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Lego Histogram by Nucleo

A Tribute of Legos

To celebrate their 15th birthday, Nucleo has created this miniature lego version of their latest project “Histogram” (originally a limited edition coffee-table designed for Nilufar Unlimited). Available in unlimited numbers, Fans, friends and followers of the Italian brand can own and build their own playful twist on the iconic graph-inspired piece. Designer: Nucleo…

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Breeq - Carafe by Vrouyr Joubanian

A Take on the Carafe

This reinterpretation of the Lebanese water carafe is the eye-catching work of designer Vrouyr Joubanian. Beeq’s layers are composed of 6mm thick concentric DuPont Corian that appear seamless, making the joints in between them completely invisible. The smooth and transparent traditional form of the carafe has been transformed into a jarring, opaque, and fragmented sculpture with Lego-like style. Designer: Vrouyr Joubanian…

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Happy Birthday America, and Long Tran!

…(Mac or PC) in your WiFi network with AirPlay and DLNA support. Switch Bluetooth Speaker Designed like a giant Lego block, the Switch allows users to wirelessly enjoy an unmatched sound quality experience as well as easily pairs wirelessly to your Bluetooth devices. Pinch Salt Shaker The Pinch brings the visceral act of adding ‘a pinch of salt’ to the dining table. Pulpop Speaker Other than its unique donut shape, this USB rechargeab…

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