It’s a Sofa, It’s a Wall…NO It’s a WALLFA

Barcelonan designer, Jordi Canudas presented his new design WALLFA at the D3 Contest at the Imm Cologne 2008. WALLFA is a 2-sided piece of furniture that is both a wall and a sofa combined. WALLFA is made from a stretchy membrane type of material that allows the users the ability to sit on either side for simple relaxation or communicating with friends or co-workers. WALLFA is a fun and inviting design by Canudas.

Designer: Jordi Canudas


  • That Guy says:

    Sofa, wall… somebody else’s weight constantly unsettling your position? I suppose it might work in groups that all really know each other, like the tight corporate families that modern software companies want so desperately to be. Even so, there’s one side and the other, dividing the seating “family” into two smaller groups.

    Otherwise, you’ve got a structure that’s indelibly modified by the action of a single stranger scratching his buttocks. Potentially the largest public seating installation to ever be entirely occupied by a single person.

    Less functional than the common park bench, and only better looking if immersed in a completely minimalistic environment. A single detail-oriented piece nearby would ruin the continuity.

  • I would end up punching the people behind me…

  • Avin says:

    I agree with texan democrat

    but well i wont be punching people… but rather it would be uncomfortable and awkward if i sit down on someone …

  • Paul Talbot says:

    its humorous, but i can’t see this been placed anywhere that people don’t know each other, “excuse me sorry for bumping into you” or “you knocked my coffee”. its adventurous, breaking the mould of lumber, intresting in my eyes.

  • lol says:


  • Canudas Wallfa is a must for banks, especially in Italy where you wait for hours.

  • Couldn’t agree more! Simply love this piece!

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