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Eko stoplight by Damjan Stanković

A Better Understanding of Stoplights

…written down, I don’t need to know it. That’s what Albert Einstein would have you believe. But not Damjan Stanković. In an ideal Damjan Stanković world, you’d know how long you were at that stoplight because it would tell you what it’s up to. Tell me what you’re up to, stoplight! Don’t hold back your secrets, you stoplight you! I would love to know how much time I have before I am able to race to the next copy…

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This Thumb Drive Has Real Buzz…

…omputer causing not only damage to the external item but the computer’s USB plug itself. Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic, believes that flexibility in design can solve this problem. His “USBee” Flash Memory Drive won the first prize at the MS Industrial USB Competition held by the Serbian Design Community forum DizajnZona™. Ergonomically designed to bend at life’s will in any direction, this USB flash drive features a ve…

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Any Encoded Message

…be pretty obvious how these glasses work due to the photos, but if you’re still in the dark: different size and shape squares are placed all over the glass in a very not-accidental grid. When a liquid that matches one of the pre-determined acceptable liquids, the squares color, transparency, and color of the liquid combine to create a negative space which shows the title corresponding with the liquid. A fantasy! Designer: Damjan Stanković…

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Ironbag – Concept Iron by Damjan Jovancic

Bag that Iron

Irons are either streamline and sleek or compact and portable. A handful are retro but the Ironbag goes one further and borrows from a woman’s handbag. It’s not the latest Balenciaga but the curious bag-like shape ingeniously tucks everything into one fashionable unit. It’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s sexist. Irons, women’s handbags? Hmm… Designer: Damjan Jovancic…

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Keep Guessing!

…portion. Release the handle and let the rest of spaghetti slide back into the pack. What makes the Pasta doser different from other of it’s kind is that the measuring process is done on the fly, without the need to separate portions by hand. This not only makes portioning easier by removing any guess work, but also saves time and prevents us from cooking too much food, that will inevitably go to waste. Designer: Damjan Stanković…

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Best of Yanko Design 2009

…Comments: 46 24) USB Fingertip by Alberto Villarreal. Permalink Hits: 34428. Comments: 99 23) Eko Stoplight by Damjan Stankovic. Permalink Hits: 37342. Comments: 136 22) Map & Projector Device by Jin-Sun Park. Permalink Hits: 37491. Comments: 79 21) LightLane by Evan Gant & Alex Tee. Permalink Hits: 38204. Comments: 73 20) MID (Mobile Internet Device) by Petr Kubik. Permalink Hits: 40223. Comments: 32 19) Toilet Seat Scale by Haikun Deng…

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Best of November 2009

…Arch Group. Permalink Hits: 8276 7) Anti-Theft Collapsible Bike by Carmond Lai. Permalink Hits: 8837 6) Adamo XPS Review by Dell. Permalink Hits: 10027 5) Relax Bathroom by Michael Mitek. Permalink Hits: 11250 4) Stoplight by Damjan Stankovic. Permalink Hits: 11630 3) 3D Power Socket by Artemy Lebedev. Permalink Hits: 11782 2) Recyclable Paper Laptop by Je-Sung Park. Permalink Hits: 12065 1) Water Pipe by TribuDesign. Permalink Hits: 18603…

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The Key To My Memory

…eramic bodied stick holds either 2GB or 4GB and would look pretty fashionable with your comp. Designer: Alissia Melka-Teichroew for byAMT Studio Since we are talking about memory, allow me to jog yours; here are some radical USB designs we’ve done before. Credit Card Size USB Card by Jurjen Rolf for Freecom Dominos Pendrive by Marcos Breder Wine Stopper USB Memory Stick by Arwye Wan USBee by Damjan Stankovic Asterisco Hub by Joel Escalona…

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