USB Digital Camera Fakes Analog

Imagine a tiny USB camera with no viewfinder, no LCD screen, no buttons except 1. Stripped down to it’s bare functions, this mini USB Digital Camera combines the feeling of not knowing how your shots turned out ala analog film with the ease of USB transfer. No cables are necessary. Just plug it straight away in your computer and always be surprised.

Designer: Sungwoo Park


  • paul sandip says:

    Quite interesting! 🙂

  • ying says:

    good god. if that hits the market, i am soooooo buying it.

  • c.s.hwang says:

    There are so many USB toy,spy camera with no lcd on E-bay site. They has also small and cute, just $30 prices. It is no different form them.

  • Prosumethis says:

    I think it’s cool concept; it better hit the price point of the disposable film camera of our day and age.

  • says:

    My dad has a Logitech camera similar to this one that takes surprisingly good pictures. It does have an LCD display telling you how many pics are left in memory. Pretty cool tho.

    • Oldpunk says:

      Exactly. My friend has the similar camera for $20 with an optical minimalistic retractable viewfinder, lcd screen with number of pictures left and the key chain size.

      The resolution on that cam is like 640×480, fixed focus, one button. The pictures are good during daytime, crap otherwise.

      So this concept just takes it a bit further in size.

      Frankly, I do not see any use in key chain cameras, since majority of cell phones now have camera with better resolution and video recording support.

  • Aaj111 says:

    I’d rather have one of those… Screw you guys… I think it’s cute.

  • Thomas Pease says:

    Please put this on the market!!!!!! I would totally buy it!

  • Gene says:

    I like it. It looks small enough that it could go on a keychain, and that’s about the pinnacle of always-have-on-you. Of course it’s not going to replace my DSLR or even sub-compact cam, but the camera you have always takes better pictures than the one you left at home.

  • IIC says:

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    อ่าน มะ ออก หรอก แต่ เท่า ไหร่ หรอ

    คัย รุ บอก หน่อย น๊า

  • Jorge G says:

    Muy Bonito! Me gusta!
    ¿Donde Se Compra? Como llavero no tiene desperdicio….

  • It’s coooooool !!!!

  • joe says:

    Wow! Great spy-like camera! Wanna buy it ^-^

  • minx says:

    So cooooooooool!!!

  • jim d says:

    If they’re cheap enough, you could set up a nice amateur bullet-time rig. I bet the green cameras could be more easily green-screened out in post processing.

  • luke says:

    i would totally buy this. i hate having to fidget around with my phone which takes crap pictures. i have a 600 dollar samsung video/camera which takes the lamest pics ever. and its a hassle to fling that around and what not.

    if this is under 50$ i’m buying 2


  • lolzord says:

    It’s spy-like if you’re “Get Smart”-like spy yourself.
    Anyway, I’d buy that.

  • kerry says:

    i just can say
    omg , so amazing
    i want to buy ,and it is look like a beautiful toy
    if i have chance , i’ll buy
    is really nice and good

  • Kent says:

    Ahh, the one button camera with two buttons. 🙂
    “Imagine a tiny USB camera with no buttons except 1”


  • Sungwoo Park says:

    Thank you for your interest of my work. ^^

  • isidoro says:

    WOW looks great camera …

    I WANT ONE but WAIT!!! i have searched all over the web and there is no place where i can buy it … even i dont know how much it cost …

    What a pity i would have bouhgt that camera …

  • JH says:

    When will it be in the market?! Lovee ittttt =D

  • lyan says:

    can i buy it in Hong Kong? it looks really COOL~~!!

  • nehz says:

    looking real….but …..its fake rite…….. is it using 3D program to Render rite?

  • isidoro says:

    if anyone knows where to buy it …. i would like to know …

    Where is the official site of this eazzzy camera?

    Is there other camera like this one i could buy? wich one?

  • erin says:


  • Yu. says:

    is this a real product?
    where can i buy?

  • jong hak kim says:

    I want buy it.

    please let me know where can i buy?

  • Danini says:

    I wanna buy this!
    If this is in market please inform me~

    Thank you!!!

  • dika says:

    interesting concept, great ides but how many photograph can be taken in that USB? hehehe….

  • jose says:

    requiero saver que capacida puede tener la camara usb que se muestra

  • tosika says:

    good thinking. clever. Ide buy one

  • Ian Ferguson says:

    I’m desperately trawling the web trying to find something like this for sports action photography. There are plenty of mini video cameras but no mini still cameras. I don’t want or need a screen, zoom, or any other functions – just one button, to take the damn picture! And then just plug in to USB to take them off and recharge!
    So I love this concept – and to everyone dissing it here saying there are already such products – link to one! I’m yet to see something so easy to use. There have been a few keychain cameras around but not for years – the latest I could find was a pitiful 320×200 resolution.
    If anyone does know of such a product pleeeeease tell me –

  • Saad says:

    Iwould like to buy this Digital Camera .please tell me how to buy it.

  • Kraken says:

    where can i buy this Camera?

  • Thamer says:

    الكاميرا جدا جذابة وذات حجم مناسب جدا للحمل بدون مشقة اتمنى اعرف

    I’m absolutely down with this camera? It is small and it has a good design but it seams to be a marketing stunt and it has not been officially released. It will definitely earn some market share over other well known companies when it is released.

  • worldpeace says:

    Great camera…hmm..I never seen it in market before

  • FD says:

    I just want to get it, without any word to say

  • shamshur says:

    Мир лестниц и саун

  • Caren says:

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  • where can i get that?

  • where can i get that?

  • JOE says:

    Where to buy

  • Erin says:

    I’m dying to buy it!!!

    Where, When can I buy it?

  • mx says:

    awesome idea

  • dhanirevifan says:

    So simple gadget, the camera is a simple concept but the idea that you bring new innovation

  • zachary says:


  • Biunoctium says:

    It's been two years now. So are you still working on it or did you droped out the idea ? Give us news ! 🙁
    Eazzzy is so cute and handy. I want one.

  • Biunoctium says:

    It's been two years now. So are you still working on it or did you droped out the idea ? Give us news ! 🙁
    Eazzzy is so cute and handy. I want one.

  • Grand Noble says:

    I think I actually like this. Great for on-the-go artistic photo shoots.

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