Cooling That MacBook Pro

Regular laptop users know our portable computers can go from toasty to unbearably hot in a matter of minutes. Working with a mini heater beneath our hands is no fun so we resort to contraptions like this, the MacBook Pro Cooler, specifically designed for. . . you guessed it, a MacBook Pro.

The elevated all aluminum base matches the MacBook Pro while making it ergonomically correct to type on. On the side you’ll find additional USB and Firewire ports but the real kicker is the Apple logo. It’s actually hiding a heatsink and fan that draws hot air thru its vents. Clever eh?

Designer: Bostjan Majcen


  • Superb, just what i need, my macbook pro has a really bad tendency to overheat which makes the summer nights pulling all nighters even hotter and harder! god send!

  • shane says:

    it looks like it would work great on a table or flat surface, but not so good on your lap or on the bed. the bottom of the fan case is a little exposed i wonder how easy it would be to get something like your shirt or pants caught in it.

  • babymerce says:

    Unfortunately, the DVD/CD slot loading drive on the MacBook Pro is located in the front of the system. The angle of this design doesn’t seem to elevate the computer to allow for a CD/DVD to eject without smacking the desk. The design is great, but the funcitionality may be questionable because of this.

  • Hvedhrungr says:

    Since I’m betting the stand doesn’t come with its own power supply, those 4 USB ports aren’t any more good than a standard hub. Which is all nice and swell, unless you want to use some devices that actually depend on USB power support, like say, USB HDDs or any of the Brando toys.

    Nice concept. I’ll keep that iBreeze stand I got cheap off amazon.

  • Ian says:

    Besides the couple issues mentioned above, why only 1 fan? Sure it looks nice in the logo, but it’d need to be powerful which might mean it’ll be loud. oh well nice concept. I’ll stick with my cheapo pad.

  • newslacker says:

    First try smcFanControl 2.1. Why not use the fans in your machine to their full potential. It keeps the bottom from cooking your legs for free.

  • Bostjan Majcen says:

    First of all thanks for all your comments… 😉

    CD/DVD loading/unloading function works without any problem

    first prototype is allready on my desk

    cooler base will be available for 15″ and 17″ models in few possible configurations
    without any port, 2 + 2 USB or 2 USB + 2 FW ports

    price and availability will be announced soon


    • Philippe says:

      What a great design!

      One could think it comes right from Cupertino…

      Could you keep me informed when it does become a commercialized product?



    • angie says:

      Hi, I also like this labtop. Is it possible to buy it soon?.
      I have a virtual store.
      Regards from Barcelona, Spain

    • T.Kumar says:

      Hi ! Bostjan

      Great design work. I have a request…if you your base could include 2 fans the air flow would be sufficient to cool a Macbook pro 17″ version. As a single fan is not much of a use in cooling the system. Also able to advise when your product would be ready for purchase. Thanks

      -T. Kumar-

    • NetCoffee says:


      I would like to try this new cooling stuff you have invented. Where is it available and for which price? Some online store as well will be nice?


    • Frank Odia says:

      I would like to order one, how do I go about it?


  • Roy Steel says:

    I hava a MacBook Pro, and I would like to buy the laptop cooler [with Apple Logo] shown in the picture. After looking at your web site, it is unclear how to specifically purchase this particular cooler. Please respond to [email protected] with instructions.


    Roy Steel

  • Max says:

    Aw, I really want this cooler.. price depending of course. Something like this could be ridiculously priced. I will definitely pick one up once Bostjan releases it publicly (besides his prototype) :D. Tits!

  • Vlad Martins says:

    Love the design and i’m interested in buying it, please send me an email once it becomes available, when will it be around for? october? closer to date? If it is a long time i might have to go for another cooler…

    Please keep me updated.


  • Morgan says:

    That’s a cool design! But then again, cooking on the macbook is not such a bad idea.

  • Joselu says:

    Hi, i have this product, send me one email for purchase this product please. Thanks.

  • Joselu says:

    Hi, I also like this labtop. Is it possible to buy it soon?.
    I have a virtual store.

  • Von says:

    Looks nice and if it really helps to cool apple laptops, i want one.
    Well, i want one as long as the price is comparable to similar devices and especially if it’s quiet and effective in it’s operation.

  • Ben says:

    where on earth can I get this…its just what I’ve been looking for

  • azch says:

    where do i get one someone please help this thing is too good to pass up….

