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Mosspark – Kinetic Power Harvester and Mosquito Trap by Su Hyun Kim, Eui Hwan Choi, Ji Hyun Kim, Jin Hyun Yoon & Wun Am Yeo

Fun and Fury

The Mosspark is a very clever device that works as a power harnesser by the day and mosquito repellant at night. Essentially, children skip rope that is attached to the Mosspark Pole, which harnesses energy. This energy is stored and used to light up the mosquito repellant at night. A very innovative idea that can help save lives! Designers: Su Hyun Kim, Eui Hwan Choi, Ji Hyun Kim, Jin Hyun Yoon & Wun Am Yeo…

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…but felt damn good in your hands and that propelled it to its now legendary place in gadget history. Designers Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee have created a camera phone concept covered in thin wooden film. With the now requisite inclusion of touch sensitive buttons that light up just below the surface. This “Maple Phone” design measures 4.5 x 10.4 x 9.8 cm and slides open for more multi-media applications. With a soft, natural touch,…

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Toothbrush Upstanding Tall, With Pride

…rface! For hygiene-freaks like me is the DEWS Toothbrush by Ryan and Harc, an ergonomically designed brush that keeps standing upright and never tipples over. There are weights at the end of its rounded handle to create a centre of gravity at the handle base. When you set it down, it stays put for a second and then springs back upright. Tumble-doll-brush! DEWS bagged the Red Dot Concept Award last year. Designers: Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee…

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Got a Light?

I sure do. It’s about the size of a credit card and powered by a small cell. Flip up the lightbulb shaped cut-out to switch on the soft, mellow, glow of bliss. What’s the point? Novel – next time you have a bright idea, you can have an actual lightbulb “bling!” on. Designer: Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee…

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Gimme Cool Air

…ieve me when I say I look dumbfounded when coworkers come over and turn the thing up. HELLO! I’m freezing over here. Free Wind is a smart ceiling mounted air conditioner with customizable air flows. Six fans operated by a smart system control wind zones and enable sectioned climate control. The cool remote uses touch-drag to anticipate and control your environment with a flick of a finger. Do want! Designer: Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee…

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It’s Raining Pictures From My Shower

…tal picture frames peppering our lives. I wonder how many of us find that same pleasure when we browse through buttons of a frame as we did when we leafed through the book albums. Rustic, nostalgic, old, whatever! If I have to give-in to the current trends, then I may as well adopt easy-to-operate projectors that spill out images from a shower head! As long as they go with my décor; I’m good! Designers: Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee…

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Tilt Power Strip by Ahn Sang-Yoon & Jin-hyun Song

All it takes is a Tilt

To manage our multiple gadget charging needs, the power strip has turned out to be an effective tool. What poses a problem is the adaptor heads, which vary in size and design. Streamlining the charging process for the current 220V power strips, we have here the Tilt, a concept that allows us to arrange a multitude of plugs and adapters without overlapping. An interesting concept! Designers: Ahn Sang-Yoon & Jin-hyun Song…

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Best of Yanko Design 2008

…) Forest Fire “Clear Cut” Robot by Daniel Shankland II. Permalink Hits: 29509. Comments: 38 42) Pocket Light by Hyun Jin Yoon. Permalink Hits: 29564. Comments: 75 41) SMS & Email Pen by Reuben Png. Permalink Hits: 30277. Comments: 71 40) Making Your Own Clock by Bomi Kim. Permalink Hits: 30794. Comments: 72 39) The Edge Phone by Chris Owens. Permalink Hits: 31255. Comments: 72 38) BMW Gina. Permalink Hits: 31657. Comments: 67 37) Febot Rechar…

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