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Sherwood Forlee

Welcome to the Wine, Wine West

…ning. For the wine enthusiast (or drunk) with short shelves or clumsy tendencies, it’s untrained designer Sherwood Forlee to the rescue! The designer, Sherwood Forlee, puts it like this: “glasses that are separable from their stems for more compact storage, and a metal stem for enhanced strength. A rubber gasket safely and snugly links the glass that fits your drink choice with the stem. Stems are available in a variety of colors and…

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A Little Bit of College Ruled Genius

By our friend and returning Yanko champion, Sherwood Forlee. Check out the simplicity. Just punch out the corner, make a cut or two, fold back, and POW! You are green. You are sooo green. And Sherwood told us to make sure to mention that the money you save on staples is money you should spend on something totally nice for yourself. So, you know what to do! Get out there and kick-start the economy! That Forlee, always thinking with his heart. Vis…

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Designer Sherwood Forlee (love the name) has a sense a humor for stating the obvious. A speaker is a device that converts electrical energy into sound waves. It’s also someone who expresses in language. So if you combine those two definitions together to form some sort of iconic gesture to retain both aspects, you get the Speak-er. As Sherwood puts it, putting the “speak” in speakers. Designer: Sherwood Forlee…

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Hell Yes! It’s another Lamp!

…the opening of the newest New York City museum, called appropriately enough, “New Museum”, designer Sherwood Forlee brings you this scaled down version in lamp form dubbed “New Lamp.” Disappointed by the lack of light being emitted by this new structure, Sherwood took Mihoko Ouchi’s original building design and added an extra dose of luminescence. I think I will stick with my scaled down Statue of Liberty lamp. It&#8…

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Legally Paint Freely on Any Wall You Wish

…’re still writing in a plain ol’ sketchbook? Get ‘atta here. Jay kay, y’all. Any kind of paper will do. But check this out. It’s called the “Walls Notebook,” and it’s by the dude, the Forlee dude. Flip through the pages of 80 pre-printed New York “clean” scenes that you, the writer, can take command of. “Minus the jail time.” Don’t get caught. Designer: Sherwood Forlee…

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Boo-Boos Band-Aids by Sherwood Forlee

Band-aids that hurt… to look at!

Show off your twisted sense of humor with Boo-Boos band-aids! Take your pick between a number of utterly disgusting designs including a laceration, chemical burn, gunshot wound and of course, a maggot infestation. They’re sure to make your booboos look so much worse than they are… and if they don’t, a trip to the ER is probably in order. Designer: Sherwood Forlee…

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The Perfect Cereal Bowl. Maybe.

No one likes mushy cornflakes for breakfast. With this bowl, simply allow your milk to soak your cereal for the requisite time and then pull the plug and drain. There you go… perfectly moistened yet crispy cereal. Of course I’m one who likes to get a spoonful of milk along with my cereal but everybody has their own way. What’s yours? Designer: Sherwood Forlee…

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Must Get Every Last Bit Out

…butter out! Ugh, I know there’s totally enough left for a nice even layer on a slice of bread but short of cutting the jar I have no alternatives – or do I? Solution: A double sided/lidded jar called the Easy PB&J.  Yes as you reach for those last few ounces, make it easier on yourself and just get the goodies from the bottom. This pretty much applies to anything sticky and sweet like honey. Mmm honey! Designer: Sherwood Forlee…

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