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Sektorus Watch Concept by Art Lebedev Studio

Sexy Sektorus

…ktorus goes very well with ‘sexy’, so let’s just stick to that. This beautiful quartz watch designed by the good folks at Art Lebedev Studio. It features the body merging with the band. Two wedged displays showcase the hours and minutes/seconds separately; the date appears in a small window. The band is crafted from a flexible silicone material and fits your hand snugly. The body is all aluminum and super sexy! Designer: Art Lebedev Studio…

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Just 5 Brick Phone by Art Lebedev Studio

Retro Brick Phone

If we imagine a world without Smartphones, then it’s easy to picture this Just 5 Brick Phone by Art Lebedev Studio as a must-have. However, we do live in the world of Technicolor so a large-key, monochromatic graphics-display phone sounds a bit off. Or does it? Specs like retractable antenna, radio, alarm clock, flashlight, calculator, calendar, handheld meter, only one game – “Race” and mapping are nostalgic. The winner of cou…

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Haier Water Heater Design by Art Lebedev Studio

Water Heaters Get a Makeover

…formation about water heaters but ultimately concluded they are all seriously fugly. Yes FUGLY! Leave it to Art Lebedev (say it with a Russian accent please) to come up with one that looks sexy and makes water heaters a whole lot easier to operate with electronic controls. The Haier is a line of new water heaters in 50, 80 and 100 liter capacities. All the complicated mechanical controls have been simplified into an easy to use electronic control…

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Streamlining The Traffic Signal

Kayseri is a culturally rich city, located in the heart of Turkey. Commissioned by the municipality, Art Lebedev Studio has developed this modular traffic light design for them. As a scaled down version, this compact light fits perfectly in a progressive atmosphere. As a key innovative feature, the bottom display features text backing up the main color signals. The signal panels and displays are made of LED clusters and the back of the traffic l…

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Zaryadkus USB Socket by Art Lebedev Studio

Don’t Mess With the Zaryadkus

You can expect nothing but the best functional design solutions from the house of Art Lebedev Studio. The Zaryadkus is a fine example of how trendy USB sockets should be. A hinged plate allows you to place the iPhone (or any other USB enabled device) for charging in close proximity to the socket. Crafted from white plastic, but with options to customize it according to your room color scheme, the Zaryadku is the way USB sockets are meant to be!…

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Integralus Digital Watch by Art Lebedev Studio

Arty’s Watch is Captivating

For once familiarity doesn’t breed contempt! I’m talking about very familiar Art Lebedev Studio and their amazing concepts seen here on Yanko Design! This time around we have for you the Integralus Digital Watch. It features a double body closure and two display segments (one for hour and one for minutes) that snap together for a secure lock. The body is made of milled aluminium and the elastic bands come in three sizes. Overall I think this is…

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Martinus Teapot by Art Lebedev Studio

Back to 3D Basics

…e then the teapot has become a common symbol, a basic project for every 3D object worker and designer. What Art Lebedev studio’s done here is to take that concept, that teapot, and push it back into the real. Red, green, blue, and alpha. Below you’ll see a bunch of little rectangles showing their search for the correct number of polygons, then take a peek at the final product. Or look at the pics in any order you want, too, I suppose….

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Lucky Russian Trolly Ticket Cookies

Mouthful! Believe it! These cookies were designed by returning Yanko champions at Art Lebedev Studio for the Russian Ministry of Transport. In Russia where bus, train, and trolley tickets run rampant, superstition also flows freely. The Russian ticket trick is the following: when the first three digits added up equal the last three digits, the holder should eat the ticket for good luck! Design has made this luck devouring much less ink-intensive…

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