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Cohda, Creating Design From Rubbish

…place in the UK as part of the Design Council’s festival. The event was created by Richard Liddle of Cohda design and ran from the 20-28 of October. As the event began, onlookers saw very little-only machinery and open space. As members of the public brought in their trash which consisted of mainly plastics, a great change was witnessed by all. Sustainable plastic designs were being born from the public’s recycled rubbish. The event fr…

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The Binary Furniture Process by Cohda Studio

Spirograph in Three Dimensions

For four days at the end of October 2010, the folks at Cohda Studio offered up a testing ground for a brand new concept in furniture creation. Using the 1960s engineering tool Spirograph along with newly developed computer programming and the latest in 3D printing tech, they’ve created a DIY stool station! All you do is draw your spirals using a plastic disk onto the provided Wacom tablet, adding the third dimension by slowing down or spee…

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