  • Matthew Acton says:

    When will this be available? It would serve my needs perfectly. I would like to oorder one.

  • James Sotelo says:

    Looks really nice, and something that I definetly want. How do I get one?????? When will they be out???? I’m ready to order now 🙂

  • So…where can I buy it? I need one of these NOW!

  • screamy says:

    I also want one 🙂

    When and where can we buy this lovely thing?

  • jem says:

    Please email when this product is on the market,very interested in the firewire/ USB version I’m sure there will be a market in the UK for this.
    Jem UK

  • jose ortiz says:

    love the concept if it ever gets off the drawing pad i would love to buy one let me know when that happens

  • Court says:

    I too would like to know where I can buy this cooling stand, my macbook pro gets hot and I have yet to find a cooling pad that I really like.

  • jonny says:

    The only problem I can foresee is the viewing angle of the screen once elevated at the back…

    I like to look at the screen face on so if the laptop is at desk height the screen needs to be tilted back to almost its max. With this underneath the macbook I could not imagine the screen being able to tilt back far enough.

    For me it would be better raised up parallel to the desk and not at an angle…

  • Winobie says:

    Count me in! This is easily the most attractive stand that I have seen and would definitely get one for my 17″ MBP as long as it costs less than the Rain Design Mstand.

    Lose the fan though, they are quite inaffective and a waste of time/money, especially as MBP has no vents on the underside.

    Rob, UK

  • Steve Stephansen says:

    Please let me know when available.

  • Doug Mitchell says:

    Please let me know how to buy this cooler.

    Thanks, Doug

  • grace says:

    Please let me know when this product becomes available commercially, thanks!

  • Martin Mallet says:

    i don’t think that airvent is enough air intake to cool it off. I find it gets hot at the area closer to the screen. I’m still skeptical. You should have put a grid along the top side about 2 inches thick. Besides I tihink practicality is more important than design in this case. However people like pretty things and this is pretty.

  • L.C. says:

    This design looks good, when can you purchase? Please let me know

  • james says:


  • Joshua Landry says:

    I LOVE this design and would like to buy one… When if ever will this be available to purchase?

  • CyberLJ says:

    This cooler design just look great!! It fits the overall look for MBP and just make all together look more consistent! Great, I’ll get one for sure if its price is reasonable!

  • Eduard says:

    Can i get that in Indonesia?

  • Realitybites says:

    You Mac people are incredible…within the first few posts one guy points out how its in the way of the front loading slot…and another gives you a software solution to use the fans more effectively…yet you fashionistas bang on about your legs not needing to get burned and how cool and stylish it is….Sickophants, and too suckered to take the early advice

  • Stephen Riss says:

    So did Apple bite you in the butt on this one or is this thing available yet?

  • George says:

    Where can i buy this product?

  • yuan says:

    i need one,where can i buy it? mail me,thx.

  • Stuart Cripps says:

    Has this product gone into production yet? is or will it be available to the pubic anytime soon and if so at what cost?

  • federico Nobile says:

    i would like to buy it. please tell me how. i`m really interested.

  • Ciaran Molloy says:

    Is there any further word on whether this is going to hit production or not. It looks absolutely fantastic and I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Oleg says:

    I’d advise the designer/engineer to add some kinda flaps (“ears” or what do u call it in English) for fixing the book to the stand so the book couldn’t get upset.
    I’ve been looking for the kind of device. I’m still unsure if Moshi Zefyr (Active MacBook Cooler) or your invention are on sale internationally.


  • Chris Chen says:

    Yea I don’t know about this, especially if it is designed for the Macbook. Don’t the macbook fan intake/outtake sit in the back? Right now I have a cooler that has a fan on the bottom and it doesn’t work that well.

  • FcknKaos says:

    I want one of these ASAP. I have replaced the RIght Fan Assembly, just to find out my left is now going out. I have been looking for something that fits the looks of our MacBook pro for a year now and I love the design. Please email me when I can purchase this

  • yudiebrabuss says:

    where i can get this? in price… how much is it?

  • Arekushia says:

    i just had to replace both of the fans on my MacBook Pro, and i’m lookinf for a cooler, i like this one but can anyone tell me if its only a design or if they sell it somewere, because i’m very interested in buying one, thank you very much

  • Bradbike says:

    Wow! This Cooler really should be built and sold!

  • Das says:

    This thing needs two fans on the sides, not one in the middle, bad design for a macbook…

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