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Time, the Immovable Object

Do you carry a watch anymore? That’d be stylish. Do you wear one on your wrist? That’d be so 90’s. Designer Stas Aki stops the hands of the clock without stopping time. Don’t misunderstand it! It’s a look at global togetherness. If the global economy isn’t evidence enough, the Aki Clock identifies how much we’re tied together, all over time. Designer: Stas Aki Watch from Stas Aki on Vimeo….

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One Spill Each Day

…me of a similar project made by my friend and associate Dylan Lathrop. Mr. Lathrop’s project was a collection of stickers that had their “stuck on” date printed on them. The result of the project: reflection. Reflecting on the notion that we’ve only very recently started championing “green” design in ernest: would a box of calendar napkins make you realize how much you might waste each day? Designer: Stas Aki…

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