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Li Jianye

Elegant Trash Bin?

It seems like those words just don’t belong together. When can anything that holds trash be elegant? Well, when Li Jianye designs one it can. Let me introduce you to my new friend Flexibin. This little Flexibin was designed for someone like me, who has a pile of plastic grocery store bags piled up in a box in the Laundry room. Now, those pesky little plastic bags can be put to good use with Flexibin. With its flexible wire frame, the bin can hol…

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Coverflow goes Manual

…in a physical form. Most of these collections I would guess do more dust gathering than anything else. Designer Li Jianye is attempting to breathe new life into such collections with his predictably titled “iShelf”. The iShelf brings Apple’s coverflow to your physical collection, displaying your choice albums in the now universally recognized format. Just in case you missed it, yes this is meant for a standard jewel case so no&#…

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Telescup – Glass and Telescope Set by Li Jianye

Long Distance Glass

One of the reasons why I adore Li Jianye’s works is his simplistic approach to design. Be it the original Flexibin or the iShelf; both exude charm, wit and thoughtful detailing. This time around he has a functional toy for us, The Telescup, a set of drinking glasses that coordinate to become an impromptu telescope. Now isn’t this what we call clever! Designer: Li Jianye…

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Attracted to time

…ry? That lovable toy consisting of a cartoon picture of a bald man that you would move magnetic shaving around and create your own hair style and beards? Well that is the basic principal behind this pocket watch concept by Li Jianye. “Time Sand” takes a magnetized minute and hour hands and attracts the help of metal shavings (powdered iron) to display the time. Just shake up the watch and find out what time it is. Designer: Li Jianye…

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Quick, Forward this to Jamie Oliver!

…all the rhetoric out there on healthy eating it seems amazing that no one has thought of this before. The Pyramid lunch box by Li Jianye categorizes your lunch according to the food groups with the intention to guide the user to a healthier lifestyle through a balanced diet.Now once you’ve broken down and categorized your big mac into its constituent food groups you’ll be on the fast track to the runways of Paris. Designer: Li Jianye…

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TooRing: Fix Your Love Rings by Li Jianye

Crucify My Love

…our relationship, not screwing it up, smoothing the rough patches and building bridges. The rings are: Hexagon: a 5mm inner hexagon spanner Always remember tightening your relationship… Cruciform: a cruciform screw driver Never screw up your relationship with loved one… #1: a number 1 file Smoothen your relationship with care when necessary 3CM: a 30mm ruler By doing all these you two will be closer than 30mm! Designer: Li Jianye…

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Best of Yanko Design 2009

…mp; Happy New Year! Message From Creative Director Long Tran 50) Disposable Paper Laptops by Je Sung Park. Permalink Hits: 21651. Comments: 79 49) iShelf by Li Jianye. Permalink Hits: 21798. Comments: 74 48) Bird Cage/Aquarium by Constance Guisset. Permalink Hits: 22428. Comments: 44 47) Minutuner by Antrepo Design Industry. Permalink Hits: 22545. Comments: 34 46) Daylight Savings Clock by Denis Guidone. Permalink Hits: 22917. Comments: 100 45) S…

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Ten Creative Garbage Bin Concepts And Designs

…m towers) inspired beauties deserve a place on the pedestal and not some dusty corner of a room. 6) Flexibin by Li Jianye Not much on the design aspect but the Flexibin scores high on application. Invert a discarded grocery bag around it and the bin is ready to be used! 5) Minus by Cem Tutuncuoglu I still have to figure out why I would need to freeze my garbage, but for Cem’s sake I’m willing to try. 4) Armstrong Bin by Sukwon Park & Sungwoo…

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