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Up and Up Watch

…called the “Ever Increasing Watch” and it’s designed by none other than the fabulous crew at EleeNo. You know what kind of world we live in. One where you’ve got some sort of phone or computer device with you at all times. Some sort of object with you constantly that’ll give you the time of day whenever you want it. So what’s the point of a wrist watch? Again I say, for the love of the game! In honor of the si…

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Mesmerizing Circles

…he rest of the watches in the family of this design group, these timekeepers have no hands at all! Designers at EleeNo have no mercy when it comes to watch display innovation, none at all! That’s why this particular watch is the most mesmerizing yet! Circle time! The name of this product is “Stocking Watch” and watch it you will. The mystery of the face is in the cross-circle. Truly it is when the circles hatch that matters, as…

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1/4 Watch by EleeNo

Three Parts Time

…go to class in, waking up all your classmates feeble little class brains with your wild and fabulous watch from EleeNo. Spin it, baby, spin it spin it! I know you’re also very into statistics too, so let’s do some of them in this post as well, but first, tell me which artist you think of first when you see the display of these watches. I’ve got someone in mind, you tell me! Case Size: 39mm x 31mm x 7 mm W/R ATM: Water-resistant…

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