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Salposy – Weighing Scale by Jinsik Kim

Nimble Foot on the Scale

…gle my frame, in the hope that it may show just an ounce lesser than before. Resonating this sentiment of mine, Jinsik Kim has designed the artistic Salopsy Scale. Molded from either concrete or clay, the scale is the shape of two feet, when perched as tiptoe. I love it more for the emotional value that it aims to provide than its actual function. Look at it from my side of the story, it may not be the accurate weight, but it sure as hell makes m…

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Patch of Coffee Green

Mugs aren’t just plain ceramic objects that hold beverages. They have grown to become something meaningful with sentimental value. A whole industry thrives by selling us zodiac related goods, love messages and what not. Adding to that list is “Grow Up”, a set of mugs with grassy bottoms. The concept is good, I just got a Message Bean, which I am nurturing, so a gifted mug/ grass patch is most welcome. Designer: Jinsik Kim…

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Sunbox Solar Charger by Jinsic Kim

Hanging Out With Sun

…un has many solar benefits; yep you can whip up a concept design that harnesses the solar energy and then juices up your gadgets. How does this Sunbox work then? It plays on this theory that on your way out to work, you hang out the device on your clothesline and when you get back in the evening, it’s all charged up. Latch it on to your TV, Music System, hairdryer; basically stuff that you use only when you’re back home! Designer: Jinsik Kim…

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re:energy – Cycle Wheel Harnesses Kinetic Energy Concept by Jinsik Kim and Boseung Seo

Wheels Of the Cycle Give Me Power…

…! The idea behind re:energy concept is this: you ride the cycle and the wheels function as a generator to convert kinetic energy to power, and store the juice. When you run out of battery for your gadgets, recharge them by hooking them up to this unique cycle. A very do-able idea so you tech-specialists should have fun talking about this…on similar lines, we do have a pedal-driven washing machine invented! Designers: Jinsik Kim and Boseung Seo…

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