle by Jaehyung Hong.
  4. Cycle Bag by Iohanna Pani.
  5. Burberry Mixer by Peter Andersson.

iCover by Nick Ross. The iCover discards the unnecessary branding of the distinct iPod earphones and replaces it with coffin covers symbolising the killing off of the visual branding of the product.

Foliage Table by Letao Tao. Table inspired by nature, infused with elements of Asian architecture and woodworking.

Fried Egg Candle by Jaehyung Hong.

Cycle Bag by Iohanna Pani. A bike saddle that can be carried as a backpack and prevents your bike saddle to be stolen.

Burberry Mixer by Peter Andersson. A high fashion hand mixer. Who says that simple kitchen things can´t look good? This concept runs on a battery that can be recharged with the dock that comes with it.


  • Shiella says:

    Is it comfortable to sit on the backpack saddle? I think the bag contain will make us feel discomfort…

  • ModuleS says:

    Cycle bag: big wide seat will make it very hard to actually pedal. product fails.

    • gforce says:

      well, from what I can see, you’re only supposed to sit on the top half of the seat (the triangular outline with dots on it). The bottom looks like it would hang out over the back wheel where it wouldn’t interfere with pedaling and hold your stuff.

      • Liam Quinn says:

        In that case then it would make the bike extremely unstable. I agree with ModuleS. This design fails at what it is supposed to do and would be extremely uncomfortable.

        The Burberry hand-mixer concept seems a little pointless as it is just yet another way of expressing your idol-ism of the material.

        The earphone covers are a little stupid if you ask me as I would rather wrap a dog turd around my earphones than emblazon them with a coffin.

        Really all I like here is the table and I’ve seen the candle years ago in shops so thats a bit of a cheat. I only like the table because it’s different from others I’ve seen and still preserves it’s function.

  • lettera says:

    Ringraziamenti molto! Lo avete aiutato molto!

  • hartigan says:

    iCover by Nick Ross hahaha!!

    Replace one brand by another…does not makes sense for me. Besides you can still see the white cables. Makes you look stupid, aside of having to give explanations if asked…

    May work very well for Goths and Emos…


  • UrsAnt says:

    There’s no instability issue here. People regularly bike with much, much bulkier bags attached at the back. This is actually sleek and minimalist.

  • UrsAnt says:

    Actually, I’m just waiting to find out where someone can BUY that bike seat. Iohanna Pani, make it available!

  • really good design but big wide seat will make it very hard to actually pedal. product fails.

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